14 January 2011

We Toll Jews So

- or if you prefer: we told you so

Written mid January 2011 - (152 lines)


OUT! You cannot stay here anymore
Go back to where you lived before
Russia and Germany will be fine
Anywhere but Palestine
Assuming of course they will let you in
But we are ready to begin
Forcing the illegal settlers out
And to dispel any lingering doubt
Hurry up now, you are far too slow
But first you must pay for we toll Jews so
First you must pay, for we told you so

Some things always stay the same
We shall now beat you at your own game
Pay compensation for all the crimes
You have committed in recent times
And even before nineteen forty-eight
Unspeakable acts of primitive hate -
The forces for good have had enough
There is no alternative to get tough
So have come to deliver the fatal blow
And it will not be changed for we toll Jews so
It will not be changed, for we told you so

With arrogance encoded in your genes
You never understood what compassion means
But believed that without any effort or praise
YAHWEH would still permanently raise
You above the rest of humanity -
Plain vanity or pure insanity?
You laughed at expressions like: live and let live
Some things you did we will NEVER forgive
And though you could never pay back what you owe
We will do our best for we toll Jews so
We will do our best, for we told you so

We will spare no effort to rip you off
Any trick we know to empty your trough
That you filled with anything you could steal
And gorged like swine on the latest deal
Of organs from orphans - indeed
With no charted limits to your greed
And your belly dragging on the ground
Can any worse example be found?
You will not like it but you should know
That to leave is expensive for we toll Jews so
To leave is expensive, for we told you so

We charge no interest but instead
An exorbitant price for every head
Be it a man or a woman or a child
If short of funds, ask Rothschild
And he will surely settle the score
But this time not by just printing more
Worthless paper, for we have grown bold
And the only acceptable payment is gold -
Now how many are you? Form a straight row
And get ready for a census for we toll Jews so
Get ready for a census, for we told you so

Like Moses after the Exodus
Counted the Israelites, so with us
But expect some creative accounting here
For determined that this will cost you dear
We want everything, yes, the lot
Plus twenty percent, as you know we got
That idea from Moses himself, you recall?
We will not just get even but get it all
By fiddling the numbers to make them grow
Now stand and be counted for we toll Jews so
Stand and be counted, for we told you so

Not in twos like Noah but one by one
The counting is nearly over and done
Listen, there goes the final call
So say a last prayer at the Wailing Wall
Your billionaire buddies on Wall Street
Will no doubt be more than happy to meet
Your removal expenses to the last cent
For the Holy Land was never meant
To be colonised by barbarians
Sponsored by brain-dead Americans
Now welcome home the Palestinians!

All is well that ends well
And as we close down Israel
Think about how much was spent
On that failed idiotic experiment
The suffering, injustice, innocent lives
But we recognise the idea which drives
Projects like this - do you see any
Real difference between Nazi-Germany
And modern Israel? Try if you can!
Both are about some superior man
The Chosen Ones, the master race
Grotesque fantasies like that have no place
In a civilised world whether then or now
Nor in the future, no matter how

This tragic chapter in history
Will haunt the collective memory
Of decent people everywhere
Who know they took too long to share
Concern and anger before they pooled
Their forces to challenge those who ruled -
Better late than never, what matters most
Now is to banish for ever the ghost
Of evil that disturbs so many dreams
With the goodness which alone redeems
The hopes for the future, not only there
In Palestine, but everywhere

All Stars of David will be removed
From Palestine for you proved
Yourselves unworthy of the privilege
To be a part of the precious bridge
Connecting the present with the past
An honour reserved for the steadfast
And so the peace for which we yearn
Too long delayed may at last return
To bless the brutalised Holy Land
Where far too much blood was lost in the sand...
Wherever you look there is work to do
For Palestine never really welcomed Jew
Palestine never welcomed you

No Right of Return that YOU can claim
Go somewhere else and die of shame!
Should you wish to know the news
In the FORMER land of Jews
First protect your sensitive ear
For you may not want to hear
The message coming forcefully
Listen very carefully
To the wisdom coming through:
Nobody here has missed Jew
Nobody has missed you

(Except in the past and with a gun
But we did not miss every one!)

Back to the business of today:
Do not let anybody stay!
The numbers are getting very low
Any more after the next one? NO!
Get out of here, go now, GO!

The last thing remaining for you to do
Come on, dig deep, pay everything Jew
Yes, come on, and pay everything due

The plane is waiting, enjoy the view
As if Palestinians need a Jew
Palestine never needed you

And as the last one leaves we say
Go and live in the Jew-S-A
Yes, go live in the USA

Palestine cleansed of you-know-who
As if Palestinians want a Jew
Palestine never wanted you

Controversial but prove it untrue
We never really trust a Jew
No, we never trusted you

Now that the number is zero
Never say nobody toll Jews so
Never say nobody told you so


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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