15 January 2011

The Bland Leading the Bland

- the EU leadership

Written mid January 2011
- (55 lines)


Roll out the red carpet, prepare the stand
With flags and flowers and microphones and
A guard of honour and a military band
For here come the rulers of Euro-Land:
Welcome the bland leading the bland!

Faceless men in shades of grey
Preparing for another day
Of speeches yet have nothing to say
And meetings deciding who must pay
Surely there must be a better way...

The professional mixture of blah and blah
Describing some future EUtopia
Between Russia and America
Makes some of the people go: "O-la-la!"
Wake up sheeple, say: "Bah-bah!"

Though obvious to anyone that the gap
Between rich and poor will grow and trap
Tens of millions, the well-groomed chap
Continues with his well-rehearsed crap
At the end the people in the audience clap

Toothless chatter without a scrap
Of relevance, so do take a nap
Regulations, restrictions and more stop-gap
Measures without any overall map
Something will have to give or snap

The promises dishonestly made
To get elected will all soon fade
One by one they are betrayed
As the old game is being played:
Hired lackeys on parade

In the future they might run
For higher office, so early on
In self-preservation learn to shun
Anything that might spoil their fun
What matters is the election is won

A counterfeit version is being planned
And soon the very special brand
Of EU democracy will be canned
Once labelled EU for U and scanned
Will the genuine article be banned?

While most of the population snores
The official story completely ignores
A fact any true democrat deplores
For bosses on many important floors
Were selected behind closed doors

The show is over and one by one
The performing overpaid clowns have gone
Nothing important said or done
Another crisis uselessly spun
We need solutions and we heard none

The project is impressively grand
Expensively maintained and manned
All guided by a sinister hand
Any inquiry runs into the sand...
Still anything you do not understand?


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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