30 November 2008

The Fairground

- the current global financial crisis

Written late November 2008 - (275 lines)


As another debtor walks the plank
The creditor laughs all the way to the bank
Only to find there is nothing there -
Has anyone got a Euro to spare?


In a setting of pure serenity
Located by the deep blue sea
The Fairground is a tempting sight
And open for business day and night
To most it is irresistible
Overpowering man's free will
To seek that which is good for him
Instead indulge your every whim
Dark desires or frivolity
Time-wasting a speciality
The purpose of the elaborate show
To empty your pockets before you go

The amusement arcade has a power to pull
That is simply amazing, it is always full
One-armed bandits living up to their name
Yet the victims can afford another game
Hoping tonight will be their turn to win
As they watch the wheel's dying spin
Rounding off a session of synthetic thrills
With a win to offset against mounting bills

You simply must try the pie in the sky
Like the other dishes it is naturally high
In trans-national cooking oils
The medium which the Fairground boils
Everything in, and down to in the end -
Now see how much you can afford to spend
But have no fear, just have your fill
For that is the overall corporate will
Swill it down with a toxic drink
The secret ingredient is the vital link
Which over time will lead to success
For the Fairground management, unless
Vigilant citizens with nerves of steel
Throw a very big spanner in the wobbling wheel

Days on end and all through the nights
Programmed laser disco lights
Flash and swirl and fade and blink
To make sure you do not think
Not for one moment left alone
The Fairground has ways to make you its own

Horrible noises, recorded in hell
Then boosted to three hundred decibel
Attack the senses, violate the brain
The volunteer victims visibly strain
To remain upright as they stagger about
After what they would call a good night out

Sinister products of every kind
To slowly poison your rational mind
Genetically modify you if they can
All part of their evil master plan
If only you knew the long-term goal
Is the conquest of your very soul

Are you in the mood for the truly strange
You should pay a visit to the shooting range
It was refurbished recently
To reflect the new ideology
Now every target has a brown face
Which would not look terribly out of place
In the Arab world or in Muslim lands
Their threatening looks and greedy hands
Need no explanation, so the sign today:
"Have fun, grab a gun - just blow them away!"

Celebrating their latest scoop
Investors are recklessly looping the loop
On the seafront high-tech water slide
Now overwhelmed by the incoming tide
Tubular waves rising in foam
Trapping daytrippers who wish they were home

As bankers crowd the mirror hall
The money changer packs his stall
And, leaving in a hurry, wistfully says:
"The same real money spent many different ways?
The roof will soon cave in I fear
The party is over, I am getting out of here!"

On centre stage is a puppet show
Exploring in depth how low you can go
As the Fairground management proudly presents:
"The Auction to Buy the Next President"
Obscene amounts donated or pledged
The bottom of the corporate pork barrel dredged
The Zionist lobby, to everybody's loss
Making clear to all it will remain the boss

All outbidding each other without shame
Democracy reduced to a numbers game
In a billion dollar auction, and all to ensure
That the current sad State of Affairs will endure
For at least another few wasted years
While the world is collapsing around our ears

The show performed without a glitch
Their man made to jump and twitch
As his handlers deftly pull the strings
And mysteriously all the right things
That over generations we have come to expect
Fall from the lips of the president-elect
Expressing himself eloquently
The audience claps enthusiastically:

"In order to get to where I am today
I had to follow the proven way
Many times over I sold my soul
To drag you all with me down the deepening hole
If you do not believe me, feel free to peruse
My suitcase bursting with IOUs
As I travel to the Castle now to represent
The Fairground as your next president
There might be a slightly different style
Served with an almost human smile
But remember, I was bought to deceive
So expect little change and less to believe
And where we are heading is anybody's guess
But thanks for your votes, good night and God bless!"

