7 July 2008

The Choice is Yours

- will you make use of it?

Written early July 2008 - (127 lines)


www.MYSPEAK.info mentioned
is my former domain name.


The choice is yours
Except miracle cures
And between you and me
Which will it be:

Or immorality?
And that constellation we also know
As: the sky is the limit, or: how low can you go?

Or aggro-culture?
A dove an eagle or a vulture?

Or kilobytes?
Last rites
Or human rights?

Or ionised?
Or vaporised?

Or demonised?
Or brutalised?

The pope
Some dope
Or just enough rope
For your enemy to finally hang himself?
The last can be found off-the-shelf

Vain celebs
Or plain plebs?

Or silly frolics?
Party time for alcoholics?

A scientist
Or Zionist?
A tourist
Or a terrorist?
Seaside comber
Or suicide bomber?
Do I hear your little voice:
"Every one is a difficult choice!" - ?

Or insanity?
Or feudalism?

Full enrapture
Or a skull fracture?
Not so reverent souls would say:
"What is the difference anyway?"

Or sodomy
To relieve the daily monotony?
No comment at all on those from me!

An overdose
Of English prose?
Or maybe just a plain red rose
By any of the many other names you chose?

A star-spangled banner
A car-mangled spanner
A new-fangled manner
A bar-dangled fan or...?
Absolutely no use to me
So if you want them, they are all free

Barack Obama
Or brother Osama
As president of the United States?
Microsoft or pearly Gates?
Neither time nor heaven waits
Nor does, have you noticed, the incoming tide
So hurry up and do decide!

A visit from the holy ghost
Or witness another holocaust?
For the latter just follow the sign
To a place called Palestine

Stick and carrot
Or a sick parrot?
The second has spent the last eight years
In the White House spreading terror and fears

A moronic baboon
Or a tropic lagoon?
One was seen in Washington
And you can surely guess which one

A chimney sweep
Or a Cheney-creep?
Now at least we know what is meant
By the title VICE-president

Or melodramatic?
AT LAST! We do not have to choose
For America continues to use
Both in pursuit of its evil goals:
Corporate control of all souls

Instant access to the devil
Or an axis or excess or abscess of evil?
As you know, when shove comes to push
MYSPEAK does NOT beat about the Bush

A metal detector
Or a mental dictator?
Some so-called democracies have one of these!
If you know the answer then email it please
To contact at myspeak dot info soon
The first wins a trip for two to the moon
The rest get a self-inflating balloon
With the MYSPEAK logo and a picture of me
Should you not like it, just set it free
And the winds will take it to God knows where
Never mind the pollution, why should I care
If it helps to spread my thoughts and words
Winging all over like free-flying birds -
Just had an idea which should be tried
The balloons could surely be cleverly tied
To hunting falcons trained to spy
Out the enemy first and then fly
Directed so as to carefully steer
Them to those in most urgent need to hear
The message, so I got out the chart
And marked the obvious places to start:
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC
Number Ten Downing Street in London City
The Knesset in occupied Jerusalem
And a few more - I am sure you know them

Dirty tricks are played with your mind
And if you really want to find
Out the facts you should look behind
The disinformation of every kind
The smoke screen of deceit which obscures
Our immediate future but - the CHOICE IS YOURS


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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