19 April 2008

A Spade is a Spade

- and a Zionist is a terrorist

Written mid April 2008 - (88 lines)


This poem is sort of down-to-earth
Serious but interspersed with mirth -
What? You already disagree?
Dig a bit deeper and you will see!

When is a spade not a spade?
But a digging implement made
From a sheet metal blade
With a long handle to aid
Turning over the soil, now laid
Neatly in heaps in the shade -
This tool is produced by the trade
Which hopes to persuade
With glossy adverts displayed
Before they quickly fade
Of a scantily dressed maid
So the retailer can raid
The money you were paid
For doing whatever you do so well

When is it a shovel?
Or is that word too novel?
Do I have to grovel
Withdraw to my hovel
Just a pile of rubble?
Don't burst my little bubble
My confidence might wobble
And now you start to squabble
You may say I babble
But think of all my trouble
These rhymes do not hobble
And it took some time to cobble
Them together, I made double
The usual effort this time - can't you tell?

Common sense might yet prevail
But if not, to try yet fail
Is better than rotting in the jail
Of misconceptions - do not wail
If they refuse you bail
Because there is wholesale
Corruption, drive the last nail
In the coffin of blackmail
The break-out will be full-scale
Then disappear down the trail
Disguised as a female
And if you find the holy grail
Greet the truth with shouts of: "Hail!"
Alas! All to no avail
For here is the sting in the tail
Of this tale:

Now - a spade is a shovel and a digging implement
And the story so far was only meant
To convey a message and the real intent
Behind it will soon become apparent
(Thanks for the email that someone just sent)
My last few words are about to be spent
On a subject on which I regularly vent
My intense displeasure, some do resent
What I write and while some just lament
My opinions and attitudes, others are bent
On changing my mind or making a dent
In my reputation, but I will not repent
For my soul is neither for sale nor for rent
And anyone who might try to prevent
Me voicing my sincere comment
Will not succeed in any event -
The bloodhounds of war are on the scent
And we all know too well which way they went
Namely towards... (DING!) - and that rings a bell:

Why do we say Israel
When we should say criminal?

Why: "Ehud Olmert! - Welcome Sir!"
When we should arrest the murderer?

How can we celebrate Israel's pride
When we share the shame of genocide?

How can we support Zion
When we should free Palestine?

Does anybody understand
What happens in the Holy Land?

Does anybody really care
About right and wrong anywhere?

My time and rhymes running out fast
But the very best comes last:

Why do we say Zionist
When we should say - terrorist?

Assist the new Jerusalem
And YOU become one of them!

And let me just say before my voice fades:
Israel - you drew the ace of spades!


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Ruqayya N. Aldridge said...

I love the way you have made a serious (and valid) point with a touch of humour.

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