4 November 2008

The Sun is Setting in the West

- and the Moon is rising!

Written early November 2008 - (104 lines)


The Sun is setting in the West
The Moon is rising - and the rest
Might well be history before long
So mark my words and learn my song
Find the password hidden here
For you may need it, if not this year
In the not too distant future, when
Spirituality rules again
If you are not ready when it comes true
Then what are you going to do?
You will get the message soon
Read it by the light of the Moon!

"Excuse me, what is all this about?"
The quick answer, before time runs out:

The Sun is setting in the West
The Moon is rising - show interest!


The mystery will soon reach its peak
But stop reading here if you are weak
For this poem is clearly out to let
Itself inside you and cleverly get
Through right to your very soul
Not to take over and control
But maybe subliminally to point
You in the direction of a joint
Project for everyone, meaning YOU
With such advantages that if you knew
The way to the constantly open door
You would rush to find out more -

"And what could all this possibly be?"
The straightforward answer, since you ask me:

The Sun is setting in the West
The Moon is rising - join the quest!


And how should a newcomer make a start?
First of all you must open your heart
Offload accumulated arrogance
And replace it with a more humble stance
That will not be easy but it must be done
If progress is to be made, so go on
And if I can do it, so can you
But only you can see it through
One thing is certain, you will know
When you have succeeded, for a glow
Of something very different
A higher purpose and intent
Will guide you through all that you do
For you have made it a part of you
And to your eternal benefit
You have become a part of it!

"And what is all this supposed to mean?"
The coded answer is there to be seen:

The Sun is setting in the West
The Moon is rising - seek the treasure chest!


If you open your eyes and dare to look
Just as predicted in a glorious book
From humble beginnings in a distant land
A wonderful seed flourished to expand
In the vast international landscape
The slender graceful crescent shape
Is not wasting time in taking root
And it produces the wholesome fruit
Which, once tasted, grows on you
It is not reserved for the privileged few
But is offered free to everyone
Living anywhere under the Sun -

"And what on Earth are you talking about?"
The answer has never been in doubt:

The Sun is setting in the West
The Moon is rising - find out the rest!


Reflecting the Sun's blinding light
The Moon is a much more pleasant sight
And if something does seem strange to you
It is just a phase it is going through
In the fullness of time all shall be revealed
For movement and progress were both sealed
A long time ago and the terms are strict
Making it easy for us to predict
With confidence and accuracy
The crescent Moon's ascendancy
And as known by almost everyone
It has the power to eclipse the Sun -

"And when exactly might this come to pass?"
Read the answer through darkened glass:

The Sun is setting in the West
The Moon is rising - and who knows best?


If you still do not know, you may be a fool
So probably pointless to go back to school
Although clever fools are in great demand
We should try instead to first understand
That knowledge itself could seal our fate
We must grow in wisdom at the same rate
And most important of all, subject
Our rampant and dangerous intellect
To our innate spirituality
To defuse that eventuality
For unless we keep knowledge under strict controls
We will blow up the planet and poison our souls...

"Along the lines of - watch this space?"
The answer is staring you in the face:

The Sun is setting in the West
The Moon is rising - did you pass the test?


The Sun is setting in the West
The Sun is setting - you tried the rest
The Sun is setting - now try the best!
The Moon is rising - its course is blest!


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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