9 November 2009

Triangle Tangle

- it takes three to tangle properly

Written early November 2009 - (171 lines)


The Holy Triangle
Is a terrible tangle
Conceived to strangle -

By mystical magic
All reason and logic
At birth, how tragic!

Uniting the carnal
And spiritual

Truly comical
Needing a miracle

For every believer
In enraptured fever

Who is to blame
For this fantasy game
And what is the aim?

Oh what a shame
That since he came
The towering frame -

And the lasting fame
Of a certain name
Still obscures the flame -

For so many of us!
If they will not discuss
That is not our loss

But listen old Son
Go back to square one
For time has run -

And the orbit has come
Full circle for some
Where are you from?

The Son of God
Never given the nod
Nor a Fatherly prod

We are not awed
So do not applaud
This colossal fraud

Fatally flawed
But not yet outlawed
At home and abroad

The Son of Man
Came with a plan
To impose a ban -

On anyone else
Who proudly foretells
What will be, and excels

The worst he did say:
Come what may
I am the way!

Rumours were spread
That he rose from the dead!
We believe that instead -

He did not die
For they did not try
To crucify -

Jesus at all
But for the long haul
God chose to call -

His messenger back
To keep him on track
For the next attack

And hiding behind
Every cheap kind
Of gimmick we find -

The Holy Spirit!
Many fear it
So do not go near it

No need to worry
Or indeed be sorry
Not the end of the story

For that which remains
Contains what reigns
Maintains and sustains

Popes with a brain
Attempt to explain
So far all in vain

They lecture and bless
It remains nonetheless
An insoluble mess

Each new one contends
That he understands
Yet none comprehends

For the apostolic
Age is symbolic
And somewhat shambolic

The latest antic
Another frantic
And clever semantic

Time to panic
It is megalomanic
And maybe Satanic

Calling for drastic
Change is a classic
Survival tactic

But every chronic
And well-known topic
Is highly toxic

It is problematic
To be both dogmatic
And very pragmatic

For a truly emphatic
And total fanatic
Is soon a schismatic

So not much scope
Or an honest Pope
Will make his own rope

Not willing or able
To clear from the table
An impossible fable

Has the Church ever
Changed its view? Never -
Not very clever!

The future looks tricky
The road ahead rocky -
Third time lucky?

Trial and error
Christian terror
Look in the mirror!

Quite photogenic
But schizophrenic

Trepid trio
Dubious duo
Sovereign solo

Triple trouble
Doubtful double
Bursting bubble

Watch the most holy
Symbol slowly
Sinking more lowly

Sad yet so funny
It does not make any
Sense with so many

Purely fictitious
Highly suspicious
Simply ridiculous

Absurdly contrived
How has it survived?
The time has arrived -

To proclaim it loud
Unmoved and unbowed:
Three is a crowd

And at zero expense
We should now dispense
With the whole nonsense

Break the Triangle
With a terrible jangle
Let the bits dangle -

On a hope and a prayer
By an old soothsayer
Until the last layer -

Of what was supposed
To be facts are disclosed
To be lies, and exposed

No need to issue
A farewell tissue
For we will not miss you

The trusted trilemma
In a dire dilemma
All thanks to Allah

How can it be
That not all can see
God is not three

What must we do
To convince all of you
God is not two

When experts are gone
And all said and done
God is ONE


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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