1 August 2009

Two Thousand and Twelve

- are you getting ready?

Written July 2009 - (422 lines)


This poem draws on the amazing work of Maurice Cotterell,
surely one of the most astute and penetrating minds of our times,
as well as on the work of Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval,
and I herewith acknowledge my debt to all three.


Two thousand and twelve is not far away
And getting closer every day -
Will it make the Sun rise in the west
Or just come and go like all the rest?

The twentyfirst of December that year
Is the very day that many fear
For the Maya calendar ends right there -
Is that reason enough for us to despair?

That it is real is not in doubt
And as researchers are finding out
It has happened periodically
In ways that catastrophically
Wiped out whatever existed then
Except maybe for a handful of men
Who persevered through the nights
And thus became the leading lights
Of great revivals of every kind
In matters not only of spirit and mind


From dimensions of the spiritual
The person known as Lord Pacal
(An exceedingly interesting
Late classical period Mayan king)
Tempts us down a mysterious road
Of wisdom and insights in sacred code
Using the most ingenious design
From the physical world to explain the divine
Then laboriously carved in stone -
Was it all for himself alone
Or also meant for us to read
If humility could lead
Us to accept that long before
The present age they knew more
Than we ever wanted to believe
Them capable of, or we could perceive?

That Lid of Palenque never fails to amaze
Teasing the observer's gaze
A jigsaw puzzle almost
Set by the departed host
Bits are missing here and there
But not through any lack of care
Clearly a meticulous plan
Was employed by this man

Only apparently incomplete
Try to solve it but if you cheat
You will fail the detective role
And therefore never see the whole

Half patterns and overlays
Reveal in the strangest ways
The story here of life and death
It is as if the very breath
Of Lord Pacal became a part
Of the stone, his beating heart
Long expired - we suspect
His penetrating intellect
The driving force and the will
Enabling us today to still
Visit such a magic place
As pilgrims coming face to face
With the future in the past
For everything was made to last
His jade mask stares without a blink
Making everybody think
Funny dots, one two three
All part of the mystery
They will tell the reason why
Very eloquently, try:
Rotating points demonstrably
Do it right and you shall see!

Was every little clever clue
For himself or me and you?


And there could have been so much more
For astute people today to explore:

How much irretrievably lost?
Impossible to work out the cost
To civilised humanity
When soldiers of Christianity
Invaded a few hundred years ago
To rape and pillage and proudly show
The indigenous cultures that they had arrived
To conquer in style and little survived
They smashed and slashed and crushed and burned
The independent realms were soon turned
Into a vast extermination camp
Marking all with the gruesome stamp
Of brutal arrogance: the Holy Cross -
Their short-term gains our lasting loss


The Maya were able to calculate
Precisely any specific date
More than a hundred million years
Into the future or in arrears -
Were they honing their intellect
As ever determined to perfect
It in ways hitherto ignored
So testing their skills, or were they just bored?

They worked out the length of day
More accurately, so scientists say
Than those before and maybe since
Surely already enough to convince
Skeptics that the Maya's mind
Was of the exceptional kind


But Pacal was not alone in this
Look around and you cannot miss
The pattern that emerges when
Comparing some legendary men

From Lake Titicaca to the Nile
Impossible monuments in shared style

From Tiahuanaco and the Gate of the Sun
To the Giza plateau and stargate Orion

Viracocha and Tuth-Ankh-Amun
Might they both be returning soon
In spirit if not in flesh and bone
To seek what they left behind in stone
Secret messages in sacred code
Providing passwords to enter the mode
Of spiritual progress for the few
And the amazing things they knew

There was nothing about it half-guessed
The very advanced knowledge possessed
Indisputably by these and more
Was surely acquired long before
And we would give a lot today
To find out how it came their way
Where they obtained it and when it was done:
The super-science of the sun!

Who is right and who is wrong?
Has the answer all along
Been staring everyone in the face?
Did the ancients really trace
Every little suspicious move
In the skies in order to prove
Their mastery within a strict
Social order so chiefs could predict
Future events wrapped in law
Their own masses trapped in awe?

