23 August 2010

Go to Hell

- general advice to most Western "leaders"

Written mid August 2010 - (107 lines)


Go to Hell, you are on the way
When you get there, may you stay
For ever and one extra day
No matter what you do or say
Or how fervently you pray

Pious Christians! What a sick joke!
As Lucifer gives the order to stoke
The fire with an endless supply of coke
Too late for any of you to invoke
The Creator you recklessly chose to provoke
When the beast inside you stirred and woke
May you all soon be about to choke
Your slick eloquence reduced to a croak
Embraced by the sticky clinging cloak
Of stinking suffocating smoke
May you receive a stinging stroke
For every election promise you broke
Plus two more for every lie you spoke
May your past weigh you down like a heavy yoke
As fallen angels frequently poke
And push you with sharp sticks as they soak
You in pits of sulphur, you evil folk

No use now your former boast
Or friendly advice received in the post
Plead in vain with the Holy Ghost
And every angel of the heavenly host
May you not only be warm as toast
But every single second roast
Of all those in Hell may YOU suffer most


There goes the bell
For each infidel
Who chose to sell
High principle
And soul as well
To Israel -
How far you all fell!

Now off to Hell
Time will tell
Is it just for a spell
Or will you dwell
In the crucible
No protective shell
To shield any cell
From heat and smell
While you all yell:
"How horrible!
Right until
Time stands still -

You reached the sill
With effort and skill
Now all is downhill
You ordered to spill
More blood and to kill
Without feeling ill
Some say no pill
Can match that thrill
And anyone still
Believing the grill
Is avoidable
Will be met with a shrill
Howl to dispel
Such nonsense - farewell
For your chances are nil
And the usual drill
Alone will fulfill
And settle the bill

So go to Hell, you went astray
You have enormous amounts to pay
You cannot stay longer here on earth
You will soon regret all, even your birth!

You worked for this so go right ahead
The rewards are prepared for all the dread
And terror you so eagerly spread
Think of the millions you could have fed
But, slaves of Zion, you killed instead
Men, women, children, babies in bed
Will we ever know the number of dead...

You have no excuse for well you knew
Right from wrong, so may you rue
All that you did and wanted to do
Forget about chances you had but blew
Go on, your wages are counted and due
Plus of course interest that did accrue
Go on, take your place in the queue
Go on, redeem now the ticket you drew
Was it seven, forty or seventytwo?
Go on, and take all your friends with you, too
Go on, Satan is leading his true
Followers, his chosen crew
The procession comprises all but a few
And whilst writing this the numbers grew
Now take your last look at the blue
Sky as the gates come into view
In a moment you will be passing through
No use calling on you-know-who
The selected-rejected legendary Jew
Who wants you to share a Satanic brew
(How is that for a subtle clue)
You invited yourselves and chose the venue
The Last Supper is the Devil's menu
Hell is hungry for all of YOU!


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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