18 January 2010


- a message to all Christians

Written mid January 2010 - (133 lines)


You folks focus on your chosen man
Repeat the hocus-pocus preached by the clan
As you have done ever since it all began
Most of it directed from the Vatican

You limit yourselves in what you can do
For in your narrow angle of view
All you can see is you-know-who
That ancient radical extremist Jew
As you hope and pray that in the not too
Distant future he will be due
To drop in again to make a few
More prophesies miraculously come true -
Now have your eyes tested every one of you

Parallax error is the technical term
But could also fairly be described as the worm
In the apple of your eye that will wriggle and squirm
So its presence is very easy to confirm

But mention correction and you do not wish to know
Or think the optician is the proper place to go
Yet truth will out and in time will surely show
It is capable of dealing a mighty blow
To those of you who, searching high and low
For answers in holy books, row after row
Still carry on as before and, doing so
Those well-documented suspicions grow
That you cannot distinguish between friend and foe

Are you sitting comfortably? And can you see all
The letters in the writing on the wall?
The large, the medium and the very small?
And afterwards can you maybe recall
The entire sequence and manage to scrawl
It down without letting the fat worm crawl
Out of your now nearly empty eyeball?

If you cover one eye, you might see straight
It will not take long, so patiently wait
And use the time sensibly to contemplate
The course of events that led to the state
You are in today, consider your fate
But the Good News is: it is never too late

Now if you cover both, you might go to sleep
So whatever you do, always keep
One eye uncovered for the occasional peep
And the learning curve should not be too steep
But ignore this advice and soon you may be deep
In trouble and stumble and collapse in a heap
Leaving you there in the dark to weep
Like an irretrievably lost little sheep

Try not to blink as we swiftly compile
The test results and create your profile
One moment please, and meanwhile
Do have a look around, walk the extra mile
To find a pair of glasses to truly beguile
Everyone you meet with your Christian smile
Or try contact lenses if glasses cramp your style -
Nothing that you like at all? Consider exile...

We are assuming that you really want to see
The world as it is and was meant to be
For surely that is the all-important key
And if upon reflection you do agree
You will not object to the reasonable fee
For by any definition your world view is not free
From distortions, aberrations, and strange imagery
Not just seeing double, you CROSS-eyed claim that He
God-Allah-Creator, is not one or two but three!
That is indisputably the highest degree
Of blasphemy, idolatry, apostasy
And we politely advice you to flee -
There is light at the end of the tunnel, follow me

In your case it is probably all in the mind
Dreaming up phantoms of every kind
Such as, incredibly, the Almighty confined
To a human body, for a time assigned
To menial tasks as later defined
By scribes who most likely themselves designed
The entire project and then quickly resigned

For you who decided to follow behind
It leaves your souls in a serious bind
For a worse predicament is difficult to find
Maybe not quite a case of blind leading blind
But something here is badly misaligned
And easy solutions cannot be divined

With ONEness and Creator inextricably entwined
The CROSS-eyed case is fatally undermined

And just for the avoidance of doubt we remind
You all that no Muslim will ever feel inclined
To believe the same as you: offer declined

Should your vision remain hazy and blurred
Despite the considerable expenses incurred
Are you sure that no nagging doubts ever stirred
Maybe deep inside your soul preferred
The whole truth instead of one miserable third
Chances are high that you either misheard
Or what you took for Gospel was some absurd
Corrupted version of the original Word

Everything in its proper time and place
Prepare today for a major disgrace
That will blow counter-arguments into space
So keep your New Testament handy just in case
If it has not already disappeared without trace
And if so, abandon any futile chase
For the answer is staring you CROSS-eyed in the face:
Let go of that fairytale bitter-sweet embrace

There is no evidence that he was Crucified
We do not even know if he really died
Or for that matter if the person who was tried
And condemned was ever properly identified

Throughout history some people have lied
And, honest to Allah, it cannot be denied
That in truth nothing here has been verified
In ways where the most stringent standards were applied

Yet Jesus is idolised and deified
Much has been predicted and prophesied
Rivers and oceans of tears have been cried
As his followers remain to this day CROSS-eyed

Of course it is possible to restore your sight
Indeed it can be done without any big fight
And we Muslims herewith cordially invite
Unfortunate CROSS-eyed Christians to recite
From dawn to dusk and sometimes through the night
Verses of the noble Quran in the light -

Of the beautiful ascending crescent moon
Recite, and your night vision will seem like noon
For in truth nobody is naturally immune
From the message of Allah, so if you tune
Your spiritual self to the cosmic commune
In time you will emerge from your homespun cocoon
Like a bright butterfly sipping nectar in June
Forgetting in the process the whole triune-
Triad-trio-troika nonsense as the harpoon
Of reason rips the over-inflated balloon
Of Christianity held by every CROSS-eyed loon
(We resisted the temptation to use the word baboon) -
May your eyesight be corrected and, inshallah, SOON...


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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