Was the knowledge really their own
Or was it maybe on permanent loan
For them to use when the need arose?
One line of inquiry and logic goes:

Using only the naked eye
And alignments to observe the sky
To arrive at accurate data like this
Would take thousands of years, no less

The timescales here are so immense
That in order to make any sense
Knowledge of such quality
Must surely be a legacy
Either from a previous age
A lost and forgotten higher stage
Of civilisation here on Earth
Or the seed that gave it birth
Was brought to this planet from outside
By someone, somehow - that question is wide
Open and should remain so
Until we can say for certain we know
The answer beyond any reasonable doubt -
Quick explanations we can do without


Progressing steadily, the Great Year
The precessional cycle, forever in gear
Is moving on majestically
Through past and present to eternity
Twentyfive thousand seven hundred and
Seventysix years are spanned
By this (as far as we currently know!)
One human lifetime will soon go
But time rolls on and will reserve
For others to patiently observe
In their preferred ways and place
On record what they witnessed in space

Are you unhappy with the state
Of our pole star and can you wait
Twelve thousand years approximately
The outlook then will definitely
Show a very impressive star
With a cold bluish light far
Brighter than little Polaris today
For its position will go astray
And one of the brightest known to men
Vega will take up the station then

As each of the twelve zodiac signs
Or houses or ages roughly aligns
With thirty degrees, at the going rate
Two thousand one hundred and fortyeight
Years must be how long it will take
The vernal equinox to make
Its ancient journey, against the flow
As if putting up a heroic show
Of defiance, right through one
Start to finish and when that is done
Without a single second's pause
For here is no moratorium clause
Carry straight on into the next
Instalment of the prepared text
On the astronomical page
Welcome please another stage
A sequence of moments in history
All adding to living memory

Gazing at the clear night sky
We do not know precisely why
This setup was chosen, nor by whom
So would be reckless to assume
Where it came from, when and how
But as we all are passing now
From Pisces into Aquarius
It is increasingly obvious
That something quite unnerving
Appears to be unfolding
The signs may be subtle and slow
But as above, so below:
Changes in the celestial
Affecting the terrestrial...

And here it gets really interesting:
Did the ancients try to bring
Our attention to the fact
That this is likely to impact
In major ways on where we live?
If so, what a present to give!
Can we see it in the proper light
And do we read the message right?

Solar cycles seem to be
The very key to the mystery
A classic case of cause and effect
So observe, consider and project

The evidence continues to grow
That only a few thousand years ago
The magnetic field of our star, the Sun
Reversed and serious damage was done
Venus turned over and since that day
Rotates very slowly the other way!

Agreed, it sounds terribly bleak
But that event was not unique...
And whether we plead or we complain
What has happened before will do so again
Leaving us bewildered and perplexed
That a date with destiny was fixed
In the cosmic calendar without our consent -
Now, who can we trust to represent
Our case? And where do we go
To say that the answer simply is: "NO!" - ?
And if it really is that date
Will it be spot-on, early or late?

In the interactions between local star
And our little planet the signs are
When everything is ready, when due
It will surely arrive as if on cue
With clockwork regularity
And unavoidable certainty

The Earth's entire magnetic field
Reverses regularly, rocks yield
Answers to read like an open book
If you have the equipment and know where to look
The evidence is crystal clear -
Are we maybe due for the next that year?

Will it alter established geometry
Affect well-known geography
As our planetary sphere
Adjusts itself and tries to steer
A middle course along the line
Of least resistance to redefine
Its purpose and position in
The neighbourhood and maybe win
A new lease of life without fears
Secured for a few thousand years

Will it be the end of the world as we know
And love it? Could it possibly throw
Everything into chaos at once
Rendering futile any human response?
Or will it arrive gradually
For the alert among us to see
The signs of the predicted end
Early enough to wisely spend
The remaining hours profitably
Before, as claimed, inevitably
The Earth helplessly tumbles and rolls
On its axis, shifting the poles?

In the overall universal scheme
Of astronomical things it would seem
There is nothing new under the Sun -
But can anything useful still be done?

Are you going to do what you can to prepare
For worldwide upheavals unlikely to spare
Anything or anyone in the way
Should that truly terrible day
Arrive suddenly at a place near you?
It is possible that if you do
You might be lucky enough to survive
And be one of the few still left alive
When the awful event subsides
And growing stability decides
The Earth has settled into some
New kind of equilibrium

Massive eruptions as the crust
Ruptures and glowing magma is thrust
Like huge fountains spewing high
Rising defiantly into the sky
Mountains turning upside down
Boiling oceans that smash and drown
All in their path when they come ashore
The works of man, so impressive before
Soon shattered ruins in crumpled heaps
Scattered memorials as oblivion sweeps
Civilisation off the face
Of the Earth in the brief space
Of maybe just one day and night
Useless now to consider flight:
Black and sticky poisonous rain
Falling on a continous chain
Of fires raging everywhere
The overheated stifling air
Saturated with toxic smoke
Causing living things to choke -
With death and extinction all around
Your best option is: go to ground!


