18 December 2009

The New World Order

- in which Yahweh=Moloch shall rule

Written mid December 2009 - (518 lines)


Yahweh is the personal name of the deity of Judaism.

Elohim is the plural of El which means "deity" in Hebrew, and is often
used as a substitute word for Yahweh, they are therefore synonymous.

Moloch, in an early Jewish context, was a Caananite deity to which also
humans were sacrificed. The Law of Moses specifically proscribes the Jews
doing this but, and this is not well known, only as far as their own people go.
It is perfectly in order, indeed at times commanded by Yahweh, to sacrifice
non-Israelite humans to Yahweh, precisely as to Moloch. Yahweh is therefore
indisputably the Jewish-Judaic-Israelite equivalent of Moloch.

Aaron was the older brother of Moses and the first high priest of Judaism.

A goy (plural: goyim) is Hebrew for "nation" or "people" but is
generally used to describe any non-Jew, whether individual or nation.
The Torah itself and rabbinic literature make it clear that goyim exist
only to be exploited or enslaved or eradicated as Judaism sees fit.


If we are not careful we will hear the voice:
"Enjoy your freedom of no real choice!
Every goy, thank YAHWEH and rejoice!"


The New World Order master plan
Accepted by The Vatican
For every family and clan
Woman, girl, boy and man:
Fingerprints and iris scan

Their hope is that no one can
Escape, for the coming ban
On freedom is to quickly span
The globe and no later than
One day after it began
You must sign up to be a fan
The reasons given deadpan
Typically American:

To defeat the Taliban
Bring peace to Afghanistan
Stabilise Pakistan
And to protect you from Iran

Not long ago the rumour ran
You must surrender your Quran


Subtle signals clumsily blipped
Show faith in the system has dipped
Evolving dreams ruptured and ripped
Budding hopes brutally nipped
Age-old bonds callously snipped
The nurturing nectar which freely dripped
No longer to be peacefully sipped
With privacy now all but stripped
Our wings of freedom further clipped
The switch to the future secretly tripped
The new reality soon to be shipped
So all can be properly equipped
The fine detail deliberately skipped
Public opinion massaged and whipped
Into a frenzy, imagination gripped
And though the ogres remain tight-lipped
At least one of them recently slipped
Maybe the one already tipped
To become high priest, and casually quipped
As soon as the current order is flipped
The chilling concept will be unzipped
Everybody to be micro-chipped


Civil liberties all but dead
Justice turned on its head
Trust and honesty both have shed
Their innocence and long since fled

The general public grossly misled
Subservient news networks spread
Lies and deceit without a shred
Of evidence then carefully fed
Day after day and eagerly read
A substitute for intellectual bread

Ignore all the trash and instead
Be very careful where you tread
With a pounding heart and feet of lead
Explore their minefields with dread
Find and follow the silver thread -

To a strange yet human biped
Now getting ready to behead
In one more orgy of bloodshed
Another nation like those bled
To death already, and deep in the red
Keeps killing blindly, forever wed
To destruction, may this purebred
Monster soon lie on its deathbed
The Great Satan - enough said?


New restrictions not repealed
The fate of freedom slowly sealed
By the evil ones who wield
Power right across the field

Flowing goodwill has congealed
Into hate, ill concealed
We have therefore all appealed
To The ONE, and now steeled
With faith prepared sword and shield
For providence might yet yield
Victory to those who kneeled
Not before the well-heeled
And not because some bells pealed
And not because some rat squealed
And not because the world reeled
After some tall buildings keeled
But because of words that healed
And if you keep your eyes peeled
All might soon be revealed


Predicted by the good and wise
Between sobs and heavy sighs
So coming as no big surprise
Their claims of building paradise
Just for YOU are lies all lies!

