22 June 2011

The Graveyard of Empires

- may it live up to its name again!

Written late June 2011 - (144 lines)


Afghanistan was SO beautiful
Before deadly conflict came to Kabul
Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif
The foreign invaders cause nothing but grief
Adding to ten years of civil war
Afghanistan cannot take any more

And can you remember why they went there?
Oh yes, because of that nightmare
Staged in America two thousand and one
To show what degree of evil can be done
But September eleven was a backdoor job
Sold to a numbed revenge-seeking mob
As a cowardly attack on innocent USA
By mad Muslim militants who came all the way
From training camps in remote Afghanistan
And hated, for no reason, all things American -
And if you believe that, well, anything
For invasion plans had long been in full swing
So the way was suddenly cleared and paved
For whatever the Bush administration craved
In blood and treasure from his own countrymen
No price was too high - would they fall for it again?

Stating the obvious: they probably would
If suitably prepared by Fox News and Hollywood...

Agreed, America was attacked by terrorists
But the names on the official wanted lists
Are all false, and those in high places know
That Afghanistan was not the proper place to go
And that anyone who really wants to look for them
Should visit Washington and of course Jerusalem!

But Mullah Omar and the Taliban
Did not fit The New World Order plan
For Central Asia's power play
So could not be allowed to stay
Therefore they had to be removed
And although nobody ever proved
That they or Osama had anything to do
With September eleven, America flew
Into action most eagerly
After having immediately
With lies and deceit and comical twists
Blamed the attacks on the Islamists

The real world is very different to this
Fairytale of good versus evil - do not miss
Any opportunity to find out what is what
It will seldom correspond with the version you got
From official news channels if you live in the West
But for your own sake do put them to the test

Always listen to the voice that has
The logical answer, in this case: OIL AND GAS

As the Caspian basin is full of both
The region may expect enormous growth
In the short-to-medium and even long run
But before any profits can be won
The goods must be brought to markets far
From the nations where the resources are
(The major ones: Kazakhstan
Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan)
So several pipelines must be built
At great cost but of course no guilt
At least one across Afghanistan
Continuing right through Pakistan
Reaching seaports and India -
WHY? Mainly hysteria
That Islamic Iran, though the shortest route
Which therefore ought to perfectly suit
Cold cash and logic, MUST be bypassed
So any other nation could be trespassed
Upon to serve that selfish goal
Even if it meant turning the whole
Region upside down through wars
Who cares so long as business scores
And the Judeo-Christian West
Outperforms all the rest

And Afghanistan itself, say new estimates
Has mineral wealth that some foreign states
Would love to get their bloody and dirty hands on:
Three trillion dollars worth, according to one

Plus controlling another rich trade:
Ninety-plus percent of all heroin is made
In Afghanistan today, although the Taliban
Had all but wiped out the poppies through a ban
Imposed towards the end of their brief term
As official UN statistics confirm

Another component in America's plan:
Surrounding or containing China and Iran
In short, empire building at its worst
But that toxic bubble, inshallah, will burst
Any moment now - and good people pray
They will live to greet that happy day

So, all in all, and with maybe some to spare
Plenty of good reasons to go, AND STAY, there

If you think I am just kicking up a fuss
Do your own research, then let us discuss!


The project progressing today was begun
Many years ago when David Ben-Gurion
Stated that a greater risk to Israel
Than all Arab nations combined was - well?
In the thoughts and words of that evil man
He claimed that it was (have you guessed it?) PAKISTAN
And even the not-so-clever can now see
The enemy of civilised humanity
International Zionism at work yet again
Using precious funds and able-bodied men
Of other nations to pursue and implement
Its own grand agenda, always intent
On causing chaos and mayhem everywhere
For Zion has never been known to spare
Anyone or anything getting in the way
In the long slow march to rule the world one day...

"And what has this to do with Afghanistan?"
Excuse me! And wake up NOW - if you can!
More than we know and maybe everything
Connect the dots and see a dreadful string
Of events that spread cancer according to a plan
Leading to infested Afghanistan
For cell by cell and bite by bite
That persistent predatory parasite
Known as The Snake of Zion is fed
By death - until we cut off its head!


Everyone who came before them withdrew!
What makes them think that they can do
What nobody ever achieved before?
They might win every battle but will still lose the war!

If more NATO deaths are what it takes to ease
Afghanistan's suffering: more body bags please!
The more the merrier - even Islamists will dance!
And the sooner the better, for what else will advance
The day when the ghastly nightmare ends?
We should all be very careful who we take as friends!

Print this now and mount it in a frame:

Do not believe any spin-doctored claim
For they serve only the colonisers aim
Which was and remains to kill and maim
Like the other empires who recklessly came
They could not resist the lure of the Great Game
For power, resources and lasting fame
But America's and NATOs fate will be the same
As the British and Soviets: the Afghans will tame
The brutal invaders, some will leave lame
And many be consumed in the beautiful flame
Of resistance, while the rest will leave in shame
Having only themselves (and Zion!) to blame
May the Graveyard of Empires live up to its name!


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Ruqayya said...

Hear hear, Ibraheem! Never a truer word said - as usual, you hit the nail on the head!

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