Some think that should the event expose
Mankind to a sudden overdose
Of powerful direct cosmic rays
It might modify in helpful ways
Genetic material, supercharge
Our very beings and so enlarge
How we feel and think and dream
And interact in the overall scheme
Of life and death in time and space
In short improve the human race

An interesting possibility
However unlikely that seems to me
For the more we learn the less we know
And it really only goes to show
That we are still more complex by far
And all that makes us what we are
Is balanced within a very fine range
So how on Earth such random change
Could in any way shape or form
Better what is now the norm
Is very difficult to see
Indeed it is a mystery

An insult to life to even suggest
That pure chance would be the best
Or even just a possible
And scientifically tenable
Way to enhance functionality
On the road to immortality!

Instead, do what you can to save
Yourself from the big microwave
Oven in the naked sky
If you are careless it will fry
Your DNA, so try to flee
And become part of history
If a solution can still be found:
Sit it out underground!


We try but cannot understand:
More stars than the grains of sand
Combined of every single beach
On this planet! As we reach
We fail to grasp the magnitude
Of our immense solitude
Cut off, forever on our own
So many and yet so alone


And have you thought about it now?
Or you do not believe it no matter how
It is presented nor by whom?
Without expecting imminent doom
It is surely reckless and foolish to say:
"It is not important so come what may
It will probably all turn out to be wrong!" -
But the connection is clear and strong
And slowly informed suspicion grows
When ancient knowledge decoded shows
It correlating perfectly
With the best we can do scientifically!

At least exceedingly interesting
And likely in itself to bring
About a change in attitude
Maybe a useful interlude
To a better way for a new age
As we cosmically turn the page

Will you do nothing at all to prepare?
Maybe you simply do not care?
And should it happen, will you just sit there
On your backside and continue to stare?
Consider this: if it really is true
What on Earth are you planning to do?

An eerie stillness before the storm -
Is there still time to reform?
What is that approaching sound?
Hurry, quickly, underground!


Do you know what the word maya means?
Illusion! Are all worldly scenes
Just that, merely a fantasy
Of particles of energy
With one particular place to be?
How much can we really see?
Not much it would appear, but can
Vaguely detect some kind of plan
And that means purpose and a will
At work universally to distill
Chaos into orderly design
In ways naturally benign
Not arrived at by coincidence
But an overarching intelligence
One all-encompassing guiding cause
And a set of never-changing laws

And if the physical world is not real
The dreaded event might actually heal
And lead to unimagined gain
After briefly causing damage and pain
So in that sense there is nothing to fear
For it seems that our existence here
Is only a trial or test to prepare
For something bigger where we will share
And follow where countless others have gone
According to The Law of ONE
Exchanging local mortality
For endless universality

Dreaming of possible gains to be made
So why on Earth be afraid?


Out of breath and badly bruised
Disoriented and confused
Shaken and terrified but not dead
You dare to move so lift your head
And open your eyes after the flood
To emerge from layers of ash and mud
A reincarnated Gilgamesh
For a new age, to start afresh
First give prayers of thanks and then
Like Noah begin all over again


As we wait for that day to dawn
Is it not clear someone tried to warn
Their successors well in advance?

Our planet continues its ancient dance
Waltzing in step and harmony
In the endless cosmic symphony
With galaxies, stars, the Sun and the Moon -
We will get the answer soon...


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Anonymous said...

Subkhan-Allah - Words of wisdom and a clear message to all humanity and especially to Muslims.
Whatever is coming --we better not fear or worry about as we can not change the future no matter how much advanced we are in science and technology. The only thing we must all do is attain such a spiritual level where no fears exist rather we fulfill the purpose of our lives in this world untill our demise-
True Maumins never fear death and never panic on bad news raather stay calm and be ready to face what Allah has written in fate and only seek Allah's help and protection-
I really love the way -Brother Ibraheem has put all this in the poem-

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