22 July 2009

Tragic But True

- Palestine will never have a partner for peace...

Written 12 July 2009 - (72 lines)

Dedicated to HAMAS


About 300,000 Jews are now settled in the West Bank plus
180,000 in East Jerusalem, both of course captured by Israel
in the 1967 Six Day War, that is approx 480,000 in all.
In 1993 Rabin and Arafat signed the Oslo Accords in which both
sides undertook not to take any action that would undermine
negotiations towards a permanent solution.
The number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank then was 116,300,
net increase therefore ca 363,000 or a trebling compared with 1993.
Nice, reliable and trustworthy partners for peace, do you not think?


In nineteen hundred and ninetythree
The PLO and Israel did agree
So the way forward was outlined
And the Oslo Accords were duly signed

Both sides promised the future would be shared
And to prove they were serious solemnly declared
Not to do ANYthing which would undermine
Efforts to arrive at and if possible define
A permanent settlement of the dispute
They assured the world they were resolute
But Yitzhak Rabin was soon assassinated and
As darkness continued in the Holy Land
From what we know we can assume that
Sharon slowly murdered Yasser Arafat

Now, way back then in ninetythree
How many settlers could you see?
One hundred and sixteen thousand or so
When Israel undertook to stop the flow

And what is the situation today?
Incredibly, they keep coming to stay:
Jews of every group and rank
Three hundred thousand in the West Bank
Believing they are home, now add to those
One hundred and eighty thousand, or close
In East Jerusalem, surrounded and annexed
Leaving the poor Palestinians perplexed
That is approaching half a million in all
Probably quoting a divine right and call
As brave pioneers claiming their share
But none of whom has any legal right to be there

Slowly taking over the Holy Land
And not at random, it is clearly well planned

Natural growth? Go to hell!
The cold figures eloquently tell
The clinical facts which happen to be
That settler numbers are considerably
Higher than the birthrate, so before you lecture us
Do your homework and stop making a fuss:

In two thousand and seven thirtysix percent
Were new arrivals who either went
From Israel itself or came from overseas
On one-way tickets to settle and seize
More land and resources, scarce as both are
Expropriated on behalf of the
Of David
, exporting its arrogant sons
Who still believe they are The Chosen Ones


Yet another agreement added to the pile
Of empty and false words - meanwhile
Israel keeps transferring still more
Stealing land and building like never before

A civilised world would simply say: "Stop!
Drop your tools immediately! The game is up!
International law is absolutely clear -
Everybody out now, you cannot stay here!"

For no occupying power may transfer
Its own population anywhere
To occupied territory, it is the worst
Possible violation of the very first
Principles of conduct after winning a war -
Geneva Convention Number Four

For masters of deceit and the belligerent
Words like permanent settlement
Have other meanings than the ordinary
In Israel's corrupted dictionary
As NaZionism continues to refine
Its final solution for Palestine

Foreign parasites, come what may
Your "villa in the jungle" will not stay!

Outright lies and timewasting tricks
No will to intervene as the time-bomb ticks
Tragic but true: with neighbours like these
Palestine will never have a partner for peace...


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