Look into the pair of eyes
See evil in a poor disguise
Doing its best to hypnotise
Progressively marginalise
And ultimately paralyse
Anyone who dares or tries
To expose some murky ties
As The New World Order vies
With The Great Satan for supplies
To a project reaching new highs
Their diabolical enterprise
Islamophobia is on the rise

Across the undefended skies
The Zionist killer eagle plies
Its hideous trade and slowly flies
In search of death, it never shies
Away from prey of any size
Its beak and talons now comprise
The best weapons money buys

Brave fighters and their spies
Get together to devise
Plans to seriously chastise
Or provide the swift demise
Of the Predators they despise
And soon, inshallah, the intruder fries
For every day somebody dies
Loved ones say the last goodbyes
As yet another mother cries
And more precious blood dries

Maybe futile to theorise
Yet many questions do arise
The world consistently denies
But any power which defies
All known rules and still decries
Criticism takes the prize
For ultra-arrogant replies

So we pointedly advise
No use here to compromise
We must disenfranchise
The aggressor and revise
The law NOW so it applies
To imams, bishops, rabbis
And their respective allies
And until everyone complies
We need as the above implies
A different kind of exercise...


If they continue to provoke
And fan the flames, the fire they stoke
Could well engulf the world in smoke
They might emerge, drop their cloak
Decree new laws which at a stroke
Will outlaw, terminate and choke
All human rights, and so invoke
Words of warning prophets spoke
Long before the world awoke
Laughed at then by common folk
Thinking it was just a joke
Surprised when the illusion broke
Helpless when forced to wear the yoke


Daily deeper into debt
Nothing of value left to offset
Repayments that will not be met
Our fragile world is so beset
With problems, many black as jet
The financial version of Russian roulette
Has no button marked Escape or Reset
Players have recently started to fret
Scrambling now for the exit in sweat
In Rothschild's casino, at the outset
Entry was free, now attendants vet
Everyone carefully and will not let
Anyone into the safety net
Unless they sign first, and you can bet
That while the expensive ink is still wet
The stewards strip them of every asset
Eagerly eye them up and whet
Axes and appetites as the next set
Of sacrificial lambs in duet
Bleat of chances missed with regret
Visibly and understandably upset
That tonight will be the sunset

Indeed we may have seen nothing yet
But ask you politely not to forget
That this is a promise and not a threat
Even if you cover your ears you will get
Our message from the nearest minaret


Anything but sincere
The soothing voices that we hear
Subliminally try to steer
Us down the middle so as not to veer

Abandon all that you hold dear
Without regrets or a single tear
For a better system will appear
One bound to improve year by year
Across the board in every sphere
Breaking the last known frontier
As man embarks on a new career
BUT in return you must revere
The New World Order's false Emir
Not even wearing the right headgear
Obey and submissively adhere
To a strict set of rules for the mere
Goyim, those of the lowest tier
Always lend an attentive ear
When demanded applaud and cheer
At other times dutifully jeer
As required praise or smear
Or instant punishment will be severe
For The Elders of Zion are now in charge here

That scenario is the nightmare fear
And no sane person would ever go near
Enough to even bring up the rear
Watch from a distance the austere
Procession carry the elaborate bier
With the corpse of freedom in a drear
And solemn united display of sheer
Defeatism, and if you peer
The signs are ominous and clear
Under the cheap and thin veneer
A monster with a dreadful sneer
Is about to pounce - so raise your spear
Whether traditional or nuclear


Nothing is what it may seem
The faintest little innocent gleam
Of justice extinguished without a scream
Snuffed out by a very strange beam
Created by the sons of Elohim

Variations on a secret theme
Implementing today the scheme
The closely guarded ancient dream
For the ogres of the terror team
Wish to rule and reign supreme
By installing a cruel world regime
Its goal to control the mere goyim

The Third Temple will blaspheme
All that decent people deem
Good and honest, with a steady stream
Of bloody sacrifice to redeem
The sins of the Jews in the esteem
Of YAHWEH, the ultra-extreme


Countless mesmerised foul ghouls
Hallucinate on Zionide capsules
Emerge from sponsored cesspools
The deranged foreman religiously fuels
The raging furnace which never cools
As the insatiable monster drools
Sneers and howls and growls and mewls
Inspects fresh children snatched from schools
Then addresses the adoring fools
All using babies as footstools
Attending priests prepare the tools
While from scrolls mounted on spools
Turned by blind two-legged mules
The high priest proclaims the verbal jewels
MOLOCH not only lives but rules


