21 July 2009

Why Should We

- when others never do?

Written 12 July 2009 - (72 lines)


Why should we always follow the rules
When others never do?
Are we just submissive fools
Who fail to follow through?

Maybe conditioned for so long
To avoid quarrel and strife
That when confronted with the strong
We choose the easy life?

We are expected to read and know
Every statute and draw
The right conclusions but why must we show
Respect for the law -

While Israel simply ridicules
Most and ignores the rest?
Instructing its all too willing tools
Throughout the Christian West -

To repeat the same old lies once more:
"Security concerns"
And "self defense" never fail to score
While Palestine burns

All noble conventions spat upon
And trampled underfoot
Listen for once you Elders of Zion:
Get ready for the boot!

A civilised world would never forgive
What you perpetrate
The Palestinians still do not live
In their own state

If a scrap of decency was preserved
It would swiftly deem it fit
That every settler should be served
Notice to instantly quit

Approaching half a million now
And still more on the way
Reasonable? Justified? Tell us how!
What have you got to say?

You are the best example of all
Of how not to behave
Do you hear the not so subtle call
Rising like a wave?

For those whose goals are realised
Always outside the law
Should neither complain nor be surprised
If suddenly a raw -

And rude awakening comes their way
That which they scorned
So long may finally hit any day -
Israel, you have been warned

The punishment should match the crime
To properly settle the score
That is the way it has been since the time
Of Moses, or even before

Your very own prophet bringing bad news!
Israel, cover your ears!
But except among Zionists and Jews
Would there be any tears?

Chaos and anarchy, those terrible twins
Could soon destroy us all
The road to recovery begins
With the loud and clear call -

That the rule of law must be restored
And obeyed by everyone
Might is not right and must be abhorred
As a way of getting things done

There are signs that some can dimly tell
But are reluctant to say
That The Exile Under Ishmael
May not be far away...

Hopefully Zion will listen and act
Unlikely though it is
Meanwhile justice will never retract
One syllable of this!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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