30 July 2009

Who is a Jew?

- ethnically speaking, probably not many!

Written late July 2009 - (110 lines)


Recent genetic studies claim to disprove the "Khazar-theory":
That most Ashkenazi Jews alive today are descended from Turkic
Khazars who converted to Judaism in the 8th or 9th century,
which if true would nullify most Jewish claims to Palestine.
What is not in dispute is that Ashkenazis make up approx
70 percent of Jews today.
For a devastating update, see my 2011 book
ENOUGH! Islamophobia pages 60-63.

Al-Nakba [the catastrophe] is the term used for the Zionist
conquest of the Holy Land 1948-49, when approx 750,000,
or just over half its indigenous Arab population, were ethnically
cleansed from Palestine, 34 documented massacres, 500
villages eradicated, wells poisoned etc.


This is not about the maternal line
Or other common ways used to define
Who is a proper Jew and who is not
No, this uses a very different plot:

When we say: "Muslim" or "Christian"
It is obvious that we are referring then
To faith and religion, there is no doubt
At all as to what we are talking about

Now, by embracing Islam I became
A Muslim but that is not the same
As being an Arab, you can therefore guess
That ethnic grounds would be meaningless
For claiming the right to emigrate
To Arabia and regard it my state -
But that of course is not to say
That I might not be welcome anyway

That is one characteristic they share:
Muslims and Christians could be from anywhere!

With that hopefully settled, so far so good
We agree that is clearly understood
But now it gets difficult, for what do
We mean when we say: "He is a Jew"?
Is it faith or ethnicity?
You sense already the duplicity?

This goes to the very heart of the debate
And is used by Zionists to obfuscate
An issue that we all must understand:
Who has a right to live in the land
Known for so long as Palestine -
Is it possible for us to define
Any such right in a meaningful way
And relate it to the world as it is today?

Surely that right could be stated like this:
Anyone who can demonstrate that his
Or her ethnic background can be traced
Directly to where that small region is placed
On the world map today, call it what you like
Has a right to live there -
if not, take a hike
To some other place or stay where you are
For you cannot claim a stake in anything so far
Removed from your background as to be alien
To your historical experience, now or then

If we accept the suggested rule
It must be clear to all but a fool
That any Palestinian Arab has a right
To live in the Holy Land without a fight
For that is where they come from and where they belong
And any other view of that is quite simply wrong
Factually and legally and morally most of all
And a civilised world would immediately call
For and implement their complete return -
Keep ignoring the warnings and we may all burn...

And now for the really terrible news
Not for us Muslims but for "the Jews":

Currently thirteen million worldwide
Are considered to be Jews - how many hide
Do you think behind the religious veneer?
A reclassification would cost them dear!
For probably not even one in two
Can prove to be a proper ethnic Jew
The rest, meaning the majority
Simply converted sometime in history
Whether sincerely or for convenience
To feel more secure or gain influence
Locally where they happened to live
We do not know, maybe it helped to give
Them cohesion, or a strategic headstart
If power politics played any part -
Perhaps the Turkic Khazars felt squeezed
Between Christian West and Muslim East?

Some things are agreed and experts say
That seventy percent of Jews today
Are Ashkenazis - but what does that mean?
From what historians have managed to glean
Most of them seem descended from
Those Turkic Khazars and if so have come
To usurp the ancient historical claim
Of the ethnic Jews, but only in name
And religion are they Jews, it is pretty clear
No gene-pool today is anywhere near
What it was fifty generations back
Easily demonstrated if you track

We are all more or less mixed and obscure
Even Hitler conceded that no race is pure!

So why cannot the Jews accept the same
But cling to old arguments in the name
Of religion that they are The Chosen Ones
Forever Yahweh's selected sons?

Whatever their motives for converting, they are NOT
Ethnic Jews now and never were, so have got
Absolutely no right to claim Palestine -
And as regards any link with the divine:
No serious rabbi has ever voiced the goal
That Israel should be restored, no scroll
Suggests that it should, or permits it, instead
Every scholar would shake his head
For their religion expressly proscribes
That very restoration by any of the tribes

Should the doors of Palestine be closed to all those?
Maybe, maybe not - nobody should impose
On the sovereign owners of Palestine what they
Should do or could do or must do, just pray
For forgiveness for your crimes down on your knees
And who knows, inshallah, their hatred may cease
And eventually they might invite some of you
To share the land with them, though no ethnic Jew
No doubt to everybody's benefit
As in past generations, before al-Nakba hit
And if they do may you be pleased that you came
But never forget - you have no rightful claim!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Craig Nelson Hamilton said...

There is a lot to be said for British Israelism. Many of these ancestries go all the way back and are intact.

Momina said...

Assalaam-u-alaykum Wa Rahma, Brother Ibraheem!

I really liked going through your poems. They are very realistic and direct. I specially like this poem. Thoughtful, sensible and straightforward. :)

May Allah SWT put barakah in your writings and life, ameen!

fee amaan Allah!

p.s. Jazakallaho Khayran for stopping by :).

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