27 March 2009

The Changing of the Guard

- all change but no change!

Written 22-24 March 2009 - (81 lines)


Obama should simply be seen as the heir to a system
which he cannot change and, judging by the people he
has surrounded himself with (or maybe more appropriate:
who have surrounded him, to ensure he does not deviate
from the script!), and judging by his performance so far,
that view has been confirmed.
Obama's main slogan throughout his long march to
the White House was: "Change we can believe in" -
and it already sounds like a sick joke.
As I predicted last November in The Fairground,
what Obama really meant all the time was:
"Expect little change and less to believe!"


After eight long and terrible years
To romantic dreamers it now appears
That new boy Obama is the right man
For recently the American
Democracy (of sorts!) intervened to depose
Satan and Co, and so to close
One horrible chapter - but hand on your heart
Is it not likely that a new one will start
Or seamlessly continue where Georgie stopped?
Or has the penny not yet dropped?

Read between the lines of the unofficial text
And you realise Obama is simply the next
In a long line of leaders to represent
A system impervious and resistant
To fundamental changes from within
And anyone planning to seriously begin
Such activities would be spotted and told
To stop at once by the monsters which hold
The real power in America, and so
Possibly reluctantly, all go with the flow
Long established, to apparent success -
Small wonder our world is in such a mess!

Patriots believe whatever lies they are fed
So to them a good Muslim is one who is dead
But to enlightened Americans I suggest
The following very simple test:

If Obama really is of a different kind
And seriously wants to go after and find
"Those who killed three thousand Americans" -

(And those three thousand from the WTC
Were the victims of a Zionist conspiracy
And in any case they should be seen
In the "light" of the insane Bush doctrine
According to which a preemptive strike
Against anyone or anything you do not like
As self defence can be fully justified
But more than four thousand Americans have died
And tens of thousands are forever maimed
As a direct result of that policy, which claimed
That protecting Americans was the only goal
Of the Chief Commander, may God damn the soul
Of that born-again Christian for eternity!
Halleluja! How clever can you be!) -

He should stay well out of Afghanistan
And the tribal areas of Pakistan
And issue arrest warrants in his backyard
For every single one of the old guard
Who are all out of office now, so could be pursued
But Obama will do nothing, for his hands are glued
To the past and to the system and to all those who paid
So handsomely for him to emerge ahead
On the day when it mattered most of all -
Any clean-up efforts will hit the brick wall
Built by old hands and insiders and, wait:
One of those is now his secretary of state!

There are masses of evidence but without the will
To break with the past, America is still
Going to continue the wrong way until
The world revokes its license to kill!

It is very sad, for America could
In theory be a power for good
Both at home and abroad, but is incapable
Of acting with integrity, it is impossible
For it to express its own authentic voice
For neo-Cons and Zionists leave it no choice
But to bow down before them and toe the line
Leading inevitably to the decline
Of America's power, but that is their loss:
The world does not need a self-imposed boss
Who re-writes the rules to suit his own ends
And those of his callous corporate friends
So selects which noble convention and law
To enforce, and which to simply ignore

And before they create one more mess
Time for a very brief BS:
[post script - and not the other!]

What difference does one letter make?
Not a lot you would think, so take
The B out of Obama, and guess
What to replace it with - an S...
And then we would finally break with the past
In a way which, inshallah, might even last!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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