26 July 2009

Trinity Revisited

- triune triad trivialised

Written mid July 2009 - (136 lines)


To Christians no apology
For you have no monopoly
On truth and faith - do you agree?


Trinity in Unity
And Unity in Trinity?
It makes no sense at all to me

Three in one and one in three
An equal opportunity
To share in the divinity

Three in one
Cannot be done
Now who has won?

Each one third
Is unheard
Of and absurd

All three whole
Says the scroll
Found in a hole

Each one grown
All alone
On his own?

Which is true?
Got a clue
What to do?

Did the Cross
Mean the loss
Of the boss?

From slaves in captivity
To scenes of festivity
Around the nativity

The most holy family
An interesting anomaly
And many pay homily

Now, would you rather
Believe the Father
Or look a bit further?

Do not bother
The virgin mother
Go for the other

The innermost
Among the host:
The Holy Ghost

All for one and one for all
If help is needed when we fall
Which one should a mortal call?

One in three
Said: "Follow me
And you shall see

Trust me implicitly
I tell you explicitly
I have exclusivity!"

A virtual certainty
That one has full immunity
Throughout the community

While two in the vicinity
May have true affinity
For all of eternity

So can with impunity
From here to infinity
Indulge their blessed vanity

An everlasting great pity
That serious duplicity
In fair Jerusalem City!

The setting had serenity
And every known amenity
Yet led to loss of sovereignty

In tearful humidity
That oversized morbidity
CROSSed out validity

To smile in adversity
Is an old perversity
Still taught in university

Subjected to depravity
And left in the cold cavity
Just there obeying gravity

He then discovered levity
And exchanged this brevity
For lasting longevity

Normal creativity
Or special relativity?

Oh for the propensity
To enter fourth density
And join the immensity!

A curious tendency
To view his ascendency
As inter-dependency

Lacking accuracy
Is it a conspiracy
Plain lunacy or piracy?

We need clarity -
So vouch for the verity
Or disown with severity!

Highly debatable
And every point contestable
If not outright detestable

What is the plausibility
Of this as probability?
Sheer impossibility!

Oh what a liability:
The hero of humility
Has zero credibility!

Some say that Christianity
Is nothing but insanity
Misleading humanity...

A mixture of impurity
And old occult obscurity -
I fear for my security:

Driven by loud litany
Approaching fast is mutiny
Planning now my destiny

With speed-of-light velocity
And down-to-earth ferocity
Here comes animosity!

Is there availability
Of heavenly tranquility?
If not pretend senility!

Enough of this frivolity
Exploring co-equality
Or not, as the case may be

As increasing infamy
Decreases anonymity
I ask your magnanimity

And so with great solemnity
Dissolving every enmity
I claim full indemnity!

Trinity revisited
A few more words first cosseted
Then carefully deposited -

After being edited
And every word elicited
Was properly solicited

Curtailing my audacity
Here ends my capacity
But as for the veracity...?

(Applaud now my tenacity!)


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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