4 February 2008

The Evil Eye

- on spy satellites

Written early February 2008 - (86 lines)


This poem was inspired by the news that India
launched a spy satellite for Israel in late January 2008 -
but it applies of course to all such satellites.


Beware the all-seeing Evil Eye
Invisibly secretly floating high
Silently watching the world go by
Or hovering in order better to pry
Desecrating the pristine sky
An abomination launched to spy
By man on his fellow men to deny
Their privacy in an effort to try
To learn what they do and the reason why -
To improve the planning of how they will die


Savage behaviour and as above, so
It is on planet Earth below
There is no certain way to know
Exactly where it is programmed to go
Nor what nor whom it will put on show
In high resolution and colours that glow
When the data stream begins to flow

Another step in the long and slow
Process to create another foe
Uneasiness will continue to grow
Security suffer another blow

The spear was poised and ready to throw
The poisoned arrow left the bow
As the rocket blasted into space
To deliver a message of disgrace
To the wider world and further afield
To anyone able to penetrate the shield
Of coded disinformation prepared
To be, if only reluctantly, shared
With anyone foolish enough to believe
That the purpose was anything but to deceive

Oh to be able to throw a rock
And smash it and so set back the clock
To a time when man was less dangerous
But only because all his previous
Weapons were not so powerful -
To compare is obvious and natural
The intent was of course the same but today
His weapons are able to betray
Life itself in perpetuity -
Simply a question of technology

Humanity has a desperate need
For an increase in WISDOM, so plead
With the powers that be as best you can
Infiltrate their master plan
Disrupt it, wreck it, or force a ban
Unravel it from the time it began
Exterminate its worldwide span
To save mankind from the works of man!

And until the day that we succeed
It is true to say that one evil deed
Deserves another if in self-defense
At the perpetrator's own expense
The time is long overdue to dispense
Proper justice for a given offence
The world is trembling in suspense
The growing friction is intense
What is at stake is truly immense
And turning the cheek is nonsense!

Whatever your colour, race or creed
I hope that we are all agreed
That the Evil Eye is a rotten seed
That over time will only breed
More suspicion and therefore impede
Moves towards poor nations to feed
Themselves or to heal all those who bleed
Or alleviate any other need

Instead inevitably it will lead
To ever more exploitation and greed
Growing at exponential speed
More than likely to exceed
Anything seen before, so proceed
With caution you who wish to be freed!

Briefly and bluntly, the warning should read:
Hopes for a better world will recede -
Are we ready to take heed?

Ward off that Evil Eye my friends
And the danger signal that it sends
A high-tech race which twists and bends
The rules of decency which no-one defends
Whilst the arrogance of power pretends
It serves exclusively noble ends


Reflecting the Sun's life-giving beams
The sinister capsule glides and gleams
Over innocent people lost in dreams -
In truth not much is what it seems...


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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