They will claim the state knows best
The citizen's true interest
So will forcibly suggest
Activities to infest
Your soul with all that we detest
So join the club welcome guest
The scene is set for some unrest
Come outside, fill your chest
Shout some words of loud protest
In anger please and not in jest
Show them our zeal and zest
And if they dare to molest
Anyone in our quest
To educate the Christian West
We have another kind of test
And will show them we can wrest
Power from that viper's nest
Of bloated bankers who invest
Stolen goods so they congest
Systems unable to digest

Those now well past their crest
Hiding devils in their breast
Will suffer cardiac arrest
As the subsequent inquest
Will convincingly attest
Free the world from this pest
Blacklist, boycott and divest

Turning down their request
To conform, we will contest
Every rash claim of conquest
Time will surely do the rest
They will know then who is blest


At the start of century twentyone
The so-called "defining battle" begun
By the Zionist lackeys in Washington
Is probably neither lost nor won
Assuming it has not already gone
Too far their way we might yet stun
The Beast long enough for us to run
For reinforcements and a bigger gun
Say around twentyfive megaton
Whatever happens, we shall carry on
Shaping the world so it will shun
Their moronic slogan: "Enjoy, have fun!"
Which they are forcing on everyone
In the sacred names of Father and Son
And Holy Ghost, on behalf of Zion

Their justifications a web of homespun
Lies and deceit, while facts there are none
There is nothing new under the Sun
But if we all say NO it can not be done!


We know the pessimistic view
Escape routes may be very few
Should you find one, join the queue
Do not give up, follow too
Resist is all that we can do
Object, inform and argue
Until your face is dark blue

This may be bad news for you
Little we are told is true

Listen to an old guru:
"Should you wish to pursue
Zion's Elders, learn Hebrew"

Everybody now give due
Respect to the brave who drew
A deep honest breath and blew
The whistle on the secret crew
The hidden evil masters who
As ever still try to woo
Us all away from virtue
Impose a total curfew
On every decent value

The underlying issue
The one to test your IQ
And if you fail it you will rue
For consequences will accrue
Their only goal is to subdue
Too late then to flee or sue

The subject more or less taboo
But many things we may construe
To be sure signs that The New
World Order
evolved and grew
From an ancient Jew or two
But say it and the instant hue
And cry rising on perfect cue
Only confirms what many knew

Namely that those who arrived and threw
Straining every known sinew
The first stones and then withdrew
Cowardly from the venue
Hoping chaos would ensue
Had covered their tribal tattoo
With Stars and Stripes held with glue
Some carelessly fixed askew
While others broke off in the wind and flew
And so provided the breakthrough
To what really does imbue
Islamophobia, the vital clue
That binds the project like horrible goo:
The Star of David - now boooooooooooo!

Having selected their own menu
Bitten off more than they can chew
We will serve them our special brew
And a very different kind of stew
Guaranteed to make them spew...

The chief justice in the zoo
Has abandoned the full review
And motionless like a statue
Clings to his broken pew
Noble treaties lie where he strew
Now covered in mildew
Exposed to the heavy shoe
Of Zionist and orthodox Jew
But not too late to rescue


Midnight or daybreak
Remain always wide awake
For most of what we see is fake
Watch the fine lacquer break
Peeling off flake by flake

Slow on the uptake
Some blame a headache
Avoid the fatal mistake
Not every friendly handshake
An opportunity to make
A fortune, so pull the brake

Listen Brothers do take
This advice or you might quake
In your boots and soon forsake
Your promise to a certain sheik
That come what may we will retake
Palestine and then we bake
The biggest ever freedom cake
To celebrate the jailbreak

The future still looks opaque
And far too much remains at stake

We warn you all: for Heaven's sake
Right across our common lake
Beware of the toxic wake
Left by The New World Order Snake


Their plan is simple: infiltrate
Every forum and all matters of state
In powerful nations, associate
With organisations to formulate
A bland consensus to generate
A mood to gradually debilitate
And eventually culminate
In a willingness to abdicate
Responsibilities, and so vacate
Power for them to confiscate

Trying to sound moderate
They expertly impersonate
Causes they know will resonate
Then soon begin to manipulate
And well and truly obfuscate
Perverting meaningful public debate
Always pretending to integrate
But of course their real friend is not your mate
And their master a faceless initiate

