25 March 2009

Ten Little Georgie Boys

- a visit to the Bush cabinet of horrors

Written 22-24 March 2009 - (335 lines)


A review of some of the better known members of
the Bush administration, that rare rogue's gallery of
the very worst that America has to offer not only its
own citizens but the wider world.

No apologies to Condoleezza Rice for including
her here as one of Georgie's boys.
Though I do believe she is a female, both her chest
measurement and her famous cryptic remark that:
"My partner has never had a relationship with a man"
entitles us to have doubts.


To the very top of Capitol Hill
Georgie marched his men
How many is debated still
Most claim there were ten

Their joy and purpose, to maim and kill
Pleas for mercy in vain
If justice still exists, it will
Punish them again and again!


Georgie's cabinet of horrors was packed
With YES-boys who all evidently lacked
Any goodness and humanity
For, guided by the common insanity
That: "Might is right and we shall prevail
Christ is with us so we cannot fail!"
They wanted to change the course of history
Through The Project for the New American Century
Or PNAC for short, and their website makes clear
Not just in words but in concept and idea
That a new totalitarian ideology had dawned
And back in ninetyseven the world was warned
But tragically failed both to listen and to act
So left the road clear for that unholy pact
Of neo-Cons and Zionists, not all American
Accurately described as the Great Satan

Now, to find out if I had simply been wrong
Or too harsh in my assessment, I went along
To the cabinet of horrors to see for myself
The evidence displayed on every shelf
From floor to ceiling in every hall
I made serious efforts to study it all
And just as they were about to close
There was no longer any doubt that those
Persons were evil personified -
Stalin and Hitler were both denied
World dominance, their ultimate goal
Now the PNAC wanted for itself that role
And anyone heard to disagree
Would be silenced unceremoniously
Those guilty of breaking the re-written rules
Just filthy peasants and miserable fools
Only fit for being slaves
For life, then dig their graves
With bare hands while guards look on -
"We can do it and it shall be done!"
Was the implied but direct threat
From those monsters, so eager to get
Their bloody hands, through force and fear
On all that civilised people hold dear


Recall for a moment the promise Georgie made
Not only to Americans but us all when he said:
"Ladies and gentlemen, if you elect me
I will pursue a humble foreign policy"
Well aware that the neo-Con-Zionist plan
For regime change not only in Afghanistan
But also in Iraq, Syria and Iran
Was ready and waiting at the Pentagon
Long before he arrived in Washington

A humble foreign policy! Just playing pretend:
Lies and deceit from beginning to end!

He stealthily hoisted the Skull and Bones
On the USS America, to dark undertones
Of foreboding of all things evil let loose
Its nuclear arsenal hanging like a noose
Around the neck of a trembling world
As the Jolly Satan was slowly unfurled
By a strange being with a hardly human smile
A hybrid of a goat and a reptile

We all endured his eight years of terror
While he committed one monstrous error
After another, defining his reign
Death and destruction, pillage and pain
Inflicted on millions without compassion or regret
A civilised world simply would not let
Such barbarians behave the way they do -
Their road show came very close to YOU!


Someone went through public statements by
His top officials and counted every lie
Made during the run-up to the Iraq war
And was baffled and ashamed by the final score:
Frantically trying to hypnotise
The world into believing their lies
Powell and Rice were never far behind
But leading from the front and obviously not inclined
To test Christian morals to see if he could tell
One single truth, the Chief Commander fell
In his desperate attempts to discredit Hans Blix
He lied two hundred and fiftysix
Times no less, it sounds incredible -
But then we all should do whatever we do well!

Only fools believe one word of the West
What is not downright lies is flattery and jest
Decent people cover their ears -
Put the West on probation for a hundred years!


Colin Powell, that otherwise possibly nice
And almost human person without vice
Fell victim to the game in a very big way
When he went to the Security Council to say:
"My friends, I have brought compelling evidence
Which I am confident will finally convince
The skeptics that the time for action is now
Or Saddam will again escape justice somehow -
Look at these pictures, indisputable proof
That, shaded by this tree and under that roof
Chemical laboratories are working overtime
And the piles there to the left are not innocent lime
But that dangerous substance known as yellow cake
A major ingredient if you wish to make
A nuclear bomb, look, there is a centrifuge
Hidden in that corner, the implications are huge!

