8 December 2008

The Baboons are Coming

- in defence of censorship

Written early December 2008 - (118 lines)


The baboons are coming, they are on their way
And if we are not vigilant they will stay
And soon dictate what we do and say -
To fight them off we must more than pray


I had a funny feeling I could find you here
In the cinema, in an atmosphere
Of absolute fantasy, made almost real
The sex, destruction and death made to appeal
In revolting detail to the very worst
In us, as cheap and nasty thrills burst
In dazzling brilliance upon the scene
To chain the audience to the silver screen
As, incredibly, you continue to stare
While wasting away in a comfortable chair
At persons pretending to be what they are not
Told what to do by someone else, and the plot
Written by another and usually sick mind -
However long and hard you search you will not find
Any human activity
Further removed from reality

You teen-agers, middle-aged, the old man and wife
Wake up all you sad people and GET A LIFE!

The cinema is now in everybody's room
The make-believe industry in permanent boom
The technology is elegant, powerful and cheap
You get countless channels at your fingertips to keep
You occupied to stop you doing useful things
With your time on this planet, no doubt the future brings
Even more bewildering possibilities and choice -
To stop it all sliding the wrong way, raise your voice

What most people do not seem to get
It is still possible to turn off the set
If you cannot find the button, simply with a shrug
Get off your backside and pull the plug

May I make a suggestion? Thank you very much!
If deep down you want to get back in touch
With the real world which still does exist
Try this at least once, it has a nice twist:

As you sit there with your new multimedia toy
Search -> download -> save -> play -> enjoy
Unplug it this evening, then all through the night
Watch the black screen - you might see the light!

Now, if I do not like the TV programmes today
I can simply switch off, most would probably say
Go for a walk as I whistle a song
And of course I can - but you are still wrong!

And the reason is easy to understand
Assuming you want to, for in almost every land
The day is brought closer, through the use of high-tech tools
When the lowest common denominator rules

There are laws against pollution of almost every kind
But few if any left against pollution of the mind
Surely the most important aspect of all
So let "Mind over Matter" be the rallying call

A society which chooses to tolerate
And refuses to differentiate
So that anything can be legally made
And treats as any normal trade
The production, distribution, possession and sale
Public showing, home viewing, in graphic detail
How to destroy, rape, torture and kill
That society is terminally ill

And before all the liberals and do-gooders say
That the old man on a mission should shut up and go away:

It is NOT an issue of personal liberty
Or Freedom of Expression when society
Has thrown up its hands to officially say:
"We have no opinions on morals today
Our values used to be very clear and strong
But now we cannot tell right from wrong
And even if we could, we refuse to judge
That is now the law and we will not budge"

As we argue politely and patiently
What will happen over time to a society
Which permits the circulation of such hideous trash
Those involved are busy counting the cash
While we are watching morals going down the drain -
If we do not DO something, our struggle is in vain

So for humanity's common good
Urgently close down Hollywood
Make sure that not even one escapes
Heap up all the original tapes
And every DVD, new or used
Genuine, counterfeit or home produced
Pile it all higher and still higher
Douse it in petrol and then set it on fire
Should any more be found, continue to stoke -
Enjoy the flames and avoid the toxic smoke!

But simply burning things is no longer enough
With the progress in technology it is getting tough
For everything is stored on computer disks today
With a server and a back-up copy never far away
So first we must establish where exactly it is kept
Then, with the services of some talented adept
Chip and hack away through the last firewall
Then do mankind a favour by deleting it all!

And before I forget, shut down MTV
Its pornographic nudity
Turning girls into whores by the age of ten
Doing things with boys who think they are men
Their young heads pounded to believe it is cool
While they should be learning other things in school

Heads and limbs and blood will never be the same
Now that war is reduced to a video game
Still human of course but no longer humane
For desensitised to suffering and pain
The children round the world exposed every day
To it all - there MUST be a better way...

I wonder and worry, how will they ever learn
What is good and best for them, what will make them turn
Away from all the toxic plastic nonsense they bombard
Themselves and many others with, reject and disregard
Not only what it is but all the messages it sends -
Apart from education, any ideas my friends?


The baboons were coming, that was the fear
As a sense of foreboding was drawing near
Some time ago, but now it is clear
They are no longer coming - they are already here!


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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