31 July 2009

The Snake of Zion

- is out to get you!

Written late July 2009 - (230 lines)


The term "the Symbolic Snake of Judaism" (I prefer the shorter "Snake
of Zion") is used to describe a step-by-step plan possibly conceived as
early as the time of Solomon (c 900 BCE), to infiltrate and dominate
the entire world.
All indications are that the plan is progressing nicely and, tragically
and absurdly, the Christian West is its main agent.
The biggest obstacle is Islam, representing 23 percent of humanity
and rising - hence the false flag terror attacks, the idiotic "War-on-
Terror" and the constant demonising of Muslims and Islam - all are
attempts to incite the planet into a World War, as the Snake of Zion
so successfully did with both WW1 and WW2.
The pattern is clear, the connection obvious and we ignore it at our
deadly peril. Judaism-Zionism, seen and unseen, is indisputably a
clear and present danger not only to civilised humanity but to our
survival as a species.

A goy (plural: goyim) is Hebrew for "nation" or "people" but is generally
used to describe any non-Jew, whether individual or nation.
The Torah itself and rabbinic literature make it clear that goyim exist
only to be exploited or enslaved or eradicated as Judaism sees fit.


Old Jewish texts seem to show
That about three thousand years ago
Solomon and his chosen men
True Zionists already then
Agreed in secret to create
An evil plan to dominate -
The entire world under control
Was the clearly defined ultimate goal

The Snake of Zion, in a serpentine way
Slowly but surely, advances every day
If only by a little, inroads must be made
And reported at once before memories fade
And judging by the picture that so far we have got
It is out to get you no matter what

When will it come full circle and touch its own tail?
It will only do so if we hesitate and fail!

If we wish to intercept and stop it we must first
Recognise it is there, then plan how best to burst
The chains it is forging for the proud and the free
For if we do not we will lose our liberty

We must open our eyes and connect the dots
And a pattern will be seen clearly in the plots
Ignore the mass media or read between the lines
For the editorial policy redefines
Words like truth and honesty, look at the facts
And you soon realise that the many lofty pacts
And treaties and agreements are all empty and false -
Simply modern footnotes to t
hose Protocols

Much more than just some intellectual sport
As shown by this brief progress report:

That the Snake exists is easy to prove
Just look at America, unable to move
In any way freely due to the squeeze
Of the terrible constrictor, without release
Masterful cunning and shameless deceit
Forces the mighty to slavishly meet
Any little desire and every major need
That the Snake may have or can think of, indeed
It is clear that America has surrendered its soul
Leaving the Snake in complete control -
Superpower America?
Ha-(llelujah!), and again - HA!

Speaking in Cairo recently
We all heard Obama eloquently
Repeat that there is an "unbreakable
Bond between America and Israel"

But why? What does America gain?
Expenses, notoriety, enemies and pain!
Surely all to be avoided at almost any cost!
But the battle for America was fought and lost
A long time ago, and ever since then
It is obvious that the nation's own men
Are just minions and puppets and willing tools -
The Snake of Zion's compliant fools

And tragically Europe is well on the way
To becoming the next unsuspecting prey
The signs of infiltration are everywhere
At the highest levels, yet we must dare
Tirelessly to point this out
Most will not believe it, or still doubt
That the goals are anything sinister at all -
Wake up Europe, this may be last call!

For the Snake of Zion, with evil intent
Is slithering from continent to continent
And like an industrious spider weaves
Its intricate web, so the Snake leaves
Subtle traces of its activities
If you switch on all your faculties
You can see them clearly if you seriously try
But not if you keep looking at the sky
Romantically as you have done so far
Trusting maybe in some lucky star
No, you must look down for that is where snakes
And other creepy-crawlies live, and what makes
You think that all will forever be fine
In your little corner by some divine
Law that may exist or right that you may claim -
Do not complain that the Snake really came
To you last night to discuss surrender, no
The answer would be simply: "Told you so!"

It is crawling through your neighbourhood right now
Gracefully through grass and gravel, listen how!
Should you wish to see it you must either pretend
You would dearly love to become its friend
Or insult it if you dare, loud and clear
And before very long it will probably come near


And should it, God forbid, accomplish the full length
Increasing all the way in power and strength
Until it manages to complete
The circuit, too late then to compete
For if the ring closes we will all be in the grip
Of its coils like in a vice, unable to slip
Away from the future to the good old days
Before the Snake of Zion imposed its wicked ways
On a younger and purer more innocent mankind
Reduced to mere memories and phantoms of the mind...