And we do not know where all this ends
Saddam and al-Qaida have become best friends
Look there, training camps in the north-east
On the border with Iran, that well-known beast -
What more can I say, I beseech you now
To join the coalition, the sweat on my brow
Is only from the exertion of this talk
I fear that as I finish and begin to walk
To my chair, it will roll down into my eyes -
And four-star generals never tell lies!"


John Negroponte, an old expert on how
To foment and equip insurgencies, now
Put his vast experience from El Salvador
And Nicaragua where he was active before
At Georgie's disposal, as he wanted to use
It all in Iraq, for most locals would refuse
To wave the Skull and Bones and kiss the combat boots
Of the brutal invaders, so Johnnie planted roots
Of deception with great care, and soon the fruits
Were ripening, leading to tragic pursuits
Of one faction of Muslims against another
Clan against clan and brother against brother
The golden dome in Samarra was destroyed
By a blast in which no doubt Johnnie employed
Some of his recruits and all of his skills
To cause further chaos, even better when it kills -
Evil means to achieve evil ends!
Perhaps assisted here by a few Mossad friends?


Remember John Bolton, that outrageous thug
Less lovable and more slimy than a slug
Embarrassing his country again and again
As America's ambassador to the UN
Smuggled in discreetly while Congress was away
Through the back door, on a normal business day
It would not have approved him had it come to a vote

And to prove how evil he was, just one quote:
"I am damn proud that I was able to stall
The Security Council and resist the call
For an instant ceasefire when Israel
Was attacked by Hizbollah and did so well
Defending itself and the civilised world
Against all that those wicked Islamists hurled
Giving Israel time to cluster bomb
And infest with depleted uranium
Large parts of Lebanon, making sure that some
Effects will be felt for generations to come
Achieved only because the Council chewed the cud -
We must not compare Arab with Jewish blood"


When Bolton's term expired, his very good mate
Georgie did not even try to nominate
Him for a second, for he knew his man would fail
The hearings in Congress, but no problem: "Hail -
To the fuehrer!" barked the compliant voice
Of the one who was Georgie's second choice:

His famous Afghan dog Zalmay Khalilzad
Whom he had earlier sent to Baghdad
Specially trained and groomed for many years
Trotted out to perform now, his payback in arrears
Now proudly exhibited as a rare specimen
Proving that Muslims could join Georgie's men -
Zalmay a Muslim? Ha! Only in name!
True Muslims behaving like that would die of shame!
Still busy committing treason against his faith, when
He eagerly accepted that post at the UN


There was old Donald Rumsfeld, recycled once more
To do the job he did before
Remember his visit many years ago
To Iraq to drink tea with Saddam, now the foe!

His planning of the invasion of Iraq
Was a heady mixture of the ultra laid-back
And stupefying arrogance
Relying mainly on the dominance
Of high technology all around
Instead of old fashioned boots on the ground
He overruled those who criticised
And so his plan was authorised

Rummy had a talent for an abrasive phrase
Always delivered with a straight face
Here just three of his obscenities:
"The so-called Occupied Territories"
"To decapitate the leadership" he oversaw
What he modestly termed: "Shock and Awe"

And what prompted Georgie to earnestly say
Just before re-elected, that Rumsfeld would stay
At the Pentagon, when in truth he must have known
That the next day the president would disown
His secretary of defense, who then left?
Was Georgie himself maybe totally bereft
Of a brain and memory and those other handy things
That we all take for granted as normal human beings?


Paul Wolfowitz rose to dizzying heights
In charge of the World Bank, which supposedly fights
Poverty, malnutrition and disease
But he only got the job in order to ease
The way for The New World Order to control
Who gets what, through his overseeing role -
That was one of Georgie's most amazing scams:
Selecting a wolf to shepherd the lambs!

