9 December 2008

The Hand of Fatima

- help is at hand!

Written 7 December 2008 - (40 lines)


We Muslims in the West have a difficult time
Distractions are everywhere, away from the sublime
To the frivolous, ridiculous and the obscene
The selfish, greedy and downright mean
Aggressive advertising, obsessive nudity
Everywhere pop music rings out stupidity
Or we must endure, unless we are in luck
In shops and buses, heavy metal and hard rock
Discos and night clubs for the already insane
In more ways than one destroy the brain
Pushers and middlemen on behalf of petty thugs
Tempting you to try the latest mind-blowing drugs
Amusement arcades with mindless games
Video violence with all the big names
And the worst comes last, the cinema -
But now to the rescue hurries Fatima!

It seems wherever you look today
The heavy hand of evil is at work and play
Expecting, no demanding, that you applaud
And fall down to worship this colossal fraud
For it is out to get you no matter what
But we are not stupid, so look straight through the plot
Do not fall for it, regardless what you do
Listen - it is entirely up to you!

Forget it all, ignore it, remove it from your mind
You know there are much better things to find
Do not for one moment have the slightest doubt
Or think that they are happy and you are missing out
Avoid at any cost falling into the trap
Of absorbing and consuming it, cut out the crap
The rubbish and the nonsense systematically
And be well on the way to living happily
If not for ever after then at least a long time
For your life will be purer and resonate and rhyme
More and more with how you were intended to live
And life on this planet has SO much to give -

Let us now collectively point out the better way
And with one loud voice confidently say:
"Send the toxic trash back to America!"
As we give it all a very big Hand of Fatima


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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