22 August 2010

Fair or Foul

- as opposed to: Fair and Foul, or: Fail and Four

Written mid August 2010 - (142 lines)


Fair is fair and foul is foul
The two just do not mix
And no sweet smile or angry scowl
Nor any dirty tricks -

Will make the slightest difference
To well-established facts
Yet cynical belligerence
To see how the world reacts -

Tempts us to believe that they
Are interchangeable
Beware of what those traitors say
For they work for Israel!

Foul is really fair, they boast
And fair is foul, they claim
When everyone on earth (almost)
Know they are not the same

Should we resist or outright refuse
To believe the nonsense heard
One method they are known to use
Is twisting every word:

"Who said fair or foul? No-one!
You need a hearing test!
And the moment that is done
We will explain the rest

For we know what is best for such
Obstinate little fools
Who think they already know too much
But we re-write the rules -

To our profit and benefit
Maybe not surprisingly
But few ever get word of it
For we like secrecy

So we apply ourselves to the task
While you all eat and sleep
You will soon do whatever we ask
Too late then to weep

The brave that do the simple sums
Soon work out the score
That two plus two as ever comes
To precisely four

Or so they claim but show us how
For we will never agree
Two plus two we tell you now
Is either five or three

See! We leave the choice to you!
But not because we are kind
We know exactly what to do
To influence your mind

We patiently manipulate
Those who resist our plot
And little by little indoctrinate
You unsuspecting lot

And we will make you serve and crawl
In word as well as deed
For we have ways to make you all
Succumb to our creed

Fair or foul, you still insist
You obviously cannot tell
Freedom fighter from terrorist
Worse, you cannot spell

We re-educate you at no cost
So accept our wonder cure
There is hope in sight, all is not lost
And then you will be sure

All is NOT what it appears
And the sounds your brain before
Interpreted through your ears
Were in truth: FAIL or FOUR

You see, you are not infallible
But help is now at hand
We make the unintelligible
Easy to understand

So come to your senses, give up the fight
Abandon old ways and turn
Practice now and get it right
You are never too old to learn

The precious time that you invest
To get there in the end
Is better spent than all the rest
So trust your Zionist friend

As this is not speak-clearly-week
Do not let any vowel
Cause problems for your tongue or cheek
Do feel free to growl

Should any consonant be hard
To pronounce, so what
That will in no way retard
The potential you have got

Now repeat slowly, day after day
Fair is foul, foul fair
What everybody else may say
Is neither here nor there

And once you get the hang of it
We have a job for you
Another useful idiot
Will soon find things to do"

Do we decline or do we accept?
That is of course up to you
But some of us will always reject
What we know not to be true:

Black is not the same as white
Though some see both as grey
Wrong will never equal right
Come whatever may

For fair is fair and foul is foul
If you do not like it, tough
Feel free to shout and rant and howl
While we just smile - fair enough?

Foul is foul and fair is fair
They will never make a pair
There is nothing that they share
Take one moment to compare
And, like us, you will declare
Fair is joy and foul despair
Anyone with time to spare
Should take that message everywhere
Many ask why they should care
Abysmal ignorance laid bare
Apathy continues to stare
Directly at an exceedingly rare
Opportunity tempting you to dare
But the vacant eye sees nothing there
So instead of tripping the waiting snare
Or grabbing the last chance by the hair
Lets it dissolve into thin air
Later on to blame the glare
Of day which briefly did impair
The sight, I was not asleep, I swear
And I do promise to learn from this scare...

The message of this whole affair:
If our collective welfare
Means anything to you then tear
Yourself away from the cosy chair
Interrupt the constant blare
The never-ending fanfare
Transmitted with great skill and flair
To first convince you a circle is square
And then drag you into a nightmare
To fight the dragon in its lair

Some free advice: you should repair
Replace or update your software
NOW, and above all else - BEWARE!


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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