Now if justice ruled, all the money spent
On this farcical pantomime would be sent
To the people who are hungry as a direct result
Of the Fairground's obsession with the president cult


The Fairy Castle
(All part and parcel
Of the plastic dream
Sold by the team
Of specialist crooks
With film star looks)
Appearing so strong
Admired so long
Towering tall
Is about to fall
On fire now
Describe somehow
From a safe trench
The awful stench
Of toxic fumes
Watch the plumes
Of acrid smoke
About to choke
Poor Cinderella
Who has lost her umbrella
And Alice in Wonderland
Unable to understand
What exactly went wrong
Now calls up a song
The latest obscenity
By Madonna and company
For the binge must go on
Through the night but dawn
Will show us with pride
Letting nobody hide
The State of Affairs
And if nobody cares
We should not be surprised
For disliked and despised
Is the end result
Of decades of insult
Injustice and death
Spread by the breath
Of the dragon which raves
Deep in the caves
Directly below
Where most of us go
Every single day -
How long will YOU stay?


Given the sad fact that it steals
The energy to keep the wheels
Turning, nobody would think
The greatest show on earth could sink
Daily deeper into debt
Yet that is the message we get
Seemingly impossible -
Ah! But where there is a will...

Convinced the whole world was their toy
The imbecile slogan was: "Enjoy!"
Until the day cold realities
Caught up with their festivities

So many so suddenly unemployed
Long cherished illusions all but destroyed
Their cosy world of make believe
Rudely shaken, will anyone receive
Any compensation from the management?
Do not expect much from the government!

Convenient relationships are breaking up
Where only yesterday the overflowing cup
Of intoxicating profits passed around
Now, if any excuse can be found
They shout at each other: "It is all your fault!"
As the money-go-round grinds to a halt

And now work out your financial loss
As you nibble some purple candy floss

We do not know exactly when
They file for bankruptcy, but then
Keeping the cards close to their chest
Serves their commercial interest

A house of cards built on sand
Every card a joker and
You hear them laughing as they fall
Politicians creep and crawl
Through the debris looking for
Their pack of lies which opened the door
To enter the magic house of tricks
False promises and cheap gimmicks
Blah-blah here and applause over there
Everybody out for number one everywhere


Could any early signs have been found
By observing the huge merry-go-round
Closely and in sufficient detail
To spot the component about to fail?
Maybe someone did and chose not to speak
But pulled the plug silently to leak
The message to everybody at the same time
At first the news trickled through the slime
Of financial quarters around the globe
By now we all see that the glorious robe
Of the emperor was a fairytale
As he stands there before us cold and pale
Shivering in his nightshirt in the rain -
Will anyone ever believe him again?

All kinds of experts are scrambling now
Each clamouring to be heard, for somehow
His solution is the very best
And in our collective interest
So should be implemented soon
Before the Fairground becomes a lagoon
They believe there is time enough to fix
If only through more temporary tricks
Maybe debt relief or interest rate hikes
To plug the levees and shore up the dikes

The foundation is hollow and mainly consists
Of funds lent and borrowed on interest
Not money as known to you and me
But guessing what a market value might be
Some years from now, how much it inflates
Juggling fictitious interest rates
And usually before the sums are lent
They are already allocated and spent
Poor risk assessment of long-term loans
Small wonder the entire structure groans
Straining under the impossible load -
Is the Fairground reaching the end of the road?

The gaudy lights flicker and go out
One by one, can there be much doubt
From all that we see and hear and know
We are approaching the end of the show?

Is there truly anybody left in the black?
And is there an orderly way back
To honesty and sincerity
Real value and security
Leading to stability
And predictability?


Poor Father Christmas, caught by surprise
Can hardly believe his wise old eyes
Sweeping in to deliver the gifts
At the very last moment he abruptly shifts
His course as he decides to steer
The sledge and the faithful reindeer
Away from the Fairground, and as they all stare
And wonder aloud among themselves where
The next stage of his journey might go
They hear him chuckling: "Ho-Ho-Ho!"
And whatever that means, one thing is clear -
There will be no Christmas presents this year!


The news is hitting every town
The water slide users about to drown
Every well-known Fairground clown
Reduced to tears or at least a frown
The King has lost his golden crown
The Fairy Queen her silver gown
For the merry-go-round is slowing down

And the sooner the better if you ask me
To be replaced immediately
By a system of justice and decency
Founded on spirituality


And what is a Euro worth anyway?
It may well have a certain value today
But compared with what? I am told
To play safe we should all go for gold!


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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