And having taken over the world by stealth
It will show off its usurped might and wealth
And finally decide to reveal itself then
Come out in the open, freely show itself to men
In the expectation it can safely demand
Subservience and tribute from every land

When satisfied with murder, chaos and mayhem
It intends to rule the world from Jerusalem
Where the third temple is going to be built
On the platform of the former two, and no guilt
Will be shown by the Snake, indeed if it could laugh
It would do so until splitting in half
For of course the site must first be clear
Of whatever is in the way - do we hear
A roar already from the world of Islam?
The Snake intends not just to harm
The al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock
But demolish them both, and that clock
Is already merrily ticking away -
Muslims worldwide must more than pray!

Enraptured in their insanity
Christian Zionists would no doubt agree
Not just in principle with such a scheme
For it echoes their fondest dream
That this might bring heaven down to earth
And the second coming would be well worth
Unlimited death and destruction, so what
So long as their own Messiah got
The message that it was time to drop
In to say hello and stop
The world as we have known it so long
The maniacs would laud in sacred song
The ultimate holy miracle
Which could only happen in Israel!

Is this an innocent coincidence:
The catastrophic influence
Of Evangelicals in the USA
Who in numbers and every other way
Far outweigh the Catholics
Using direct pressure and indirect tricks
Dictating foreign policy
In the Middle East especially!
Tens of millions on the members list
And every one a Zionist!

Simply a demographic quirk
Or is it the Snake of Zion at work
Searching high and low to get
One more useful idiot?

And all of them the Snake's to keep
Wide awake yet fast asleep
Happy to be forsaking Rome
To head for their true spiritual home
Mixing with the best of them
In eternal Jerusalem


As the Snake of Zion continues to creep
Honesty and decency and freedom weep

It lives on death, its very life-drug
Do not be mistaken, this is no little slug
Defenceless and harmless, in need of friends
Its pleasure starts where your happiness ends
For this is a horrible monster with a plan
Little by little to encircle and span
The entire globe to ensnare and enslave
Every free person or provide your grave

Its clearly stated aim is to destroy
Your way of life, you are just a goy
To exploit or eradicate as Zion sees fit
Still most do not believe a word of it!

Yet the secret itself has long been known
And general awareness has now grown
But there is a counter conspiracy
To hide the real one with obstinacy:
From outright denial to ridicule
That only a certified moron or a fool
Could possibly believe such obvious lies
Another track is when someone tries
To bring it right out into open view
They threaten and sometimes liquidate you -
Proof in itself, do you not think
That something here really does stink?


The Snake of Zion might arrive today
Accept that you cannot run away
It is the sworn enemy of man
So fight the monster any way you can
Wake up or Snake up everyone!
If we all join hands it can be done!

You may think that all is well
At least as far as you can tell
But "peace in our time" was tried
Before and failed - though still denied
A striking similarity
In basic ideology
Does exist between the two
Maybe unpopular but true
Look at it, no matter how:
The clear and present danger now
Is Zionism in all its forms
Ignoring all civilised norms

Do not cross it off your list:
You may hear a low-pitched pssssssst!
The Snake will sneak right up behind
And when you turn around you find
You are looking straight into its eyes
Instant flashback to Paradise:
"Apples of wisdom anyone?
Tomorrow they might all be gone!
So take one now, it is absolutely free
The start of your wonderful friendship with me!"
Offered with an inscrutable smile
In that unmistakable style
Of the seducer - do not be deceived
Many could not resist and believed
Every honey-dripping word
Dishonestly spoken but eagerly heard...

An apple in your hand now? Just let it drop
Do not accept anything, freeze and stop:

Notice as your new friend speaks
Not only that its foul breath reeks
But its devious tongue is split in two
One for Zion and one for you!
The words themselves are meaningless
So save yourself the trouble to guess
Exactly what was said or meant
For there was nothing important sent
But vital signals were received
By the Snake and when retrieved
And analysed you might well be
Its next recruit for misery
For flicking the tongue has always been the way
That a snake smells out suitable prey!

For the gory glory of Yahweh-Elohim
The world must be conquered to rule all the goyim
Having pushed our world again to the edge of the abyss
Can you now hear the Snake of Zion hisssssss?


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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