7 November 2008

The Idea

- is everything!

Written early November 2008 - (38 lines)


Believe me, the IDEA is everything
And not just the tentative beginning!
When putting your verbal pearls on a string
The IDEA is the silver thread running
From one end right through to the other
If you have no IDEA - do not bother!

You may master language and technique
But without the IDEA prospects are bleak
A useless game of hide-and-seek
You could sit there for another week
Thoughts racing, with your head in a spin
For without the IDEA you cannot begin!

In a desperate effort to bridge the cleft
Some writers even turn to theft!
Writing without the IDEA is bereft
Of purpose and substance, you would be left
With a full head and a heavy heart
For without the IDEA you cannot start!

Your grand structure designed to roar
Intrepidly take off and explore
On wings of words elegantly soar
Where no writer has ventured before
Enraptured readers pleading for more -
What a waste of time to even try
For without the IDEA it will never fly!

I hope this brief poem will lend
Some weight to the message I want to send
To every single creative friend:
There is a rule that no-one can bend -
The IDEA is both the beginning and the end!

The IDEA for these lines (and it was my own!)
Has thankfully now matured and grown
Into reality, yes it exists!
So I can delete it from my lists
Of IDEAs once on my website
As I hopefully continue to write -
There is much to do but every year
Confirms that all depends on the IDEA...


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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