27 July 2009


- brave volunteers needed

Written 16 July 2009 - (52 lines)


If I point to a house on fire in my town
And incessantly, as the house is burning down
And people are confused and run aimlessly about
Offer my expert advice and talk and shout
Long enough and loud enough to make your brain go numb
That earlier I saw a suspicious person come
A foreigner and he looked very ominous to me
And then he did something that I could not see
But he could have done it so probably did
And having now fully prepared his bid
For stardom or martyrdom, pick your choice
He yelled: "Alluha Akbar!" in a fearful voice
Then he disappeared and I have reason to believe
He waited round the corner long enough to receive
A rucksack full of money from the Middle East -
Now to defend ourselves the very least
We should do was to threaten to blow up
Both Mecca and Medinah for this must stop
And I think and assume both this and that
And it must be true because he wore a funny hat
I do not know where he was from but he was weird
He wore a flowing robe but had a full beard
Half-disguised as a woman maybe
Wait, I can tell you much more, you see -

Now, going on about what he did and might have done
Distracting your attention from what really goes on
You might not see the empty can of petrol in my hand
And the discarded match - you understand?

Wake up town! You are being deceived!
All the lies and propaganda you believed
Has made you deaf and dumb to some simple facts
And do not be surprised when the lion reacts
To its tail being stepped on without pause
And eventually gives you a face full of claws

Look! A row of houses already consumed
While the council deliberated and assumed
That all was well and would forever be so
But xenophobia continued to grow
And still they think this warning is a joke
As the neighbourhood is going up in smoke

No smoke without a fire - can you smell it now?
Listen to those intrepid few who tell it how
It is, and it is rapidly getting worse
All able-bodied hands on deck now to disperse
The thick and toxic low clouds of deceit
That choke the peaceful atmosphere in our street

Continue the current city council policy
And you will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...

Fighting fire with fire is the only proven way
And many brave people would volunteer today
Before all is reduced to hysterical fear
Islamophobic Zionists, get out of here!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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