6 April 2009


- what is in a name?

Written 4 April 2009 - (76 lines)


Ibraheem is Arabic for Abraham
and consists of the two parts ib and raheem
meaning father and many, respectively, so
"father of many" or "like a father to everyone".


Whenever in a line of poetry
I mention this name, it may seem
I talk about myself, but you see
It is prophet Ibraheem


Islam was taking root in my mind
And so when the time came
To embrace the faith, I set out to find
A good and worthy name

Yes, I selected it myself
From several I had met
In heavy books on many a shelf
And on the Internet

"Why Ibraheem?" you may well ask
And the question is good
If I now apply myself to the task
All will be understood

Abraham always appealed to me
Right from the early days
I still remember, it was he
And his simple ways -

That towered above all the rest
Leaving forever his mark
As the character I liked the best
The original patriarch -

Selected a very long time ago
To carry on the flame
Which has that unique spiritual glow
And his message was the same -

As that of the other famous men
Both before and since
The pure form, proven again and again
With the power to convince -

And the faith of Ibraheem inspired
All three of the holy triad
Giving each all he desired
Moses, Jesus, Muhammad

Another reason for my choice
Is I have always found
It lends itself to the human voice
I simply love the sound

In truth it did not take long until
I could feel and see
That from the choices available
It was Ibraheem for me

No disrespect to anyone here
But as regards the rest
Soon it was becoming clear
That Ibraheem was the best

And having found what I sought
I could hardly wait
To ask my local imam what he thought:
"Mashallah! That name is great!"

What Ib-Raheem actually means?
It depends on how it is done:
"Father of many", or the linguist gleans:
"Like a father to everyone"

The latter is my favourite
And as maybe you can tell
I like to think that, wait for it
It does describe me well

There is a possibility
That I might slip or swear
I feel the responsibility
So do take extra care

Aware that with a name like that
There are standards to observe
The conclusion I arrived at
There was a learning curve

And honestly, I am learning still
But the pace is gentler now
It is all about having the will
To improve yourself somehow

For my self-respect would certainly drop
I would go and hide in shame
If I failed in major ways to live up
To such an illustrious name!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

"Who can be better in religion than one who submits his whole self to Allah, does good, and follows the way of Abraham the true in Faith? For Allah did take Abraham for a friend." ♥

(Qur'aan 4:125) ♥

Hela Younes

Anonymous said...

Abraham (peace be upon him) is the father of the prophets ,the father of monotheism...

to be his followers ,we must follow his teachings ,be monotheists and just-dealers <3

Hela Younes

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