1 December 2010

I Slam

- therefore I am

Written late November 2010 - (88 lines)


He slams, she slams, it slams, you slam
Do slam, you ought to slam, you could so you should slam
You know it is your duty, as a citizen you must slam
Jews and Christians of all denominations slam
Zionists and neo-Cons and neo-Crusaders slam
And what do they slam?
They all slam Islam!

The time has come to reply in plain language for
I cannot listen to this madness any more
And if they do not like it, do you think I give a damn?
Enough! of this, let me tell you now what I slam:

I slam packs of obvious lies
A half-truth twisted until it justifies
Whatever you have been told to do
By the Zionist masters who keep leading you
Astray to disaster, they will do it again
It is only a question of where and when
And if you must know the reason why:
They love to destroy and watch people die

I slam the illegal and barbaric wars
Planned behind the president's doors
Eagerly opened by the resident whores
On permanent duty to perform petty chores
Like guessing what visitors mean by a wink
Easily missed, so they try not to blink
Then serve the blood that they all crave to drink
For they claim it helps them concentrate and think
The agreement written later in invisible ink -
Western "democracy" really does stink

I slam the West for its hypocrisy
And lies about spreading that "democracy"
When in truth all it seeks is to dominate
On behalf of Zion - wake up for it is late!

I slam the desecration of the Holy Land
By the ogres of Zionist Central Command

I slam the occupation of Palestine
The entire grand but idiotic design
Is illegal and barbaric, offensive and unjust
Yet the cancer grows whatever the cost -
The plan for Greater Israel
Was drawn by monsters destined for Hell

I slam anyone, Christian or Jew
Who assists in any way to make that dream come true
And so does their God, read their holy book
And this time do it properly, go on now, have a look

I slam so-called Muslims who pretend to pray
Hiding their inaction in a pitiful display
For they do not wish to hear or see or speak
But Islam is neither for cowards nor the weak
Nor "about the price of water melons" - do
You remember who said that? Here is a clue:
On a different occasion that same good man
Described America as the Great Satan

I slam The New World Order and almost every day
In poetry or prose try to find a better way
To voice all my objections, and I herewith say
This Is My Jihad, come what may

I slam the West for the way it treats Iran
Civilised nations should ignore American
Insults, demands, sanctions and threats
Disengage progressively until it regrets
Its obnoxious behaviour, and so the point is made
We should all turn to Iran for honest trade!

I slam Barack Obama for those drone attacks
Started by Bush, and anyone who backs
And approves of each hideous and monstrous crime
Should be locked up until the end of time
For extrajudicial killings ignore the first
Principle of law, proving you are the worst!

I slam the dishonesty shining through
Almost everything our "leaders" say and do

I slam indefinite detention without trial
Extraordinary rendition, and I slam the denial

I slam Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo
And any Western "leader" who pretends not to know

I slam the concept of pre-emptive strikes
Against anyone that America dislikes

I slam nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, land mines
Depleted uranium ammunition redefines
The black art of evil ingenuity
Polluting our planet in perpetuity

I slam The War on Terror for it was engineered
By The Elders of Zion because it cleared
Another vital milestone in the ancient quest
To dominate more than just the Christian West

I slam many other things, I slam therefore I am
I slam every false flag terror scam
I slam Zionist-driven hysteria
Most of all I slam ISLAMOPHOBIA!


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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