15 December 2009

State of Affairs

- Obama's new State of the Union address

Written early December 2009 - (282 lines)


A goy (plural: goyim) is Hebrew for "nation" or "people" but is
generally used to describe any non-Jew, whether individual or nation.
The Torah itself and rabbinic literature make it clear that goyim exist
only to be exploited or enslaved or eradicated as Judaism sees fit.


Ladies and Gentlemen, wherever you are
Brothers and Sisters, near and far
Whatever you are doing, listen to this
A brand new kind of public address
To any person who still cares
This is the sorry State of Affairs


Sweet and eloquent words are cheap
The learning curve unexpectedly steep
For an innocent new boy in Washington
Being shown by old hands how things are done

So long as the whole elaborate show
Looks good the puppet pretends not to know
That before elected strings were attached
To many specific points which matched
His primary functions: move, nod, smile
In a slick and convincing presidential style
The hoax disguised to look smart and cool
But easily spotted by all but a fool

He could not be his own man if he tried
For his hands and feet and tongue are all tied
To the carefully worded and edited script
Prepared for their new volunteer conscript
Now guarded by determined Zionists and Jews
Who brief him today on tomorrow's news

It may well be futile to compare
One with the other, whether fair
Or not is completely beside the point
But why waste a billion dollars to anoint
A new president who is hard to tell
From his predecessor that we know too well?

For both are equally out of touch
And it does not really matter much:
A white sneering monster or a brown smiling one?
The moment the so-called election was won
It was clear he would carry on as before
With that idiotic unwinnable war
Repeating the same obnoxious lies
Whenever yet another innocent dies

It is both tragic and very strange
That in actual fact the only change
Despite the most elaborate spin
Is the colour of the president's skin


Spreading yet more deceit and hate
Over at the department of state
He replaced a brown with a white stupid cow
What matters is that across the brow
Proudly displayed for the world to read
Were it not fast asleep, the solemn creed
Not only in English but also Hebrew:
"ZION we will do anything for YOU"


Comprehend it if you can
He objected to the landmine ban
So the whole world's president
Chose not to sign that document
He should be forced to personally meet
All those living now without legs or feet
As a direct result of getting too close
And accidentally stepping on those


Has he closed Guantanamo?
The tragic answer a resounding: "NO!"
And what, may we ask, is the excuse?
He might yet back out and refuse
Easy promises recklessly made
Are worthless in themselves and fade

He decided to continue to block
Photos which would enrage and shock
Civilised people everywhere
So in truth he did not dare
Upset the world with the evidence
But instead with typical arrogance
That old worn-out obscenity
"For reasons of national security"
Was used to maintain the secretive grip
On what insiders know to be just the tip
Of a massive problem of consistent abuse -
Is there any decency left to lose?

Invasions of electronic privacy
Continue in the new presidency
And students of this exotic lore
Say everything remains as it was before


And he promised the American
People to pull out of Afghanistan
Within eighteen months if they voted for him -
Prospects for that are not only dim
But well and truly blown to Hell
For there he was, obliged to tell
The nation that far from scaling back
The next phase of the cruel attack
On that shattered country necessitates
Committing to uncertain fates
Thirty thousand more, not less
And Christ goes with them and will bless
But the open question continues to burn:
When might the lucky survivors return?

Not anytime soon so do not hold your breath
For those escaping the jaws of death
There might be some more work to do
Marching orders from you-know-who
Next project for the Great Satan
Already in progress: Pakistan


But The Last Crusade is already lost
Admit it you fools, the staggering cost
If ever worked out, unbelievable
And all to satisfy Israel

For of course the adventure was not your own
It was forced upon you by the group known
As The Elders of Zion, and whatever you do
Or say to deny it: you know it is true
For Zion always stands to gain
From any destruction, misery and pain
Inflicted by its latest scheme
On those of us who are merely goyim


That outrageous nuclear deal
With India must make Iran feel
Vindicated that all along
The West's selective approach was wrong
Now the unobstructed view
Clearly shows it has nothing to do
With weapons or nuclear technology -
The world owes Iran an apology

You bully Iran without respect
Whilst making sure no-one will inspect
The nuclear weapons arsenal
Concealed from the world in Israel
No Western "leader" is ever heard -
Hypocritical is too mild a word


The West has no credibility left
With the Muslim world, it is bereft
Not only of ideas but of the will
Which if applied today could still
Maybe arrest the dangerous slide
Down the slippery slope to the wide
Open hungry mouth of Hell -
All sacrificed for Israel

A state of total denial persists
But in truth America only exists
To serve the interests of Israel
It is always business as usual
However fiendish and ugly the crime
Committed against humanity this time
Israel claims to be whiter than white
That it is always always right
So the rest of the world must always be wrong
And proud America creeps along
With any perversion of the facts
But no form of words blinds or distracts
Us from looking right through your lies
Now incredibly endorsed by a Nobel Peace Prize...

