24 June 2011

The Fed Means Red

- as in: deficit, bankruptcy, blood, war

Written 25 June 2011 - (92 lines)


Whether he laughed or only smiled
The vital cornerstone was laid
When the original Rothschild
Mayer Amschel Bauer, said:

"If I control the currency
I do not care who makes the laws"
Consider that with urgency
You may need a thinking pause


The Fed is powerful and strong
And sets the nation's interest rates
But, did you know, does not belong
To any of the United States!

Almost one hundred years ago
A horrible conspiracy
Was planned when bankers keeping low
Profiles met in secrecy

They cleverly devised a scheme
And persuaded a nasty man
To lead a rather ruthless team
In carrying out the evil plan

Passed, in order not to rouse
Suspicions, in subtle ways
By an almost empty House
During Christmas holidays!

So much for the season of goodwill
Oaths of office and the Holy Ghost!
Pure treason, echoing still
From Capitol Hill and coast to coast


Why is there no money left
In America today?
Could it possibly be theft
All across the USA?

Is it due to lack of thrift
By the ordinary folk?
Or is simple careless drift
The reason Uncle Sam is broke?

Valid questions, most agree
Any sensible reply?
Difficult - but honestly
This is truly do or die

For all the bad news that scares
Is not only Interesting
The State of Affairs
Looks more than just alarming

Bankruptcy approaching fast
Robbing Peter to pay Paul!
How much longer can it last?
A superpower about to fall!

The rich get richer while the poor
Get little or no help at all
How much more can they endure
Before we hear the clarion call?

Increasingly it is "them" and "us"
All is certainly not well
Losing jobs and homes plus
Billions more for Israel

Many now have had enough
And demand a better deal
The road ahead indeed looks rough
It is time to get real!

Time to take your nation back
From Wall Street and The Fed
The President may well be black
But everyone else is in the red

Except of course for the elite
The top one-and-a-half percent
Who never stroll down Main Street
Their time is profitably spent!

Stare the nation in the face -
It just might make them see the light!
Any guilt? Not a trace!
How can the wealthy sleep at night?

While record debt and deficit
Grind the common people down
Who can see the end of it?
Those who can are leaving town

Some have nowhere left to go
But soup kitchens and rubbish dumps
A cruel and agonising show
Like war veterans on their stumps...

They gave so much - but for what
Was their blood, sweat, tears and toil?
The essence of the ghastly plot:
Israel, the rich, and oil!

Cuts and threats to Medicare
Will anybody hear you shout?
For many millions much despair
So before the middle class dies out -

Occupy the Treasury!
You Americans do deserve
Better than this treachery:
Close The Federal Reserve!

Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Ruqayya said...

The love of money is the root of all evil, they say -
The rich get richer, but it's the poor who pay!

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