20 August 2010

Invitation to Islam

- search and you shall find

Written mid August 2010 - (40 lines)


May these lines generate interest
In those who have maybe tried the rest
Without success, welcome guest
Better late than never, now try the best:

The original, natural, direct way
To live and love and work and play
Show gratitude, praise and pray
And grow in humility every day

Ignore Islamophobes for their attack
And hateful arguments quickly crack
Few converts if any ever turn back
For ISLAM has what the others lack

Look: no illogical theory
No cannibalistic liturgy
No complicated hierarchy
No unrealistic celibacy

No middle man that you must call
And if you do not get on, you stall
Should you reject him outright, you fall -
NO, just Creator and you, that is all

It does not matter where you have been
But only that you are sincere and keen
We would love to welcome you to the Deen
The purest faith the world has seen

Should curiosity make you draw near
The message that you are going to hear
Is profound and intense, simple and clear
No wonder so many join every year

Like all good things it should be shared
But if you are interested, be prepared
For like a wise man once declared:
ISLAM gets better still when compared

And the very best things grow from within
That you waited so long is not a sin
But with nothing to lose and so much to win
Now is a good time to begin

So do yourself a favour today
Disregard what others say
Be open-minded and you may
Well find that ISLAM is the way


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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