Some Americans are clever, agreed
But sadly not very many, indeed
Most are stupid beyond belief
Ready to cause destruction and grief
Around the world any way they can
Assist in executing Zion's plan


No progress to report on Palestine
Though he promised that issue would define
His busy schedule from the start of term
But all he has done so far is confirm
What we all expected and now we know:
When it comes to Israel he cannot say no
And like every American president
His valuable time would be much better spent
Digging ditches or picking cotton maybe
For failing to proclaim The Home of the Free
Is a slave in chains unable to move
Is an act of treason and it goes to prove
That the choking stranglehold of the Snake
Of Zion
is not about to break

The unimportant state of Israel
Is hell-bent on making a viable
State of Palestine impossible
While Zionist America pays the bill

But Israel MUST obey the law
And unconditionally withdraw
Fully from the Occupied Territories
As a precondition for lasting peace
To ever have any chance to grow -
Is he telling us he does not know?

If only he could speak his mind
We might hear news of a different kind...
For anyone who is not blind
The answer is not hard to find:

Free advice and this is how
Simply stop the money now
Unless and until Israel agrees
Sanctions sanctions sanctions please!

For Israel will forever try
To divert, delay, deny, defy
The world must force it to comply
Before any more Palestinians die


Destined like all the others to go down
In history as a performing clown
In the state circus of politics
Powered by deals and bribes and tricks

Not powerful but powerless
To change the system he must bless
Officially whether he likes to or not
Whenever his minders decide to trot
Him out to face the media glare
Watch the president standing there
As the band strikes up, hand on his heart
Maybe sincerely proud to be part
Of this diabolical amusement arcade
Their captive front man now on parade
Has quickly learnt how to behave
A hopeless, hapless, helpless slave


The state of affairs of state is poor
The prospects are they must endure
Several more bleak and lean years
Before any improvement appears
On the horizon, that much now seems
All but certain, so easy dreams
Of plenty should be discouraged for now
But what he forgets to tell you is how
He plans and intends to turn it around
If better times are indeed to be found

There was no pressing desperate need
To rescue Wall Street from its own greed
But we suspect he had no choice
For was probably told by a sinister voice
That if he did not they would pull the plugs
So he duly obeyed the criminal thugs

Now disappearing into the red
How long before the Dollar is dead?
Thanks to the Federal Reserve
America is on a downward curve
Spiralling into oblivion fast
Surely it cannot and will not last
Another cycle of boom and bust
The vicious circle, from glitter to dust
All but completed, and as we laugh
We think of a suitable epitaph

For watching a superpower sink
Ought to make everybody think
It does not happen every day
So if you have the time, do stay
And see a sight you will not forget
As the daily increasing soaring debt
Adds to existing economic woes
Stand by now for the final throes
Enjoy the terminal decline
From where we stand the view is just fine
And the brave and the free already say:
"Who needs America anyway?"
We will surely not only survive
But finally prosper, progress and thrive!


And so dear listeners, colleagues and friends
In a moment this special address ends
Thank you for coming and for staying awake
The final announcement we wish to make
Is to repeat the recurring theme
Of the real nature of the scheme
That started at home and spread abroad
America is a colossal fraud
And whether they curse or piously pray
This is the credo of the USA:

Never stand in respectful awe
Of little things like morals and law
For we have a mission to complete
And to conquer the world we must defeat
Those who dare to block our way
To reach that goal we will betray
All the things we once held dear
Should guilt or conscience reappear
From hibernation, put them to sleep
And this time forever, for we must keep
The solemn vow we were forced to make
To a secretive persuasive Snake
A hostage now of the recent past
It is always Zion first and last

Officially everything we do
Is to bring freedom to all of you
And for decades it was believed
Now more and more know they were deceived
For the friendly mask of Uncle Sam
Is slipping, revealing the dreadful scam
Exposing the executioner's hood
That we wear for Zion - all understood?

And so to sum up, before we miss
Our next appointment, let us say this:

The US makes worse what only was bad
The State of Affairs is truly sad...


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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