1 September 2010

The Pyromaniacs

- the activists from Zion Central Command

Written late August 2010
- (428 lines)


The experts in false flag terror attacks
We stab our very best friends in their backs
Then spare no effort to cover all tracks

Our reason for being is to incite
Manipulate things until they ignite
That is to us the most wonderful sight
For we take a truly perverse delight
In setting the world around us alight!

Playing with fire, deep down we know
This is the most glorious show
That beautiful incandescent glow
Of flames leaping high and low
Reducing all that not long ago
Was peaceful existence to utter chaos
Devouring all they come across
Leaving just ashes, a total loss
Sacrificed to YAHWEH by us
We describe it now without any gloss:
The very definition of a HOLOCAUST -
We will show you who is the Boss!As YAHWEH in his infinite might
Commanded our prophet Moses the Levite
Obeyed ever since by every Israelite
More than three thousand years we recite:
Always keep the goal in sight!To conquer the world but not by storm
And to keep the weapon-smithy warm
Most of the actions we perform
Are carefully designed NOT to conform
So are far beyond any civilised norm!

As we said, not by storm but stealth
And we want more than just your wealth
We are detrimental to your health
You are just moronic scum and filth!And as for mere morals, well
As any informed person can tell
That is a word we cannot even spell
But why should we bother about principle?
If you dare to criticise Israel
We are ready to open the gates of Hell!

We do our utmost to remain discreet
So you will not see us in the street
Nor hear a sound from our busy feet
As we plan many steps to your defeat
Quality control assures that they meet
Our motto: "You shall do war with deceit"Why the Creator chose to infest
The world with such an intolerable pest
We do not know - but he did, and the rest
Is history for we passed every test
And we all should do what we do best
So listen every fool who thinks we jest:

Our latest induced hysteria
Has spread right across America
Through Europe and much of Asia
We are working still on Africa:

*We pull the strings behind the scenes
It is in our blood and in our genes
But most are too stupid to know what it means
So nobody ever intervenes
To stop our hidden strange machines -
Should we hear of someone who carefully gleans
Clues with intent to spilling the beans
With cloned passports and foreign trips
Cold smiles and lying lips
Plus a bribe here and there, we soon get to grips
With the job in hand as our fingertips
Squeeze the trigger on the silenced gun
Or do whatever has to be done
To remove another non-compliant one -
The job really is second to none
A professional killer's life in the sun
Is not only a duty but also great fun

And to tell the truth we cannot wait
To hear of the next assignment date
For the chance once more to demonstrate
That we know how to liquidate
Brutally assassinate
Anyone deemed a threat to the state
Of Israel, the cradle of hate

Extra-judicial killings, so what?
Unlawful executions, we plot
Premeditated murders, you spot
The difference if you have got
The time and inclination, we swat
Anyone in our way, the lot -
The world may care but WE do not!We have an amazing capacity
And every new atrocity
Be it a killing or a special blast
We meticulously plan and cast
In our ancient secret mould
Perfected now and that makes us bold
So projects earlier put on hold
Are dusted off, re-packaged and rolled
Out to meet the world head-on
We always aim to make the next one
More callous and brazen than the last
For we know you do not learn from the past
Your options are disappearing fast!

We give you neither peace nor rest
Borrow more money, be our guest
To be bankrupted slowly with Interest
Never forget, your banker knows best

Follow his quarterly report
Diligently and it will sort
Out any problems you thought you had
You know, it really is not that bad

So fools willingly walk the plank
And drown in the bitter solution they drank
While we just laugh all the way to the bank
Another successful evil prank

Proud and free nations do as told
And, hallelujah, lo and behold
One by one they despair and fold
Worthless paper exchanged for their gold
Now in our vaults, tightly controlled
Your future and your children sold
Into slavery - but that leaves us cold

For in plain language we told you so
More than two thousand years ago
Should anybody still be in any doubt
And brave enough to wish to find out
The truly terrible way it is
Read about Joseph in Genesis
The benchmark we always aspire to
And though there remains some work to do
We are determined to get there soon
Before the graceful Crescent Moon
Of ISLAM becomes too full and bright
We will engage it in a fight
And will do anything to try
To blow it out of the midnight sky
Before it grows and rises too high
For only WE have wings and can fly!


