4 April 2009


- meet the identical twins, no, triplets!

Written 1-3 April 2009 - (232 lines)


I was greatly tempted to call this poem "A cow in Palestine"
but decided on the above. I am still not quite sure which I prefer...

The abbreviation PNAC stands for "The Project for the New American
Century", and if you visit their website it will tell you all you need to
know about the "project" which in short is world domination.

The abbreviation LBJ stands for Lyndon B. Johnson,
US democrat president from 1963 to 1969.

The quote: "Your goods returned to you!" is of course from Osama
bin Laden and he may not be a popular person to quote but, as a
sound bite of Islamic resistance to the atrocities perpetrated
against Muslims for decades, it is unsurpassed.


First there were none
Then emerged one
Followed by another, so now there were two
Then followed the call
And may God help us all
For a third, which exploded into full view

And what are the names of these three?
Really, it is no mystery
For anyone with eyes that are open to see:
Zionism - Nazism - PNAC


The civilised world proudly presents
What to all practical intents
And purposes appear to be two in one
Proving it really can be done:
Sinister and evil ideologies
Merging though officially enemies!
Judgment has formally been pronounced
And one is universally denounced
The other sponsored, protected, praised
With no eyebrows, fingers, voices raised!

Nazism or Zionism - which came first?
Can one be determined to be the worst?
The student of both soon begins
To get the feeling that they really are twins!

Shame on the all-knowing Christian West!
But time is about to put to the test
Who is right and who is wrong
Resistance is growing and today so strong
It is surely only a matter of time
Before the last ugly Zionist crime
Has been committed in the Holy Land
For the world is beginning to understand
What Zionism is and what it means
On centre stage and behind the scenes

Add to Nazism and Zionism now
One more, and you will all see how
The Project for the New American Century
Fits perfectly this unholy trinity
The very worst that recent history
Had to offer mankind in living memory -
None of the three has any right to exist
In a civilised world, and we must persist
In the struggle to expose them for what they are
Warning everybody of the real danger, far
Greater than any other we face
For they are enemies of the human race!

They lack the human capacity
To change places, not the audacity
To rant and rave, howl and squeal
About everything we do, while they steal
Anything they can lay their bloody hands on
No matter how barbaric, it will be done

Islamo-Fascism is their chosen term
For the steadfast and increasingly firm
Opposition to what the Christian West
Has long perpetrated against the rest
Of the world, with Muslims hardest hit
Small wonder we have had enough of it
And unless the West backs off and soon
The NaZionism/neo-Con tune
Is replaced and something friendly comes through
There will be more of: "Your goods returned to you!"

But in truth it is only one of their tricks
And reduced to simple semantics:
Accuse someone else of something horrible
And any sane person can immediately tell
That YOU are very different, so must be GOOD
That will be sensed and generally understood
For the subliminal message is that THEY
Are the opposite of what YOU do and say
Leaving you free to carry on as before
To kill and destroy and start another war

You point to the splinter in your brother's eye
But the log in your own you forever deny
For you are blind to any other view
Than the one of your own chosen few


They did indisputably collaborate!
The Zionists helped to facilitate
The persecution of the Jews
But most observers simply refuse
To accept it, as if it could not be true
But it is, so we must give it due
Weight if we are to comprehend
The past and the present, and to that end
The couple of quotes presented below
Will hopefully adequately show
What sentiments were and what deals were done
By early Zionists to move the project on

Exemplified here by one stark
And clinically cold cynical remark:
"A cow in Palestine, you must understand
Is worth all the Jews in Poland"

Or how about this to open your eyes
To what really does characterise
Zionism and all that it is -
Refusing to ransom Jews from the Nazis:
"The Jews who are already there [in Palestine]
Are the ones that matter, we do not care
About all the others, wherever they may be"
It must be clear now, and not only to me
That Zionism is evil through and through
So happy to condemn any fellow Jew
Even if it meant putting the stamp
On the ticket to the extermination camp

