1 April 2009

Letter Bombs

- my home-made verbal explosives

Written 30-31 March 2009 - (108 lines)


The abbreviation EFP stands for "Explosively Formed
Penetrator", a kind of roadside bomb used by insurgents.
They are increasingly sophisticated and enormously
powerful, cutting through the armour of a tank like
the proverbial hot knife through butter.


Air-mail or e-mail, does anybody care?
Addressed to everybody, everywhere
Important message, open instantly
Read - then act accordingly

Adding to the impressive stack
Already in my electronic sack
For in truth I have nothing better to do
And like all the others meant for YOU!

Here another missive comes
Spreading my verbal cluster bombs
Designed not to hurt the innocent
But if stepped on by the arrogant
Such as neo-Cons and Zionists
And other thugs and terrorists
In their long slow march towards their goal
(Shared absolute control
Of natural resources below the sand
Sole ownership of the Holy Land)
My carefully constructed lines of defence
Are well prepared and automatically sense
Precisely where enemies are coming from
So blow their arguments to kingdom come!

I explored the terrain and laid my site
On my own, aided by the moonlight
And there, deep in hostile territory
Is my treasured and growing depository
A minefield of clever words to cross
To enter it could easily lead to the loss
Not of your legs but your preconceived
Ideas about things you always believed
So come on in, be my guest!
Sit down if you need a rest!
You may attempt to tip-toe through
But do not say nobody warned you!
With ample power to kill and maim
You only have yourself to blame
Should you step on a freshly laid mine
One of many with the flag of Palestine
Clearly displayed, so easy to detect -
If you stumble on regardless, what do you expect?

A degree of collateral damage is a price
Worth paying if I manage to entice
You into my web, for how will you escape
Once trapped by the design and subtle shape
Of your new surroundings, it is possible
You may reconsider your views, and still
Become convinced, indeed you may
Before long believe every word I say!
Should that happen, join the struggle to expose
The secret deals and brazen lies of those
We elect to represent us, but who instead
Serve what decent people dread
The New World Order, it is easy to prove
And we all must do what we can to remove
The arrogance and hatred from its black heart -
Help me blow its hypocrisy apart!

A lethal danger should anybody come
To trigger my latest roadside bomb
With a message to remember till the end of time -
To make them and lay them is not yet a crime
So I have brought out my best EFP
Fresh from the busy factory
Doing overtime to clear the order book
And brothers-in-arms who know where to look
Brave whatever dangers it might entail
Follow the well-established trail
Find the previously missing link
And keep their eyes open, trying not to blink
For they want to admire it as it detonates
And a long cherished lie disintegrates
In a blinding blast, widely seen and heard -
Another myth exploded by The Power of the WORD!

Some operations were recently
Sponsored by donations given freely
By members of the public in generosity
Fighting together the monstrosity
Of The New World Order, that ferocious beast
Now swallowing up the Near and Middle East

In a world rapidly going from bad
To worse, This Is My Jihad
And only the very best of motives
Propel my home-made verbal explosives:

Serving daily as best I can
My Creator and my fellow man
Standing up for the weak and the poor
Expected to continue forever to endure
Whatever the Christian West thinks right
To do to them to prove its might
Yesterday the new world's Indians
Today the Palestinians
Death and destruction and despair and sorrow
Going on and on - and tomorrow?

My cluster bombs, dropped from unmanned
Drones, should never ever be banned!
Not in a thousand years, no, let them fall
And hopefully bring to the attention of all
Who chance upon them, or seek them out
What being human is really about...

Preparing for another busy night
Determined to set the sensor just right
And should, inshallah, tomorrow come
May you find my latest letter bomb
Waiting innocently and patiently here
Out in the open, to make it appear
As if it had just descended from space
May it bring a surprised look to your face
When you see what is inside, you know how
To open it, so go on - do it NOW!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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