We thank our lucky David's Star
Each time we confirm how stupid you are
Intrigued by just how deep it runs
For WE are the superior Chosen Ones

Even our enemies must commend
Our use of such a shrewd blend
Of threats and bribes that the free must bend
To our will, and to prove it we send
One president after another to defend
The indefensible and to pretend
That Israel is the very best friend
Of America - this wonderful trend
We will never amend nor suspend!
Ha! Does nobody comprehend?
We will conquer you all in the end!Little by little our influence will grow
Progress will sometimes be too slow
For the deadlines set by the Elders although
We do our best and the project will go
On as decreed, adjusting the flow
Of disinformation to manage the show
For we never lose that diabolical glow
Nor the absolute will to succeed, and so
Suddenly, before you know
We will deliver the final blow!To the casual observer all is well
For The Snake of Zion is invisible
But universally adaptable
In its worldwide service to Israel
It assumes many different shapes
To ensure it always not only escapes
Attention, but remains unseen
That is the way it has always been -
Sometimes it is simply itself: a snake
Strangling a world unable to make
Out what it is or what steps to take
In order once and for all to shake
It off, and sometimes, we confirm
It is just a horrible little worm
Frequently it appears as a leech
Looking for novel ways to breach
Your best defences in order to reach
New heights of profits extracted from each

You may protest, plead and beseech
And waste your breath on reasoned speech
But there is nothing mere mortals can teach
The Masters of the universe
We aim to transfer the heavy curse
Imposed on us mistakenly
By the Creator for allegedly
Committing too many unforgivable sins
To YOU - before anyone begins
To argue with logic, do not waste your time
For to us the truth is a capital crime!The New World Order shall reign supreme
For as we further plan and scheme
We, the ultimate terror team
Are out to fulfill our ancient dream
To do what we want with the mere goyim!And we shall fool you at any rate
The Masters shall rule and decide your fate
Exploit, enslave, or eradicate
As WE see fit so shall we dictate!Hyper-sensitive to light
We work mainly through the night
Slowly making conditions right
To take you over without a fight!From host to hostage, the pitiful sight
Of a superpower that surrenders its might
To the most successful parasite
Yet known, ha! your miserable plight
Brings howls of derision and delight
From the Elders of Zion, while the bright
Stars of David and Solomon
Shine more intensely than the Sun
Pointing the way that must be gone
To make doubly sure our job is done
Making slaves of everyone!

For WE know what is good for you
What you must think and say and do
Performing animals in our zoo
You only exist to serve the Jew!We welcome the simple cruel fact
That with nothing important left intact
Still you carry your load without fuss
Without realising you now work for us
Or at least without anyone daring to say
Or admit it in public in any way
Steering clear of official scrutiny
To avoid any risk of mutiny

Give up your pathetic futile fight
Repeat after us: WE are always right
And the rest of humanity is always wrong -
Our signature tune and national song
We will force you all to sing along!

Our agents are always out to explore
Possibilities that others ignore
We finance both sides and then we roar
With laughter as we follow the score
Behind the fire- and bomb-proof door
With provisions secure below the floor
We greet the ghastly scenes of gore
Destruction and death that you cannot restore
With howls of glee - in truth we stand for
All that civilised people deplore
We have told you much but this is the core:
You will fight our next proxy war
Far from your native land and shore
As you have done many times before
But we tell you now that WE WANT MORE!Even a superpower must learn
That we will spend what you now earn
Ha! As the troubled waters churn
You will watch your last bridge burn
As the leaking lifeboat sinks astern!
Many of you will lament and yearn
For the good old days somehow to return
But they never will, as the wise discern
But that is of course none of our concern

Our experts, with clinical gaze
Constantly refine the Propaganda haze
Required to keep you all in a daze
As you stumble further into the maze
Where neither logic nor reason sways
And every step you take conveys
Confusion which little by little plays
Into the claws of The Monster which preys
On humans, which it ritually slays
And cuts into pieces before it lays
Them on YAHWEHs altar where it all decays
In glorious fire and smoke, as it says:
"As a sweet-smelling sacrifice" (to use a phrase
From the Law of Moses that still does raise
Objections according to recent surveys)
In the fervent hope that it outweighs
And so has the power to erase
The sins of the Jew who sincerely prays
Or, failing that, earns the Lord's praise

Always true to the one who pays
We are the ultimate whore who betrays
All that is good and fair ALWAYS
And when, after far too many delays
As time approaches the End of Days
Our project enters the crowning phase
We will show you all that we have ways
To set the entire world ablaze!Even as we tie your last sacred cow
Securely to the yoke of our plough
Not the expected all-out row
Just here and there a raised eyebrow
The day is coming when you all will bow
Down before us and make the vow
Of total obedience that will allow
Us to finally tell the world just how
Much we can get away with now!

