28 August 2010

From Moses to Mossad

- the master plan is on track

Written late August 2010 - (100 lines)


Kneeling in bondage
Forced to pay homage
The host now a hostage
America no longer is able to stand

Robbed and blinded
The events behind it
All masterminded
By some strange invisible hand

Politically crippled
War budget tripled
Last will scribbled
The cancer continues to expand

At a rate ever faster
Lured to disasters
By evil masters
Hiding in Zionist Central Command

In robot-like fashion
Pursuing their mission
A horrible vision
The project meticulously planned

Controversy rages
But read ancient pages
And listen to sages
Is there still anything you do not understand?

From wise old Enoch
To man-eating Moloch
To the current epoch
Millennia of regression are spanned

From Moses to Mossad
From Jesus to jihad
From Kabul to Baghdad
The designs are indisputably grand

As a contribution
To their final solution
They are spreading confusion
That only the clear-headed can withstand

A leaked transcript
Of the central edict:
Eternal conflict
Death and destruction on demand

They will not bother
To attempt to smother
One way or another
The spark they ignited is nurtured and fanned -

By traitors for hire
So the flames and the fire
Spread and reach higher
In the hope that neither water nor sand -

Will suffice to extinguish
So we in anguish
Are forced to relinquish
Yet more control to that hideous band

Always protected
So unsuspected
They go undetected
On the surface all is polite and bland

Truly beguiling
While helpful and smiling
They are busy compiling
Facts and figures about your land

It seems uncanny
Nobody sees any
But there must be many
And their business is mainly contraband

From where does it all stem
Somebody must pay them
For murder and mayhem
They know how to rouse our adrenalin gland!

Another distraction
By the evil faction
To avoid harsh reaction
At most a half-hearted reprimand

But keeping safe distance
The clever resistance
Is logging each instance
And weaving together every strand -

Into a gory
Horror story
For YAHWEHs glory
Assembled from data leaked and scanned

Any slight error
And the Zionist mirror
Reflects false flag terror
For deceit is their registered trade mark and brand

Clues are teeming
Wake up from your dreaming
Right now and start scheming
For the barricades urgently must be manned

All who rely on
Those who spy on
Behalf of Zion
Should now be identified and banned

For those we must sever
From this world forever
And they should never
In a thousand years be forgiven AND -

If they should somehow
Return we say now
We already made this vow:
Prison awaits you on eternal remand


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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