25 June 2011


- and that is not all

Written 25 June 2011 - (74 lines)


EVIL is LIVE - if read from the back
Just thought you might like to know
And if we could open a tiny crack
A ray of light might show

Similar - but not identical
No mirror image to see
Nor fully interchangeable
No perfect symmetry

For EVIL is LIVE the wrong way round
And wrong all around the world!
Its ugly fingerprints are found
On bombs and insults hurled

EVIL is arrogant, so bends
All rules in every book
But in truth it all depends
On which way we look

Could LIVE be EVIL read the right way?
Right-left, like Arabs do?
And if you claim it is NOT, then may
The DEVIL come after you!

Oh my God! Did you notice that?
We have a new problem now!
Prepare for some serious combat
For this we just cannot allow:

DEVIL is LIVED - in reverse!
How absurd, grotesque and perverse!
One problem led seamlessly to the next
Like curses in some ancient text -
I still do not know what to make of this
But it does not look like good, maybe give it a miss?

Still, there might be something there
Profound or exciting, to explore and share
So let us continue at least for a while -
Would a little DEVIL with a sweet smile
And ever so small and harmless horns
With which he warns and sometimes scorns
Perhaps be good enough to drop in
Materialise and then begin
To patiently explain it all
And I should listen like a thrall -
Having waited six hours in vain, somehow
I do not think I will bother now...
It seems a shame but then again
I never seem to be present when
Interesting visitors choose to come...
Ah well, no reason for me to succumb
To any kind of depression, oh no
So with spirits high, on we go -

But, a nagging and lingering doubt
Will not go away, so I let it out:
Listen - if it is EVIL to LIVE
Does that mean we do not have to forgive?
And what is the purpose of it all then?
The law of the jungle would rule all men
As opposed to the case presently
Controlling just the majority

And if DEVIL is LIVED, the past tense of LIVE
Then Satan is dead and no longer active!
But the daily news brings proof of his claws -
Somewhere in this logic there must be flaws!

So, embarrassed, we have to say
We did not learn a lot today:
But even after my last thought was sieved
My wonder was growing still more immense:
Can this really be a coincidence?

I am still not sure it makes any sense
We may all have to wait in suspense
Becoming increasingly nervous and tense
Rely perhaps on providence
To come to our collective defense
Before any meaningful sentence
Can be constructed - and hence
We end right here without further pretense!


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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