We are not in the business to impress
Our aim is your subjugation, no less
When at last you succumb to the constant stress
We will cackle and YAHWEH will bless
Hallelujah! We claim yet another success!When young soldiers of so-called allies
Are killed and maimed and swatted like flies
Or yet another innocent bystander dies
It is all reported by our spies
A fact which Central Command denies
For why tell the truth when outrageous lies
Are hailed as Gospel as the world complies
With every ridiculous demand
Submissively, as our unseen hand
Sensed by the few who understand
What is happening not only in the Holy Land
Leads it by the nose like a dancing bear
Now sit, now jump, run here and there
To its own destruction, coming soon, we swear
We tell you now: we do not care!Like a poisonous spider we busily weave
Our world-wide-web of make-believe
Here a new victim to retrieve
There some happy news to receive
Born to lie, betray and deceive
We will make humanity grieve!

Careful to leave no visible trace
Any obstacles that we face
Are circumvented at remarkable pace
As we advance to a suitable place
On the way to YOU, so watch this space
For we have prepared your fall from grace!Everything we do is done
So cleverly that hopefully none
Will ever be smart enough to catch
Us in the act and secretly snatch
A photo of someone with a match
And a can of petrol to dispatch
In an explosive exclusive batch
To the mass media with the intent
That the material urgently sent
Could or should be used or was meant
To expose us to the world - repent!
But, in the most unlikely event
That it should happen, it would not dent
The name we worked so long to cement
For we have invested and thoughtfully spent
And today control more than ninety percent
Of the world's media so feel content
That any news chief would soon relent
When reminded of stories that we could invent...

Our time-honoured trade mark
The Star of David, so simple and stark
Is it carved on the inside of the lid of the Ark
Of the Covenant? Our noble Monarch
Has decreed that you all must be kept in the dark
Until we provide the fatal spark!Then: "Let there be light!" - and light there shall be
But not due to YAHWEH, no, because we
Have seen and seized the opportunity
To reign and rule for eternity
So we carefully fan the spreading flames
With dirty tricks and cunning games
The wise and good may guess our aims
But nobody dares to mention names
If anyone does, our clever claims
And lies soon exposes and shames
Into silence any lonely voice
Of dissent, so you have no choice
But to shout: "Hallelujah!" and rejoice!

We are in this for the very long haul
And one day soon shall enlighten you all
Including followers of Peter and Paul
When the last resistance is about to fall
The brave are brought to a standstill or crawl
When we know the goyim are weak and small
THEN, bold enough, we shall issue the call
Summon the world from the defensive wall
Of our fortress, standing proud and tall
Trap you inside and to show our true gall
Lead you in single file into the hall
First to be questioned at the registry stall
Then issued with a number, chain and ball
Everybody now a compliant thrall!We tell you now with undisguised glee
We do not care if you agree
Or not, that is your problem, you see
According to our eternal decree
You were never meant to be free
The whole world must go down on its knee
And when WE rule where will you flee
From the Masters of calamity?

As long ago meticulously planned
And signed by Zionist Central Command
One thing you all must understand
We will keep in our hand
Jerusalem and the Holy Land
Whatever you do, whatever the cost
Accept that both are forever lost!Lovers of the Dome of the Rock
And the Masjid al-Aqsa, prepare for a shock
For we will raze them both to the ground
And no trace of either shall ever be found
Instead on the Temple Mount, surprise
A new magnificent building will rise
The finest of them all, the third
Fulfilling the promise of YAHWEHs WORD
And we shall rule the world from there
You lowly goyim, submit and despair!* Instructed to always
remain mobile
Now we must hurry, it is time to file
The encrypted report in the usual style
Describing in lurid detail the vile
Acts we committed today with a smile
And how we again went the extra mile
For the Elders of Zion, who meanwhile
Are busy at headquarters as they compile
And log daily progress against the profile
Drawn up in ancient times to beguile
And subjugate every goy and gentile -
We would love to stay until old and senile
But we really must go or we face exile...


Wake up world from your troubled dream
For nothing is what it may seem
Not yet too late to foil the scheme
Of evil Zion to enslave the goyim
But only if we work as a team
And NOW go right ahead full steam

We must use our collective clout
To face The Snake of Zion and rout
It from its lair, grab it by the snout
Drag it off to face the devout
Whether its supporters plead or shout -
We have briefed and sent the first scout
But there is not the slightest doubt
That time is rapidly running out...

*Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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