3 August 2009

The Tip of the IZberg

- and the remaining 9/10ths?

Written early August 2009 - (192 lines)


Israel is only the tiny but all too painfully visible tip of the huge
iceberg that is International Zionism. Israel was created partly
in preparation for ruling the world from the future third temple in
Jerusalem, and partly as a distraction so that we may fail to notice
IZ at work everywhere else. The current witch hunt against all
things Islamic is only the latest example. Judaism-Zionism, seen
and unseen, is indisputably a clear and present danger not only
to civilised humanity but to our survival as a species.

A goy (plural: goyim) is Hebrew for "nation" or "people" but is
generally used to describe any non-Jew, whether individual or nation.
The Torah itself and rabbinic literature make it clear that goyim exist
only to be exploited or enslaved or eradicated as Judaism sees fit.


Founded on forged title deeds
And having nothing that the world needs
In terms of resources, whether natural
Or human - why is Israel
So terribly important to all but a few?
The answer is drifting into view
An echo heard many times before:
The tip of the IZberg - or the real cold war!

Israel is only the visible tip
Of the huge IZberg and its cold grip
Long solidified has now grown
So that much of the world we called our own
Has been taken over or taken away
By Zionism by night, even day -
The problem, denied in the Christian West
Is not little Israel but all the rest!


Snoozing in my cabin, being rocked to sleep
By the gentle motion on the big blue deep
Long hours blissfully unaware
Of the horrible danger lurking there
When something roused me from my bed
Prompting me to stick my head
Out of the observation hatch
To quickly inspect my immediate patch
Better safe than sorry, let me just check:
"IZberg ahead! All hands on deck!"

Like all proper IZbergs, this one is not fixed
And with results and reception mixed
On many occasions it has been proved
That sometimes it is secretly moved
To a new position to cause another wreck
For what may seem just a tiny speck
In the middle of the ocean, once you get close
You would not wish to bump into one of those
Attractive it may well appear
But it could easily cost you dear
If close enough to touch it you can feel
It is as hard as tempered steel

The pyramid shape, smooth and sheer
Is beautiful but it is crystal clear
It is only a game, a ruse, a decoy
Leading every unsuspecting goy
Astray to disaster, calamity and grief
And all because of the stubborn belief
That a small piece of ice bobbing gently along
Could never ever possibly be strong
Enough to sink or even dent a proud ship -
Allowing the IZberg repeatedly to slip
Under the radar and out of sight
Hiding underwater its colossal might

But whatever clever precautions they take
They leave a faint serpentine wake
As their mobile hurdle for an obstacle race
Is towed in search of a suitable place
Dancing in glee when one is found
And where is their favourite fishing ground?
Right in the middle of major shipping lanes
For maximum impact and outrageous gains

For Zionism and Israel
Piracy is alive and well!


An obvious danger to all at sea
It should be marked appropriately
Warning mariners to prudently steer
A course which will safely take us clear
Of the hazard, but no, instead
Of a permanent highly visible red
And a horn sounding the morse letter U
[meaning: you are running into danger]
Day and night, what do they do?
They use a fraction of their obscene wealth
To cloak the IZberg in the latest stealth
Technology which some traitor gave
To them, now what will save
Innocent sailors exposed to risk?
Who cares, the salvage business is brisk!

Every vessel, before it departs
Harbour, should carefully check its charts
Adjust the compass once more to make sure
That deviation will not lure
Good ships and crews into mistakes
Where more than just another day breaks
And every moment out there on the swell
Know and plot your position well!

As accident statistics show
Some captains wonder how far they can go
Before the point of no return -
Hitting the IZberg is the hard way to learn

And maybe that reassuring blink
On the horizon is not what you think
Not the lighthouse coming into view
But the IZberg waiting for you!

Should you hit the IZberg but stay afloat
The Zionist sharks will gather and gloat
Quickly measure you up to see
If in any way you could be
Useful to them, if so maybe sue
For damages caused to them by you
For there they were, at peace with the world
Asleep at anchor, when the waters swirled
And they were rammed by some incompetent
Self-styled skipper who should be sent
Back onto land and back to school
For to them anyone else is a fool

They might let you off if first you pay
A lot of money and promise to say
You saw and heard nothing and sign the form
Then send you away in a gathering storm
And if you refuse, a missile or two
Will very soon come after you!

And if not found useful, judgement is swift
For normal procedures are given short shrift
Therefore you can fully expect to hear
It being announced to your unwilling ear
In a foreign accent and a courteous voice
That indeed and of course you do have a choice:
"How would you like to draw your last breath?
You can either drown or freeze to death!"


Mistaking it for a navigational star
The most spectacular casualty so far
The SS America ran straight into it
In the middle of the night and took a direct hit
On initial impact the ship nearly rolled
Found at dawn to be seriously holed
Well below the waterline
The US was assured that all would be fine
Still the foolish captain will insist
On full steam ahead but with a list
For he is short-sighted if not actually blind
To offshore encounters of the strangest kind -
And when they have robbed it of gold and guns
They will send it to the bottom, like all the other ones

The SS Russia went down before then
Without much warning with mice and men
A revenge attack for it had refused
To surrender and allow itself to be used
In that League of Nations comedy show
So the IZberg delivered the fatal blow

The SS British Empire was sunk
With the admiral fast asleep in his bunk
The crew forced to walk the plank
The treasure stacked in Rothschild's bank
His private gold and silver mine
For "Jews" buying Palestine

For Zionism and Israel
Piracy is alive and well!


Deviously hiding again from view
Spying full-time on me and you
The Zionist navy surveying the scene
In a brand-new submarine
One of three obtained recently
Designed and Made in Germany
Now here is a trick: let us trawl a rope
And get hold of their periscope
Then drag them into harbour at once
Force the hatch open and wait for the response!


This is one IZberg that will not disappear
Through global warming now or next year!
And as neither charm nor appeasement will melt
The bulk of it, it must be dealt
With in a very different way -
Has nobody important got anything to say?

Its rogue waves of deceit might attack
When you least expect it, rolling in from the back

Its strong undercurrent might catch you out
Pull you offshore and leave you to shout

Its broken promise took the anchor and chain
Its whirlpool of lies is affecting the brain

If only we could beach it at low spring tide
It would no longer be able to hide
And brought to the attention of everyone
Maybe something would finally get done

If we could grab it by the tip
And continue to pull, it would slowly slip
Right over and eventually capsize
Floating there on its ocean of lies
Exposed to the world's horrified gaze
While we set to work to melt the base
Now conveniently on its back
So first we paint the bottom black
Then redirect the rays of the Sun
With mirrors to amplify every one
And before very long, believe you me
It will dissolve and return to the sea -
The total meltdown of the berg
Hard but essential and enjoyable work!

Failing that, what do we do?
Useful suggestions, anyone of you?

May this become official world policy soon:
There is a shortage of water on the Moon
You Zionists can have it for ever more
To occupy, colonise, settle and explore
Take your IZberg with you to alleviate the dearth -
At last improving prospects for peace here on Earth!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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