5 November 2008

Hiking Viking

- that's me!

Written early November 2008 - (74 lines)


This latter-day Viking
Despite a love of biking
Discovered that hiking
Was more to his liking
Than risking his life on the ocean wave

Though not quite entailing
All the hazards of whaling
The trouble with sailing
The constant bailing
From the heaving railing
As the wind is wailing
The sails are flailing
And your strength is failing
It is really only for the truly brave

Or the suicidal
Thrown out of the bridal
Bed by a jealous rival
Now looking for a tidal
Whirlpool to be his deep and salty grave...

Tried my hand at rowing
Without really knowing
Which way I was going
Speeding up or slowing
The applause was great for the performance I gave!

My experience with horses
Not exactly at racecourses
Not only reinforces
My impression but endorses
The view that I could never get the beasts to behave

But I do love driving!
My ego is thriving
Forever striving
Yet still surviving
And in truth I have had only one close shave!

Spent some time playing
The guitar and folks were saying
My voice was like the braying
Of a sick donkey, praying
I would transpose the song at least one full octave...

Went cross-country skiing
For three years without seeing
Another human being
The polar bears were fleeing
So I survived the winters in their cosy snow cave

If out Nordic walking
I usually keep talking
To myself as I am stalking
The pheasants idly squawking
But be very careful or you might break your stave!

When after a quick snack
I strap on my rucksack
Road and path and trail and track
Are water off a duck's back
For this is the life that I really crave

To be added to my tally
Rising proud above a valley
Another peak will rally
My strength and I will sally
Forth to claim it briefly as my very own enclave

In a wilderness connection
My sense of direction
Is sheer perfection
Needing no correction
And always on the lookout for someone lost to save

Intrigued by every creature
And every mountain feature
There is nothing quite like nature
Now or in the future
I really could go on and on and on with this rave...

But somewhere I must finish
And whether you will relish
My lines or call them rubbish
Will in no way diminish
The fact that till completed I was their slave


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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