21 October 2010


- what you see is what you get

Written mid October 2010 - (68 lines)


WYSIWYG is a computer term, here used out of context.


What you see is what you get
Or so at least the story goes
The term's inventor may regret
For when you don't, suspicion grows

And everything you do not get
You cannot grab and hold and keep
But that is life so do not fret
Or lose one moment's beauty sleep

So what we get is what we see?
Is it really like they say?
No, not necessarily
There is of course another way

With neither proof nor evidence
You may ask in innocence
And should you get your preference
Put it down to providence

What you see is what you get?
Or simply hope and make-believe?
Sweet promise or nasty threat?
Will you celebrate or grieve?

Everything you cannot see
However huge or very small
Possibly, perhaps, maybe
In truth does not exist at all

What you see is what you get
Or maybe not - it goes to show
How arrogant the mindset
How little that we really know

Out of sight and out of mind
Problems of a different kind
The reason is not hard to find:
Maybe you are going blind...

What you see is what you get
So the blind get nothing - right?
Discrimination! Will you let
That issue go without a fight?

What you see is what you get
Or not, as the case may be
And when you don't you get upset
But that is not a mystery

You see what you would like to get
And when your flights of fancy stall
Pray there is a safety net
For flying high means far to fall

What you see is what you get?
Read the small print: you MAY
For many traps could still be set
And, bottom line: can you pay?

Look and think before you get
Carried away, for costs incurred
Are likely to increase your debt
So stop trusting every word

Why work yourself into a sweat
Fearing yet another bill?
Instead, play safe and do not bet -
Does it not sound sensible?

What you see is what you get -
Must we hear it once again?
How many times have we met
It up till now: six, eight or ten?

To test that statement and somehow
Find out if it is true or not
Close your eyes, go for it now
Then - look to see what you got!

And tell us please, is anything there?
The last word, do not forget
(And this may lead you to despair):
Maybe you have seen nothing yet...


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Ruqayya N. Aldridge said...

I really like this, and the subtlety by which we are led to conclude that all may not be as it seems.

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