18 April 2008

Happy Birthday Israel!

- 60 years on from 14 May 1948

Written mid April 2008 - (252 lines)


The world is ready to celebrate
For ISRAEL the Jewish state
Is sixty years old on the fourteenth of May
Sympathisers will shout: "Hooray!"
And all the well-wishers no doubt say
The same old nonsense and rubbish once more
How many times have we heard it before?
That this is a beacon of democracy
In a region where sadly the tendency
Is for dictators and despots to rule -
But do not let the propaganda fool
You or your neighbour or anyone else
For the tragic story eloquently tells
The facts of all that happens there
The colonisers only care
About looking after the chosen few -
For civilised treatment you must be a Jew!


No reason for anyone to celebrate
But hurry, if you are too late
The Zionist masters who dictate
To most of the world will berate
You harshly for stepping out of line
Lucky ones might get off with a fine
But if any reluctance does shine through
Shin Bet or Mossad might assassinate you
Just one more cowardly dirty deed
In a very long list, so do take heed
Do your duty and bow down
Before the ruling Zionist clown
Tell him what he wants to hear
If you want the chance to get near
To kiss his boots and cloven feet
And whisper in reverence: "Privileged to meet
The heirs of Zion, I cannot believe
My luck in being found worthy to receive
This honour, reserved for the best
The true friends of Israel - as for the rest
You are either with us or against us on this
But I saw the light of Zionist bliss
So am not allowed to wish you well
Why do you not all just go to hell!"


Right from David Ben-Gurion
To Golda Meir and moving on
To Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir
A pattern emerges and becomes clear
Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak
More members of that famous pack
Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres
Looking for still more fools to impress
Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon
Illustrious names every single one
This is one race too close to call -
Who is the most evil of them all?


The Holy Land secularised
Its rightful owners traumatised
In a state of permanent severe shock
It is six decades since al-Nakba struck
No fairytale history books can hide
The reality of the genocide
Which happened here on the sacred soil -
It is enough to make your blood boil...

Sixty utterly wasted years
God only knows how many tears
Unknown numbers of wasted lives
The memory of Palestine still survives
And it will come back to haunt the Jews
Unless their leaders finally choose
Wisdom and without any pause
Correct the horrendous wrongs they cause...

Many nations that solemnly claim
To be civilised joined that hideous game
Still supporting without question or shame
State terrorism by any other name!


And why was Israel created here?
Maybe Europe saw the chance to clear
Most of the Jews out once and for all?
If that was the idea their leaders did fall
Into the trap - but can you answer me:
Why not a Jewish state in Germany?

Or seeing as America loves them so much
That its foreign policy has lost any touch
With reality, to the absurd degree
That it appears the security
Of tiny Israel matters more
Than protecting America's homeland shore
Why not send them all over there
For the US has plenty of room to spare
And the Jews already own most of it -
A solution along those lines would fit
Many wishes and resolve many woes

I wonder how the next chapter goes
In this inhuman and painfully long
Dark saga of the triumph of wrong
Over what most of us know to be right -
If there is any justice the light
Of the dawn of delivery
Is bound to end the misery
For millions of innocent women and men
Who never gave up the hope that again
They would return to their own land
Historically draw a line in the sand
And live alongside the Jews once more
Like they did for thousands of years before


And, as we all know, there is room enough
In Israel for it to make the tough
Decision to invite the refugees back
But everyone follows the beaten track
From the president down obstinately
Clinging to the hope that miraculously
The refugees will all go away -
Listen everybody: THEY WILL COME TO STAY!

So instead of resisting you would do well
To simply accept the inevitable
Welcome them home and compensate
Them all for your decades of cruel hate
And if many of them refuse to forgive
Your crimes, remember their right to live
In their homeland is just as valid as yours
You drove them out, now open your doors
And, if you are human, open your hearts
Before a latter-day Exodus starts
Because of the policies you pursue
A vast migration may be due
The deluge may overwhelm you
But Noah will not come to rescue
As Moses refuses to part the sea
As he did for you in antiquity
For this time you have gone too far
And nothing you do will save the Star
Of David from its impending fate
Unless you repent NOW it is too late
Soon you will be out on your own -
How long can you swim before you drown?

