2 August 2009

The Law of ONE

- and how could it be more?

Written late July 2009 - (108 lines)

Dedicated to Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, James McCarty


As I was writing Two Thousand and Twelve, I came across the
exceedingly interesting "channeled" work called The Ra Material or
The Law of One, which inspired me to write these lines immediately.
Though intended as a section of 2012, I decided to turn them into a
separate poem, adding the introduction.
With thanks to the three above who did all the hard and amazing work.


Approaching the horizon now
The ever-moving merciless plough
Of time is coming our way
To soon expose that year and day
Which many do not wish to see -
Once here, will it turn out to be
What some expect and others fear?
As the moment is drawing near
The student hardly comprehends
Half the signals the cosmos sends
The prudent tries to understand
The implications of data scanned
Between here and eternity
In the open university

Destruction may be imminent
Or could it be a heaven-sent
And golden opportunity
For everyone plus you and me?

If the former, why insist?
If the latter, why resist?

Always go with the natural flow
For as above, so below


A burst of cosmic rays, some say
Could radically change our DNA
To our immediate benefit
Assuming we get enough of it -
Very difficult to perceive
And all but impossible to believe!

Opinions differ but along the same
Lines of thinking others claim
That change could be dimensional
Away from the material
A spiritual quantum leap
For souls already prepared to reap
Amazing rewards on offer then
To extraordinary men
Selecting those aware and pure
Leaving the rest to still endure
The physical existence here
Or elsewhere, for it does appear
That anything is possible
So everybody would be well
Advised to keep an open mind
Of what we might awake to find

When galactically energised
And appropriately magnetised
A new vibrational frequency
A truly sensational synergy
Just might advance reality
Into the next density
As intelligent infinity
Enables true affinity
To develop and create
Conditions for a higher state
To redeem, imbue and bless
Every unit of consciousness
Regenerating by its might
Distorted particles of light

Harmonic order rules the flow
Pulsating cycles come and go
Waves of motion twist and curl
Spiral patterns sway and swirl
Reverberating everywhere
Forces interact and share
The space-time continuum
Across the total spectrum
Of possibilities without
Hesitation or any doubt
Repel, attract, emit, absorb
The characteristics of every orb
Forever juggling levity
Nimbly against gravity

All that exists is wide awake
And getting ready now to make
The changes necessary for
A new beginning to explore
Ways to identify and purge
Imbalances so we can merge
In gratitude and humility
With heavenly tranquility

Every single individual soul
Fused, complete, united, whole
The total peace you only find
As part of the universal mind -
From microcosm in misery
To hyperdimensional ecstasy

The cosmic order shall prevail
And as the bonds of matter fail
Envy, hate, greed and lust
Will turn to interstellar dust
Jettisoned somewhere high
In the diamond-studded sky -
With insight no longer sealed
All might soon be revealed
Defying gravity and mass
Prophetic words will come to pass

Deep down we knew it all along:
The attraction is too strong
So we accept our destiny
And aching for symmetry
For the first time we see
Nothing will be truly free
Until below reflects above
In endless wisdom, light and love

Immersed in that wonder-glow
The only truth there is to know:
Everything is being done
According to the Law of ONE


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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