3 December 2010

The Home of the Free

- is Zionist occupied territory

Written late November 2010 - (136 lines)


Financial crisis and bank failures
Food stamps and foreclosures
Unemployment and homelessness
Every day additional stress

While record numbers are officially poor
With increasing hardships to endure
There is an absurd but eager will
Whenever it comes to Israel
Money and weapons cause no uproar
All for that little belligerent whore
And ultimate perfect parasite -
Surely a fitting description, right?

Mounting frustration, anger and despair
The system is broken and beyond repair
America's entire political class
Is to blame for the gridlock and morass
Getting things moving again would be nice
So time to listen to some free advice:

Throw it all away and start again
But first deport the evil men
Of AIPAC and the ADL
For they work only for Israel
On second thoughts, no, make them stay
Try them for treason in the USA
And what is the penalty for that these days?
DEATH, in one of several ways

Welcome to The Home of the Free
Zionist occupied territory

Replace Republicans and Democrats
With a team of competent technocrats
For as long as it takes to properly restore
Rights granted every citizen before
Homeland Security and the Patriot Act -
Will you now accept as established fact
That the Mayflower vision has hit the rocks
For consider the following paradox:
Civil rights in The Home of the Free
Curtailed to defend your liberty...

And most of the citizens fell for it, ha!
Not many wise people in America!
It was used with success last century
In Europe, in a place called Germany

From Joseph Goebbles to Fox News
Today's propaganda chiefs of the Jews
Rupert Murdoch and Haim Saban -
SKY is the limit for old Satan

Politics reduced to an auction house
New legislation served to rouse
Our interest in the highly strange
Deals on this unofficial stock exchange
With limits on funding now removed
Conditions for bribery have greatly improved
Like pigs at the trough without morals or shame
Legalised corruption by a noble name
Just another form of organised crime
Becoming more brazen all the time
The highest bidder will get the vote -
Is there an effective antidote?
Judging by every pathetic quote
Hopes for a cure seem ever more remote...

And this of all things is of course
The very model that they force
On remaining free and independent states
No wonder each of them loathes and hates
America and Israel
The Great Satan and the Little Devil

Those who value freedom must resist
By any means available the terrorist
Onslaught of those terrible twins -
The good news is that evil seldom wins

The Home of the Free now a house of cards
That the world increasingly disregards

The Home of the Free now a house of glass
More windows are breaking as the days pass

The Home of the Free now a house of whores
Where war widows add up the sordid scores

The Home of the Free now a prison camp
Bearing an unmistakable stamp
Above the door of each miserable cell
The Star of David and Israel
And a sinister slogan of former crimes
Has become the sign of our times
Now silhouetted against the sky
Above the main gate: "ARBEIT MACHT FREI"
[German: "work sets you free", the words above the gate
to Auschwitz, the best known NAZI extermination camp]

American people, that "unbreakable bond"
With Israel that your "leaders" are so fond
Of reminding you of is not a bond at all
For if it were it would not make you crawl
So why is it causing you such pain?

And every link was forged from lies
The deceit that your government still denies
Is classified and inaccessible
But truth is persistent and surely will
Come out in the open and sometime soon
You may well hear a different tune

Meanwhile, one business continues to grow:
"Silverstein, Netanyahu & Co
Demolition experts, no job too small
The best in the business when buildings are tall
We double of course your insurance claim
In case of problems we just shift the blame
And lay it professionally at the door
Of somebody else - what are Muslims for?"

American people, try a new track
It is time to take your country back!
The solution is clear: cut yourselves loose
And you probably would if you could choose
So demand from your "leaders" that they meet
YOUR interests and not Zion's, the street
Is yours to occupy and if need be
Lay siege to Washington DC
The only item on the bill
Regime change on Capitol Hill
If a second revolution is what it takes
Before the chain weakens and finally breaks
Well, go right ahead, we will hope and pray
For your early success and cheer you all the way!

What must we do to make you see
That until you revolt, you will NOT be free?

Did you really say Home of the Free?
Zionist occupied territory!

Home of the Free - house of cards
House of glass reduced to shards
House of whores where "leaders" came
And went, their game exposed in shame

Home of the Free - prison camp
Lit by the last flickering lamp
Home of the Free - prison cell
Designed to look like any motel
Described by a certain George Orwell
Owned by some of the angels who fell
Probably impossible to sell
Run by the Zionist cartel
All known exits lead to Hell -


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

masha2allah your poem is impressive and it represents your huge maturity and knowlege my brother
keep inspiring the world by the power of your pen brother may god bless you and show you the straight path

Anonymous said...

Strong poem Ibraheem ,you are very enlightened and a guided brother !!!!!!

Wassila Temani

Anonymous said...

Every year, we are reminded as to how many Jews perished under the Nazis in World War II.

We are made to feel sorry for these same people who have gone on to commit so many crimes upon the Palestinian people !!!!!!!!!!

Wassila Temani .

Ruqayya N. Aldridge said...

Excellent poem, Ibraheem. Your skill with words know no bounds!

Alex Montana said...

Great poem Ibraheem, a LOT of info covered in a very nice way. I just hope people in your country are as aware as you are. We know the majority are not but they're getting there. Keep up the great work.

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