20 July 2008

The US is Still Number One

- if you look at it the right way

Written mid July 2008
- (60 lines)


Regardless where he has been and gone
Uncle Sam is blindly marching on
Proclaiming the goodness of all he has done
And in truth the US still is number one
No matter what its critics may say
You just have to look at things the right way

So connect the Stars, pretend they are dots
Separate the Stripes, see them as slots
To a deeper meaning, then read between the lines
And you soon find out what truly defines
That nation of land-robbing immigrants
Whose born-again Christian president rants
To a chorus of threatening evangelical chants

What follows is a list of each category
Of endeavour where the US takes the trophy:

Non-compliance with International Law -
(Joint winner with Israel as every year before)

Distinguished Services to Inhumanity -
Most Militaristic Nation in Modern History

World Leader - (arrogance and hypocrisy)
Most Efficient - (holocaust industry)

Star of David - (support for Israel)
Special Award - (detention without trial)

Export Winner - (destruction and death)
Expert Winner - (one lie for every breath)

Worldwide Distributor - (depleted uranium)
Main Producer and Dealer - (cocaine and opium)

Chief Manufacturer - (total fabrications)
Highest Achievement - (nuclear detonations
.............................. on civilian populations)

Premier Sponsor of State Terrorism -
First Prize - (September eleven scepticism)

Badge of Dishonour - (disregarded constitutions)
Champion / shared with China - (industrial pollution)

Class of the Field - (masters of deception)
Gold Medal - (how to steal an election)

And only when the flag has been completely unfurled
Can we read: Main Provider of Orphans to the World

Should you not have time to say all that you can
Of course simply say - the Great Satan!

So despite the nasty rumours, when all is said and done
America remains the undisputed Number One

For as we have seen in each important field
Hiding behind its defensive shield
The US is ahead and not about to yield
Its laboriously established clear lead
Unless forced to do so there is no need
For it to change behaviour, indeed
More is required in this special case
And instead of a complicated search-and-chase
We should solve the problem right at its base
For in truth most of us know already deep within
What the issue is, so the very medicine
It prescribes for others with a sadistic grin
Should now be administered to America
To elicit compassion instead of blah-blah
And peace instead of armed hallelujah

Manufactured without license in the US
And the name of this wonder-drug - can you guess?
Can you say: "REGIME CHANGE"? Try it - YES!


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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