5 April 2009

Promises Promises

- one was honoured, the other not

Written 3-4 April 2009 - (96 lines)


How can it be that the biggest political problem
on the planet - PALESTINE - is still unsolved?
The original UN partition plan might well have
worked - but for Zionism!


Promises, promises - solemnly made
For the young UN had been swayed
By arguments heard for decades elsewhere
That the time had finally come to prepare
A plan attempting to define
A lasting solution to Palestine

Promises, promises - in two equal parts
To satisfy both the minds and the hearts
The local population of Arabs and Jews
All eagerly awaiting the latest news
Though no-one expecting Paradise
Promises, promises - or maybe just lies?

The UN promised, hoping all would be well
The Jews a homeland, a modern Israel
In roughly half of British Palestine
And when maps were ready had chosen to assign
To that future state fiftyfive percent
It was authorised so ahead it went

Here it is important to understand
They owned just seven percent of the land
In all of Palestine in those days -
So the plan was lopsided in many ways!

And the Palestinians, how generously
Were promised a homeland simultaneously
We would like to think with the best intent
In the remaining fortyfive percent
Of Palestine, their ancestral land -
Do we already see the heavy hand
And invisible ink of secret deals
Despite the ribbons and impressive seals?

And the UNs unambiguous call
Jerusalem / al-Quds should be open to all
Of mankind for ever and a day
While the Jewish and Arab quarters would stay
As they already were, with equal rights
Plus protection for the holy sites -
Neither part of Palestine nor Israel
The city would be truly international

On paper it looked almost reasonable
And the UN prayed it was workable
Which it probably was, or could have been
If certain people had been banned from the scene
Right from the beginning and until today
The troublemakers had been kept away
Leaving local Arabs and Jews to live
As peaceful neighbours, and so help give
Hope to us all of a better world to come
But clearly that was too romantic for some:
Enter the colonisers, with daggers drawn
As their clouds of war blot out the false dawn
For proven again and again down the years
The Zionists have very different ideas!

Sixty years later and what do we see?
Almost every Palestinian is still a refugee!
Homeless and stateless, with many rights
But they are worthless unless the world fights
To defend them for absolutely everyone
All good people know what must be done
But lack the power to implement
For evil operators persistently prevent
The will of the world to be carried out
If it were, there is not the slightest doubt
That justice for the Palestinians would be
The very highest priority

We still remember those promises -
How can a civilised world live with this?
How can the nations sleep soundly at night?
For that is a basic human right
Denied millions of Palestinians now
Wake up everybody and tell me how
You think it can be reserved for you
What so many others are unable to do -
If our brothers and sisters cannot rest
Why on earth should the Christian West?

Promises, promises - lies, all lies!
And for every refugee who dies
Still stateless, whether of old age
Or a Zionist bomb, we must rise in rage
And continue to demand and insist
That every Arab-hating Zionist
Is removed by force from the Holy Land
So the locals can live, if not hand in hand
Then side by side as they used to do
As friendly neighbours, Arab and Jew

And should any more Zionists ever appear
Send them back where they came from, they do not belong here!

Promises, promises - nothing but lies!
No form of words will ever disguise
The tragic everyday reality
Of yet another fatality
Made possible only with the support
Of the Christian West, the willing cohort
In Zionism's quest for continuity
Today, tomorrow, in perpetuity

Promised each year - keep your worthless annuity!
Prom... promis.. - PROMISCUITY!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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