Treading water to stay afloat
While the silent majority gloats
Over your self-created mess
You gasp for breath as you try to address
The audience with another monologue
Crafted by a clever demagogue
But the world is not your synagogue -
As you gurgle now and strain every joint
The waters are rising, so get to the point
In a hurry before the incoming tide
Of wrath shoves you to one side
Or the wave of justice in a flash
Lands on you with a mighty crash
Deposits you with the other trash
As a blot on humanity's pure white sand
For beach-combing historians to understand
In later days what happened here
Trying to pinpoint the exact year
And maybe to guess about the cause -
Meanwhile there would be loud applause
Around the world for all to hear
Should you really disappear
Beneath the waves of right and wrong
Never again to hear your song
Of discord in a minor key
Silenced forever by the sea -
So come to your senses while still you can!
You hear the tide? It waits for no man!
Not atheist, Muslim, Christian or Jew
Nor, Zionists, does it wait for you!

And it may happen very soon
When Islamists rule and call the tune
Zionist ears will listen and burn:


Misguided Christians blow the horn
Of Zionism in the forlorn
Hope that if they heap enough scorn
On Islam some enraptured morn
Will dawn first in the Holy Land
Then spread to every grain of sand
Found in this world, and all will be fine
For a thousand years of rule by divine
Decree (as determined by them of course!)
Halleluja - no regrets, no remorse!
Blow up the world if that is what it takes
To bring forward the day when heaven shakes
And the one and only messiah comes down
To claim his earthly throne and crown!


Let us take a closer look at this:
Sixty years on - and the status is?
No borders, no peace, no local friends
No sign that soon the expansion ends
Apartheid at home, barbarity abroad
A road map to nowhere, fatally flawed
Deaf to persistent international calls
To dismantle illegal settlements and walls

Bribes and scandalous deeds are done
Politicians falling one by one
Even the president, aloof and refined
Was accused of multiple rapes, so resigned
And made a bargain with the judge
A brilliant example of how you fudge
The most important issues here -
Respectability died last year!

Any excuse to start another war
After all, what is military hardware for?
Noble conventions, humanitarian law
Desecrated daily, treated with contempt
But anything outrageous, success at first attempt!
Biological and chemical and nuclear bombs
Secret installations where no inspector comes
Protected by America in all its evil acts -
Can you stand any more of these disturbing facts?

No will to behave in a civilised way
No pressure to do so by those who pay
For the whole idiotic experiment
Through billions of dollars willingly sent
Year after year in order to keep
The show going while taxpayers sleep
And decent people everywhere weep
That Arab and Muslim lives are so cheap

As any reasonable person can tell
The very foundation of Israel
The Ten Commandments that we know so well
Unceremoniously blown to hell

This label does not exaggerate:
ISRAEL - the ultimate failed state...


So - who will cut the birthday cake
And who will be the first to shake
The blood-soaked hands of the men who take
Such pleasure in destruction in order to make
For themselves an everlasting name
In Zionism's ghastly hall of fame?
May the first one to touch them die of shame!
May they all regret for ever that they came!

But the day has arrived and so have the guests
An air of joyful expectation now rests
On everyone assembled and the time is right
So prepare to chew that anniversary bite
Enjoy the pleasantries and occasional joke
But here is hoping that you all may choke
Either on the cake or in the smoke
The festivities over at a stroke -

For there will of course be fireworks that night
But reckon with more than just a slight
Possibility of, inshallah
A rocket or two from Hamas and Hizbollah
In a defiant and heaven-sent
Interruption of your smug merriment


Happy Birthday ISRAEL -
I hope that you remember well
That line about "three-score-and-ten" -
Today was sixty - well then?
Hopefully a maximum of ten years more
Of your mayhem and destruction before
Justice finally stands at your door
Demanding adequate retribution for
Unspeakable crimes against humanity
That will curse the Jews for eternity!


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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