Their cloven feet in identical boots
The mixture of conscripts and willing recruits
Despite their apparently conflicting roles
Marched in step towards different goals
Which perversely overlapped so much
It is easy to see why they got in touch
With each other, for the Nazi call
Was to remove once and for all
The Jews from Europe, to the last one -
And what the Zionists wanted done
Was a Jewish homeland in Palestine
And any means were considered fine
So long as they brought forward the day
They could travel to the Middle East to stay


And when they got there, what did they do?
Cause murder and mayhem and chaos - the few
Who had lived there for centuries side by side
With the Arabs would quickly be denied
Their voice and their true identity banned
As decent Jews in the Holy Land

Proof upon proof, Zionism is malign:

The British headquarters in Palestine
The King David Hotel in Jerusalem
Blown up by a small group of them
Posing as Arabs, more than ninety dead
This act of pure terror quickly led
To the British withdrawing entirely
With the country exposed and the way now free

For false flag terrorism is nothing new
And a favourite tool of the Zionist Jew


Not long after, Folke Bernadotte
The UN envoy to Palestine, was shot
In his car in Jerusalem by Zionists
One more entry in the long bloody lists
Of assassinations and treachery
Perpetrated so efficiently
By the founding fathers, and today their sons
Carry on the proud tradition with bombs and guns


And how did the Zionist settlers greet
The local Palestinians they did meet?

They set to work and could not wait
Planned destruction and mindless hate
Every conceivable terror and wrong
Was unleashed on those who had lived there so long:
Thirtyfour massacres we know about
How many more may remain in doubt
Five hundred villages completely erased
The homeless survivors then further debased
Eight hundred thousand forced abroad
Ethnically cleansed from their land, outlawed
In barbaric ways so consummately
That Stalin and Hitler would nod approvingly

As the number of dead Palestinians grows
We are not sure how many - only Allah knows


And in the continuing terror feast
Jewish communities throughout the Middle East
Were attacked by roaming Zionist teams
Disguised as Arabs, nothing is what it seems
In brutal attempts to make them move
To settle in Israel, and so to prove
To Jews around the world that they
Should also think about the day
When they would follow, for the unspoken text:
If you do not, you might be next...


The USS Liberty incident
Proved yet again their evil intent
During the infamous Six Day War
Attacked and nearly sunk before
Heroic efforts by the crew
Kept it afloat on the deep blue -
Two hundred wounded and thirtyfour dead
The counter-attack began but instead
Of simply blowing the Israelis away
Within minutes it was called off by LBJ
For rather than risking the inevitable wrath
Of American Jews, the traitor chose the path
Of least resistance, so let his own
Compatriots be shot or miserably drown -
Such is the power of the Zionists
Over America, and whoever insists
That America is a free nation is a fool
The tragic reality is different and cruel
For America is NOT The Home of the Free
But a slave of Zionism, as anyone can see

PS to the above and in the same sad vein:
Congress investigated but again
LBJ put a cowardly stop
To proceedings by ordering a cover-up!


From September eleven two thousand and one
A heavy calibre Zionist gun
Pointed at the temple of commerce and trade
Still smokes today despite the efforts made
To clean up all traces, destroy the evidence
The official silence and neglicence
But look at the facts and you will not look in vain
And in cases like this ask yourself: who would gain
Most from a disaster of precisely this kind?
The answer is not difficult to find!


Conflict and war, destruction and death
Is the heartbeat, the pulse, the very breath
The life-drug without which Israel
Cannot exist, and most know it well
So do the world a favour and take it away
From its convulsive grip - TODAY!

Possibly conceived with good intent
But a thoroughly failed experiment
From the very beginning and ever since!
What must it take to finally convince
The romantics that it should never have been tried
For this is evil personified
A cancer introduced to the Middle East
Nurtured, expanding and having a feast
Enjoying its parasitic role
And Like Frankenstein's Monster it is out of control!


Despite the lies that the media tell
History proves beyond doubt that Israel
Was created and always has been maintained
Through violence and terror, invariably explained
As "self defence" and accepted as such
By the collective Christian West, which has much
First to answer for, then rectify
For nothing in the world can justify
Israel's behaviour in any way
And it cannot be allowed to go on another day!

Yet, proven daily by Israel
NaZionism is alive and well!

But - for how much longer? There is no doubt
That time and patience are both running out...


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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