9 January 2011

Doing Good

- must be good, or...?

Written early January 2011 - (42 lines)


These lines were written with the best intent
Not partially but one hundred percent
Should any mixed signals be sent
They are not controversially meant


Though long discussions could be had
Without exception bad is bad
But is it agreed and understood
That "good" is not always exclusively good?

To hopefully now make that point clear:
If we do good simply out of fear
Of punishment now or later on
Then what we did was cowardly done

And if we do good to get a reward
From a just and strict all-seeing Lord
It is really a kind of selfishness
Which there is no good reason to bless

But if done out of gratitude
Or if prompted by the attitude
Of doing good for its own sake
And not to atone for a former mistake -

If you have several options but still
Choose to do good of your own free will
With the honest intention to see it through
Because it is the right thing to do -

THEN you have truly done what is good!
Ask yourself how often YOU would
Go down that road or another one
Look behind you - where have you gone?

Too late to cry for what you could
Have done, or what you know you should
Have done - what matters, even if you hid
Some of your actions, is what you did

Like rings in the water, good will spread
And maybe even when you are long dead
The good vibrations you started will
Be rippling forwards and outwards still

Bad will eventually make you sad
So with purpose that is iron-clad
From now on, be a good lass or lad
Turn good from maybe a passing fad
Into your personal launching pad
For goodness sake, make others glad!


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Athousandwordsplus said...

Masha-ALLAH Very nice.

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