20 January 2010


- or ONEness in Arabic, is the essence of Islam

Written mid January 2010 - (55 lines)


In the Arabic alphabet each letter also has a numerical value.
Tawheed is derived from the word wahid (=one) which is made
up of the 4 letters wav + alif + he + de whose matching
numerical values are 6 + 1 + 8 + 4 = 19 and, as was
proven in the 1970s, the entire Quran is constructed
as a matrix which revolves around the number 19.

For more on this visit www.quranmiracles.com

Tawheed is also the name of the 112th surah in the Quran,
alternatively known as al-Ikhlas, which means purity or
sincerity (of faith), that is, absolute monotheism.


The word wahid itself means ONE
But something very clever was done
For each letter of the Arabic script
Has very thoughtfully been equipped
With a numerical value as well
So words have more than one story to tell

Look at it right and it will be seen
That wahid means ONE but also nineteen:
In Arabic wahid is a four letter word
So simply add the figures inferred
Six plus one plus eight plus four
Nineteen is the final score
Open the link to find out more
Or miss what is written above the door...

Tawheed means ONEness and that is the heart
Of Islam, and unless we start
And stick to the track marked on the chart
The hopeful journey will soon fall apart

Tawheed means ONEness and that is the soul
Of Islam, its overriding role
And very essence is to extol
The ONE Creator in control

Tawheed means ONEness and that is the way
It always was and how it will stay
Creator and created, each day
In subtle harmonious interplay
Glorify, give thanks and pray
Or meditate if nothing to say
ONEness will never betray or decay
And could not possibly lead you astray
So seek the bewildering array
Of gifts without any further delay

Tawheed means ONEness, and proofread
By the ONE who knows, it points ahead
As the rightly guided have always said
Right from Azzam [Adam] to Muhammad
So welcome the happily misled
Who slept so long but awoke in dread
On hearing the message being spread
For leading from the front we tread
The straight path, the silver thread
Which leads us, inshallah, without bloodshed
To victory now, and again when dead

Tawheed means ONEness and it unifies
All that the skeptic still denies
It overarches and underlies
Spells out clearly or implies
In almost every chapter and verse
However condensed, brief and terse
Through the pages of the Quran
The message for every woman and man

So pass the eternal good news on
With none of the vitality gone
Like a never-ending sermon:
God is not many but wahid - ONE


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