25 February 2009


- no prizes for solving this riddle

Written mid February 2009 - (105 lines)


This is not about the fourth book of Moses
Nor how many petals are on seven roses
And I must tell you now it has nothing to do
With that magic number seventytwo
Which actually is seventyone point six
But rounding it up is a neat little fix

No, it is about a problem which looms
Larger than life, and all it assumes
To see the pattern and break the code
From which the inspiration flowed
Is a little knowledge of the world today -
Bored already? Do not go away!

It is easy to follow for that was the prime
Concern, and like inflation and time
Starting from zero or if you like square one
The figures get bigger as we move on

Here is the first of many more:
One hundred and ninetyfour!

How about this for a subtle clue:
Two hundred and fortytwo!

For those of you who cannot wait:
Three hundred and thirtyeight!

I hope this does not come too late:
Four hundred and seventyeight!

Now, did each of those ring a bell?
If yes to all four, you did well!
If yes to three, not a bad score
But room for improvement, for there were more!
If yes to two was the best you could do
How embarrassing for you!
Wake up right now if yes to only one!
No comment at all if yes to none...

Nothing useful done to prevent
The success of the belligerent
So not surprisingly the holdings went
Fiftyfive -> seventyeight -> one hundred percent

How many sovereign states do you see?
Some would claim two hundred and three
Using standard definitions, but then
Many would argue against ten
So a figure good enough for me
Is one hundred and ninetythree
Of which one hundred and ninetytwo
Are United Nations members - do you
Know which one is staying outside
In arrogance and foolish pride?
A city state ruled by a very special man
From the chair of saint Peter - the Vatican

The Divided Nations cannot agree
The Insecurity Council not free
For of those fifteen, ten have no say
And might as well just walk away
For any one of only five
Can decide what will survive
So that zero can be done
By the one hundred and ninetyone!

So much for majority rule!
World mis-leaders, go back to school!
Purest raving lunacy!
What happened to democracy?

A new approach must now be tried
And if zero tolerance were applied
To non-compliance of any kind
With international law we would find
That very quickly the world would improve
Beyond recognition as we would move
To one law enforced impartially
With justice and equality
Implemented universally
Instead of as now selectively
Manipulated politically

As two plus two still equals four
Sadly we can expect much more
Death and destruction and hypocrisy
And that fundamental dishonesty
Used in its dealings with the rest
Of the world by the Christian West

But the warlords of the Trinity
Will not rule for eternity
For their days are numbered, like three two one
The countdown to zero has begun
And with their last act of causing grief
A mighty collective sigh of relief
Will be heard and felt wherever you live -
They always took but we will give
Purpose and meaning and dignity
To every soul in humanity
For that is the birthright of everyone
And, inshallah, it will be done
Though the road ahead might indeed be rough
The formula itself is simple enough:

In order for evil to go away
Take the world as it is today
Add wisdom and spirituality
Subtract all the lies from reality
Distorted so long in order to divide
It will shine again once multiplied
By the genuine desire to help and share
Of right-thinking people everywhere

To sum it all up and so define
The net result and the bottom line:

Time and history cannot reassign
Nineteen fortyeight and two thousand and nine!

Your guess is now just as good as mine
But YES - it was all about Palestine!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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