26 February 2009


- another way of saying bismillah

Written late February 2009 - (84 lines)


The number of letters in the Arabic phrase
bismillah ar rahmaani ar raheem
which is usually interpreted:
in the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful
and which heads every surah (chapter) of the
Quran except one, surah nine, is nineteen.
The whole phrase is commonly known simply as bismillah.
In the Arabic alphabet each letter also has a numerical
value and the sum of the values of those nineteen
letters comes to seven hundred and eightysix (786),
sometimes used as a substitute for the phrase.

Also, the sum of the values of the four letters in the
word wahid (=one=monotheism) comes to nineteen,
around which the entire Quran revolves.

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Over it are nineteen -
These words can be seen
If you know where to look
In the glorious book
Chapter seventyfour
Verse thirty, but more
Interesting yet:
The figure you get
By adding up all
The letters that call
Out bismillah will come
To the very same sum!

And bismillah leads
Every surah and feeds
The recipient's mind
With just the right kind
Of vibrations to feel
And inwardly kneel
In worship and awe
To help us draw
The most from the text
As it points to the next
Revelation in line -
Except surah nine!

Now is there a clue
Coming into view
By that simple fact
Or does it distract
Us from looking for
Something much more
Obvious and clear?
There is a fear
That yet again
We look in vain
Because we are blind
To what we must find...

Who did encrypt
The Arabic script
With parallel
Values to match
Each letter such
That you could fix
In a subtle matrix
Unseen to most
Prying eyes a host
Of data and fact
Which interact?

The ascending row
Of prime numbers show
It is nineteen's fate
To be number eight
That cannot be changed
Or rearranged -
Important maybe
To one who can see
Beyond the norm
And is able to form
A completely new
Point of view

What does it all mean?
Is the missing nineteen
Before surah nine
Another sign
For us to decode
To enter the mode
Of a higher state
To communicate
Or at least receive
To somehow retrieve
A crucial link
To make us think?

Surveying the scene
Is there more to glean?
Caught between
Which way to lean?
But hope is green
Like our deen [faith] -
Will those really keen
To decipher nineteen
Ever find the key
To the mystery?
Maybe all it shows:
Only Allah knows...


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