25 May 2011


- the proper word for the mass media

Written late May 2011 - (312 lines)


Dedicated to Iran's state funded Press TV
www.presstv.com and www.presstv.ir
Since it started in July 2007, my favourite online source of news.
Keep up the excellent and essential work!


Lies and hate
With discrete
Pure deceit
The subtle task
To cleverly mask
The smoking gun
As harmless fun
To waste your time
With fantasy crime
Or a news report
Trimmed to distort
What really takes place
On Earth and in space
And with the whole thing
We aim to bring
The syndrome
Into every home
Until such time
The foulest crime
No matter who died
Can be justified
In several ways
A legitimate case
Of common sense
And self-defense...

Make them learn
That we can turn
Wrong into right
Black into white
Night into day
And fools will pay
Attention to each
New lie we teach
As truth and fact
Till no-one will act
On what they know
Deep down to go
Against their best
Indeed against all
They used to call
Wholesome and good
From where they stood
In the good old days
With decent ways

Some resist
The toxic mist
We spread from the air
But we will take care
Of those as well
Impose a cell
Close in on all
Sides till so small
That unable to move
They cannot disprove
Anything that we say -
Bring forward that day!

Brave but few
And we know what to do
To make them comply
They soon will know why
We speak like this
For we never miss
A chance to show
That we can blow
Them all the way
To Hell any day
That we alone choose -
We win, they lose!

When worst is best
Is the ultimate test
It is running right now
It amazes us how
Deaf and blind
Most of mankind
Pursuing dreams
Of plastic seems
To be - but we
Are pleased to see
This development
For it means we spent
Our time not in vain
But that massive gain
Is bound to accrue
And soon be due

We dictate
And will tolerate
No other voice
But eradicate choice
Until the day
We can finally say:
No-one to compete -
Mission complete!

The free and strong
Shall crawl along
Or dance to the tune
No-one is immune
As the cancers grow
Results will show
So sing our praise
Or we have ways
To deal with each
Who dares to preach
A different word
To the one heard
On our broadcast
From terrestrial mast
And satellite
Day and night
Keeping deviant views
Out of the news
Intercept and scan
Eventually ban
Anything meant
As real dissent
And in every sense
We will cleanse
Your every thought
So must be brought
Right into line
With whatever design
We may decide
Best will guide
(By which we mean blunt
Without a grunt
Of complaint) your mind
And soon you will find
That young and old
All fit the one mould
That we decreed
Was indeed
The best for you
But, giving no clue
We set the tone:
The persistent drone
Running right through
All we play for you
Has purpose and aim
May sound the same
As everything else
But secretly spells
The word: CONTROL
Over mind and soul!

Much time was spent
To implement
An improvement or two
Designed just for you
To greatly enhance
The way you dance
We read every blink
To guess what you think
But nobody speaks
Of secret techniques
Exotic and strange
That slowly change
Your mentality
And reality

Signals now sent
Can be twisted and bent
To in- or decrease
Just as we please

Learning still
To master the skill
Our latest tool
Makes us drool
As we adjust
The overall thrust
Has evil intent
We experiment
To slowly perfect
So you will detect
Hear and see
Only what we
Label as true
So good for you
To absorb and digest
While we do the rest
Behind the stage
As we engage
On a frequency

For filtering out
The persistent shout
Of facts and truth
From the tiny booth
Of objective minds
And other kinds
Of subversives, must
Be done and trust
Us when we say
That job will stay
The Elders insist
Top of the list
Of things to do
On the way to YOU!

So be prepared!
We never spared
Anyone before!
If another war
Is what it takes
Before your will breaks
We present the plan
To a certain man
In the USA
Who swore the day
He started work
He would never shirk
His duty to us
Or make any fuss
His only creed:

"Whatever you need
Just let me know
And I will show
That I understand
My first command
In all I do
Is serving you"

Where will you hide
When we decide
To launch an attack
To pay you back
For each little thing
You said to bring
Into the light
What we do at night?

Maybe from space
Or some other place
You never know
So useless to go
Where you call safe
For we can strafe
You with our drone
And if not alone
Why should we care
Or be decent and fair?
We have nothing to fear
There is nobody here
To bring us to book
Just take a good look
At past history -
A true mystery
That we can go on
Doing what we have done
For ages - but
As you do not cut
Us down to size
Why not despise
And enslave you all?
For that is the call
We received long ago
From someone you know
A man of great fame -
No need for his name!

If no-one does stop
Us we will not drop
The project - why not
Pursue the plot?
Why should we be nice
When there is no price
Demanded be paid
No blame ever laid
At our door?
Carry on as before!

And truth be told
(For once!) so bold
Have we become
That recently some
Of our foul deeds
Have left clear leads
All over the place
So easy to trace
For those who dare
And with time to spare
But few have the will -
We will get them still...

But for the select
That traitors protect
In many a state
To perpetrate
Their crimes in plain sight
The future is bright!

Not so for YOU!
A desolate view
For all could be lost
Counting the cost
In the currency
That we like best
Now do the rest:

At the end of the day
The Elders may say
For what you told
Silence is gold...
But this may not glint -
You get the hint?

We meanwhile
Shall further defile
Your innocent minds
With different kinds
Of outrageous lies
As the management tries
To make you a clone
Our very own
And if only you knew
Our plans for you
Then you would agree
This has to be
The best ever seen
Propaganda machine


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Yemen said...

so meaningful with simple words i like this part the best

Brave but few
And we know what to do
To make them comply
They soon will know why
We speak like this
For we never miss
A chance to show
That we can blow
Them all the way
To Hell any day
That we alone choose -
We win, they lose!

may allah reward you al jannah for your creative work dear brother

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