19 January 2010

Powered by Allah

- who else?

Written mid January 2010 - (51 lines)


Why is it so difficult to see
That all there was, is, and will be
From the first moment of reality
To the very end of eternity -

From the beginning of time and space
When everything started to fall into place
In the right sequence and proper pace
Leading all the way to the human race -

Is ENERGY, though people use
Any fancy names they choose
Some to help and some to confuse
While others confidently muse -

Listening to the insistent call
Reading the signs however small
That the driving force behind it all
Will never cease or slow or stall -

As every tiny atom vibrates
And every huge galaxy rotates
Nothing ever hesitates
Everything constantly fluctuates
Heaves and breathes and oscillates
As all of existence meditates
And every newborn moment creates
Fresh evidence that radiates
The truth that every particle states
And even cold clinical logic dictates
That ultimately it all equates -

To one and the very same thing
Yet obstinate minds refuse to sing
The cosmic song which alone will bring
Harmony, so they still cling
Tenaciously to the broken sling
Outdated now and unable to fling
Arguments with any real sting
While the invisible hand of the king
Patiently winds the mighty spring
That keeps the pendulum in swing

For the ruler of the universe
Will continue to disburse
From a mysterious bottomless purse
Here a blessing and there a curse
But all of creation must rehearse
And learn by heart the sacred verse

Whatever yet may be in store
Something to cherish and adore
Something to eagerly explore
Something to fear, dread and abhor
Laughter, sorrow, peace and war
The truth that nobody can ignore:
All will be, just like before
Powered by Allah for ever more


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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