But he fell from the ivory tower in the end
When he gave a fat job to a girlfriend


Condoleezza Rice did immediately rouse
Suspicions that, with nothing in her blouse
She surely had something up her sleeve
For whenever she spoke it was hard to believe
That she possessed any intelligence
Yet a professor of political science
From respected Stanford University!
Condi, you bitch! You nearly fooled me!
From national security adviser in debate
Promoted later to secretary of state
But whatever she said, in public at least
As black beauty on behalf of the beast
Was a mixture of obvious outrageous lies
And a poor selection of the most pious
Pompous platitudes you have ever heard -
Did anyone anywhere believe one word?


Alberto Gonzales, the attorney general
Found a form of words to make acceptable
What conventions and laws expressly forbid
And when Congress grilled him on exactly what he did
He answered in one day of hearings: "Cannot recall"
A staggering seventysix times in all

And, incredibly, in spite of that long list
His old mate Georgie did still insist:
"I have every confidence in this fine man
A great attorney and a good American
He will stay on and get the job done" -
Yet soon after he resigned and was gone!


And remember senior advisor Karl Rove
Whom Georgie trusted above all others, he drove
The machine behind the long-term plans
To permanently establish the Republicans
With neo-Con and Zionist zeal and intent
As the natural party of government
Leading little by little to more and more
Central control and surveillance, before
Democracy itself would be on the lists
Of undesirables, like terrorists
And some day in the future, when the time was right
Quite possibly on a dark and cold night
When the monsters and the ogres could no longer wait
Outlawed, as a threat against the state


And so to Dick Cheney, the real president!
That sinister character who secrectly spent
September eleven two thousand and one
In a bunker to get a certain job done

Having first of course prepared the ground
And on the Internet can be found
The document, signed by Cheney in June
(He must have known what would happen soon!)
The VP officially taking control
From the Pentagon chief, thus the role
Of air defence overall command
And this is crucial to understand
Including shoot-down procedure, had passed
To Cheney - who then claimed the amassed
Planes taking part in war games that day
Masked the four "hijacked" ones in a way
That made them impossible to detect
Until it was just too late to deflect
Them from their fatal courses - BUT
Someone could not keep his mouth shut
So reported that Cheney specifically
When told by someone repeatedly
That "they" were now only x miles out
The figure reducing each time: "What about
Some new instructions?" was the implied
Question to Cheney, who replied:
"There are no new instructions, you hear what I say?"


I stayed until closing time and did return
The following morning to see if I could learn
If at all possible, more about
Those described already, but I was thrown out!

Persona non grata was the reason, the guard
Told me, presenting his identity card
And while I argued that I should be allowed
Entry to the cabinet, in a country so proud
Of its freedom and democracy and equal rights for all
I managed to steal a glimpse behind the wall
And briefly saw two more of Georgie's boys
Standing there like statues, or life-sized toys:
First Lewis Libby, who then burst into life
And scooted off to blackmail somebody's wife
For his boss Dick Cheney, it was yet another fake:
Those two should now be forced to eat yellow cake!
Then the other crept away, out of sight, and he
Was that substitute Muslim Ahmad Chalabi

Have I seen all of Georgie's not so merry men?
All indications are, there were many more than ten!


A catalogue of the belligerent
Using devious tricks to circumvent
The dignified constitution of the land
Which Georgie himself, with raised hand
Had sworn to uphold: "So help me God!"
All soon forgotten when the insistent prod
Of Satan's fork weakened his Christian resolve
And he eagerly continued to evolve
Along the lines most profitable
To his handlers and their horrible
Visions of this world for us all -
It was probably the closest call
And we may learn more in future years
But nothing is what it appears
In this titanic struggle between
Good and evil, yet has there been
A clearer case of who is who
Of false and true, of what we must do?

And when we all hear the final bell
May that born-again Christian burn in hell!


On a wing and a prayer, but only at a push
Planet Earth did survive George W Bush
And his loathsome despicable killing crew
There is hard work for decades to repair and undo
The damage and mistrust, and when we meet
In four years time, here is the target to beat:

The first president of the new century
Was the most incompetent in history
Leaving self-made problems for posterity
Might is right, his only legacy
The world's lasting memory:
Contempt and revulsion for eternity!

The first president of the new millenium
Showed the world how close we have come
To total disaster - we desperately need some
New world order, but NOT the scum
Who brainwash the masses until deaf and dumb
That to solve any problem, just drop another bomb!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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