29 March 2009

Free America!

- from Zionism!

Written 28 March 2009 - (237 lines)


AIPAC stands for "The America Israel Public Affairs Committee"
and it is one of the 2 most powerful lobby groups in the US
(the other being the National Rifle Association), wielding a
catastrophic and absurdly disproportionate influence over US
foreign policy, and frequently referred to by lawmakers as:
"The elephant in the room".


AIPAC rules
And only fools
With closed eyes
Think otherwise

It alone
Sets the tone
Its every move
Designed to prove
America exists
For the Zionists!

Whatever the cost
Proud America must
Kneel and obey
Whatever they say

There is no way out
To escape the clout
Of those evil thugs
Whose agenda hugs
Like the ominous cloak
Of The Ivy and the Oak

A tiny parasite
Usurping the might
Of so-called friends
For its own ends

The immaculate clothes
Worn by those
Who secretly deal
Cannot conceal
Whatever the spin
The monsters within

Benefactors beware!
For Zionists share
A far from unique
Pathological streak
A planned attack
Stabbed in the back
We should expect more -
What are best friends for?

America confused
Used and abused
Never truly free -
How can this be
Allowed to go on?
What needs to be done
Is easy to see
Not only for me!

So big and strong
Yet powerless, so long
It remains the slave
It will never behave
At home or abroad
In a way to applaud -
If in future it could
Maybe it would?

But Israel knows
And the record shows
That come what may
Americans will pay
Even fight and kill
And if AIPAC's will
Are prepared to lie
Down and die
Succumb to the spell:
Help Israel!

It is not only sad
But totally mad
And more than tragic
For it kills any magic
Which could emerge
If free of this scourge

Will America survive
And the day arrive
When at liberty
To finally be
Itself once more
Like it was before
The cancer took hold
And began to unfold
Its master plan
For the American
Place in its scheme
The long-term dream
As anyone can tell:
Greater Israel

Zionists race
All over the place
To remind everyone
Of the wrongs that were done
To Europe's Jews
By Hitler's crews
Many years ago
(As if we did not know!)
To exploit the guilt
Upon which is built
Settlements and walls
Despite frequent calls
By international law
Israel must withdraw
All built illegally
So null and void
And should be destroyed


Throughout the land
Christians demand
That more will be sent
By their government
This year than last
For, lost in the past
They fail to perceive
And would not believe
The reality
And brutality
The mindless hate
Of the modern state
Of Israel
Thinking all will be well
For eternity
But modernity
Has caught them out
And is about
To open their eyes
For Paradise
Is as far away
From those today
As it ever was -
Why? Because
They have misread
What the scriptures said:

When the time is right
God in his might
Has promised He will
Restore Israel

But until then
It is NOT for men
To recreate
Any Jewish state

Proscribed and outlawed!
Yet the fatally flawed
Old argument still
Determines the will
Of Christian Zionists -
Illogic twists
Simple concepts and finds
In their eager minds
A ready abode -
May this explode
Another myth!

We continue with:
Why do the Jews
Feel the need to use
These words when they pray
So go on to say

We sinned and rebelled
So Yahweh expelled
Us and we were banned
From the Promised Land

Do you now understand?


Who dares wins!
But if anyone begins
To seriously suggest
The nation's interest
Would be better served
If America swerved
The old way was scrapped
And a new one mapped
That Israel's grip
The whole relationship
Should be redefined
Be of the same kind
As with any other state -
AIPAC would not wait
But do its best
Howl and protest
Threaten and warn
Ridicule and scorn
Should he still persevere
Blackmail and smear
Invariably applied
Until too terrified
To defend honesty
And his own integrity
So disappears from view
Or accepts his new
Role as a clone
Without a moan

For AIPAC defied
Is suicide
In political terms -
Better join the worms!

Simply told
The stranglehold
Of Zionism on
Every single one
Of the political class
Could not be more crass:
The road was paved
Congress enslaved
All hostages now
To the sacred cow
And the golden calf
On Zion's behalf

Now what can they do?
Cruel but true
The tragic story
More territory
Was occupied
When freedom died
By Israel -
Capitol Hill...

Absolutely absurd!
Will the voices be heard
Who clamour for change?
They are within range
Can you hear what they say?
Join them today!

Lacking still
The political will
Can the battle be won
Or has it gone
Already too far
For those who are
Responsible here
To get into gear
And come out on top?
This madness must stop
Not tomorrow - NOW!
But how?


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

Use of American weapons by zionists against civilians, is spreading the guilt onto America by association !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ibraheem :))

Wassila Temani !!!

Ruqayya N. Aldridge said...

I can only repeat what I have said before - excellent stuff. emonasut

Ruqayya said...

Sorry, I entered thw word verification in the comments box!

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