Never afraid to intimidate
Those that resist they incarcerate
Some they probably re-educate
Others they decide to liquidate
As circumstances necessitate
But life is cheap, at any rate
Drive forward the project to create
An invisible government of greed and hate
An invincible power which will frustrate
Every attempt to eliminate
Its influence, so will patiently wait
Until the time it can simply dictate
Terms and conditions, and freely operate

Should serious objections start to pulsate
They will pull back a little and hesitate
But only long enough to placate
First offering sweets and chocolate as bait
Should that not work then the ultimate
Money, gold, jewels on a silver plate
Have never yet once failed to sedate
High principles that would illuminate
Noble qualities that would motivate
All that will soon evaporate
Resulting in another submissive primate

They befriend and brainwash every magnate
And sure enough he soon signs the mandate
To rob him slowly of his own estate
And finally when they remove the nameplate
Tell him it is now time to relocate

Their special teams investigate
Anyone showing a suspicious trait
Such as the willingness to prostrate
Five times a day, or those who donate
To many good causes which negate
At least up to a point, the weight
Of the yoke placed by their magistrate
Upon the weak and poor substrate

Revealing themselves some future date
To announce, declare and promulgate
The new law which will abrogate
All rights at once, and reverberate
Across the world as they cremate
With great satisfaction on the glowing grate
Of MOLOCHs altar the collective fate
Of the mere goyim - far too late
To protest then or retaliate
For nothing could ever dissipate
The heat and so resuscitate
Us physically to reinstate
Our souls to continue to vibrate
In healthy bodies with a purposeful gait

As The Elders of Zion celebrate
With enough Hallelujahs to intoxicate
While kissing Aarons breastplate
No-one will appear to elucidate
No questions, no answers, nothing to narrate
A few words in Hebrew carved on a slate
Whether original or recent update
In truth there is no need to translate
For as ever the goal is to dominate

Historians may speculate
But by any reasonable estimate
They never went away to hibernate
The modern Elders of Zion equate
To The Axis of EVIL for they mutate
Behind the scenes to co-ordinate
The project of the times in their innate
Quest to destroy and depopulate
And, YAHWEH willing, terminate
The rule of the goyim, hence the spate
Of efforts to scheme and calculate
Their focus always to aggravate
Any small problem to make it inflate
Enough to eventually detonate
And while we try to illustrate
The Pyromaniacs empty their crate

Brothers and Sisters, to tell it straight
Their project today makes them salivate
Islamophobia is an ornate
And colossal fraud to infuriate
Choreographed to implicate
Islam and Muslims, to inculcate
Intolerance and hate, and to fixate
The world's gaze while they instigate
More of the same to complicate
Or if at all possible annihilate
Any dialogue to accommodate
All of which we repudiate
And refuse to facilitate

And no civilised world would tolerate

What we must never underrate
Should the old system disintegrate
The New World Order would consolidate
Massive gains would accumulate
Through divide and rule and isolate
Resistance would have to assimilate
For they would stifle and suffocate
Or brutally eradicate
But would not for a moment commiserate

Before Zion slams the gate
And starts to desecrate, segregate
Castigate, subjugate, humiliate
Lacerate, mutilate, decapitate -

We MUST unite and affiliate
Elucidate, articulate
Emulate, mitigate
Recreate, rehabilitate
And change the world so we can relate
But we will NEVER capitulate
Allahu Akbar - God is great


If we are not careful we will hear the voice:
"Enjoy your freedom of no real choice!
Every goy, thank YAHWEH and rejoice!"


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

excellent !

wassila Temani.

Anonymous said...

In Aramayic, the original language of Christ, Jesus called God "Alayho"

Moses in Hebrew called God "Elih"

Muhammad in Arabic called God "Allah"

Allah is the God of Abraham, our Creator, our Resurrector.

Allah is the Arabic name for God as in the Christian Arabic Bible, verses (Genesis 1:1 , John 3:16 , Luke 1:30 , Luke 3:38 , Matthew 19:17 .....) , the name "Allah" is used to mean God.

Wassila TEMANI

Anonymous said...

I am not asking you to switch Gods , I am asking you to know our God more , Love our God more , Respect our God more .

Wassila Temani

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